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Member Information
Player: Randi H.
Member Number: US2013030023
MC: 6
Nation: United States
Region: Southwest
Domain: CA-058-D
Chapter None
Coordinator: Vern Do
Storyteller: Jeff Holland

Black and White headshot.jpg

Blah blah blah information about myself that no one will ever read.

If, on the off chance you do read this, I'm sorry I was too lazy to put something interesting here.

Yes, I do code wikis for fun. Yes, if you email or chat me, I will probably do one for you. No, I won't just let you crib my coding without permission or credit. Don't be a dick.

Toons I run:
Anda Dalca, a Shadow Lord kinfolk
Calico, an Independent Setite
Evelyn Wilde, a ghoul in the C/A venue (whose page is coming soon)
Luciana Donati, a Sabbat Lasombra
Madalyn Abbot, a Camarilla Malkavian
Imala, Silicon Sentinel Galliard Homid
Teagan Clark, a Mekhet Ordo Dracul
Vex, a Sabbat Pander, Modthrax and Driver in the Diesel Dogs