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Kathryn Yarbrough

Player - Kathryn Yarbrough

Membership expires on 31-Oct-2014

Volunteer Positions

Club Lists & Websites

Admin for House Loris, Daeva-Columbus, GA, & Carthian-Columbus, GA Mailing Lists
Wiki Admin for Twilight Basin Requiem, House Loris, Les Succubi Carriere, & House Loris WikiSandbox  

Outside the Club

Personal Trivia

Kathryn is not a pygmy warlord or even really sure of the proper way to spell pygmy. She may or may not be some kind of dragon kin with a penchant for cynicism and sarcasm though.  

My Favorite Things

Kathryn loves to imagine random things that could never happen in the real world (like trash can's complaining about what you're throwing away) and ponder mostly useless stuff (like why we say phrases such as 'break a leg') without real intent of looking it up until the lack of knowledge becomes a constant bother.

Characters, MES NWoD

Vampire the Requiem


Methods of Contact

Postal Address & Telephone:
-- Available to my Coordinators via the MES Resource Database.
-- Available to other club members by private request to my OOC email address.
-- Telephone calls or text messages accepted until 11:00 pm ET nightly.

Email Address:
-- OOC -- kyarbrough.rpg @ gmail

-- OOC -- Kathryn_ATL

or via Instant Messenger:
Google Talk: kyarbrough.rpg

Member Information
Player: Kathryn Yarbrough
Member Number: Incomplete