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Awakening PC

Player: [mailto: Dale]
Path: Obrimos
Order: Adamantine Arrow ••
City: Mt Pleasant
VST: VST Storyteller Mr Farrant

Character Description

Victor appears in his mid 20s, is 6'0" tall, built like a tank with heavily scarred skin, black hair and intense green eyes. On most occasions he prefers his heavy leather trench coat which also holds his weapons.

Brief Background

he has been travelling the last couple of years, Fucking, Fighting, Feasting, Drinking, Storytelling aka a good time his way across the USA, through were ever the Arrow needed him or a good time could be had. Along the way he has touched base with an occasional consilium, but never stayed long enough to make friends. Finally arriving in Mt Pleasant in May of 2015. He has met what passes for the consilium in the area on the day they had lost a Free council member to what sounds like bad planning based on what he has heard.


The sounds, sights, smells of a battlefield.

Victor Feats

  • Proving to an extra dimensional being nick named Jeff that he would bleed. </ul>
  • Bedding 3 members of the football team and 4 of the teams cheer leaders in one weekend. </ul>
  • Fighting, winning against 3 well trained combatants at once.

    OOC Information

    Looking For

    • Allies
    • mentors
    • character he may have met on his travels
    • great discovery role-play
    • Fellow believers in the great battle


      • The people who our blind to their abilities
      • The true believer with a twist
      • The judging of the book cover
      • the background that runs against the grain
      • Real Humans.

        Remember its only a game