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Name: Pamela Barr (Note: I'm also listed as Pamela Brozowski in some places.)
Title: Domain Coordinator
Member Number: US2014060061
Member Class: 5
Region: North East
Domain: Boston's Shattered Antiquities
Domain Code: MA-003-D
Coordinator: Abigail Estes
Coordinator E-mail:
DST: Ken Pickering
DST E-mail:

Diana Harris - Venture Ordo Dracul (Requiem)
Sydney Menerski - Ghoul (Accord)
Scents the Lost - Silent Strider Lupus Galliard (Apocalypse)
Chavali Boswell - Camarilla Nosferatu (Masquerade)
Ginger - Autumn Court Wizened (Lost)

Beth Stonecrusher - Rahu Blood Talon Uratha (Accord)

Beth was easily my favorite character to play. I loved her dearly and she was taken from me far too soon. As a front-line fighter she never expected that she would live to the end of this War for Reality, yet I still hoped she would. After the Forsaken Genocide in the summer of 2015 the Urdaga tribes were in a dire state. Beth took great pride in being a Blood Talon and so of course she volunteered on the dangerous mission to save her tribe. Six brave warriors entered a Wound in the Hisil and faced off against a Magath and large horde of the Flesh-Tearing Wolves. We knew it was unlikely that all of us would survive, and unfortunately for me, Beth's time was up and I lost her. In the wake of the battle her name was held up next to Red Claw, who was the original founder of the Blood Talon Tribe. It was an honorable and glorious death for a warrior. But I still miss her terribly.

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