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Member Information
Player: Jeff Szappan
Member Number: US2010096608
MC: 12
Nation: USA
Region: Southeast
Domain: AL-009-D
Coordinator: Rebecca Nichols
Storyteller: Jason Clark
GTalk: Same as Gmail.

Player Bio

Who: Jeff. Also known as Dallas and Irish. Oh those are stories...

Hobbies: Besides LARPing, I love to read, write, listen to music, recite bad pop culture references, speak in song lyrics. I play Magic: The Gathering and TT games when I get the chance. (and munchkin, so much fun is the munchkin...)

MES Stuff: I'm a member of AL-009-D, as well as VST Cam/Anarch in the same. I am ARC Chief of Staff for the South East region, and AAMST List Modding. I've been told I do too much, I am not Superman...

I love to chat and help out cammies where I can, regardless of where or when.

I also love to have contacts for my characters, it helps keep a sense of realism to their dealings as
well as create a broader story for everyone.




So much Nothing to see her. I do NOT know wiki-fu

Quoted and Bylines

  • A handful of people on a leaky boat are going to save the world?
  • "Jeff's characters are not all social drinkers. One's a straight-up alcoholic." - The RQ

Vetoed Character Concepts...

  • "Ok, so there's the malkavian with multiple personalities... Which ones? Oh, well one is an LA Cop, another is a captain of a star ship, another is a beauty pagent judge, another is a lawyer, another negotiates prices on travel packages..."
  • "Oh! So, I want to play this True Brujah who is caught out of time, attempting to get back home, but he keeps jumping into places where other Trujah have screwed around with the timeline, and he has to use viscissitude to take on the identity of someone and put right what once went wrong..."
  • "So, next chronicle, I want to play this smartass kid who's kind of a nerd, but he's actually kinfolk and starts to unknowingly learn all of these weaver gifts, and he becomes a vigilante after his Uncle gets killed..."