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"Mistress of Code-dunic Sorcery."


...and fuck that thing, in particular.
Name: Ree / My cam email.
Located: Seattle, Washington
The Seattle Domain Wiki: Seattle, WA-073-D

Interests: Punk rock music, online and TT gaming, writing fiction, writing RPG rules, doing HTML coding, playing violin & guitar (at various levels of proficiency), べんきょします にほんご, and generally making a nuisance of myself.

Warning & Disclaimer

Remember, folks. Stealing wiki code and not crediting the original creator is bad manners. Before you use a template, picture, or header style you find on one of my wiki pages, remember that those items were made with care so that the person could be unique. Time was put in to give them something special. When you steal it — you make everyone less special, and you look like a choad. If you want to use an idea, change it up! Make it different! Do more than just color-swap. If you need help, email me and I'll gladly offer advice or code something for you. Just... don't steal. It cheapens everyone.

My 2013 Chronicle Characters

Cam/Anarch: Tamerlane della Tolfa, Elder Lasombra Troublemaker     Garou: Bayou, Troublemaking Nuwisha

Old Chronicle Wikis: Chronicle 2008-2012.


Ree S.

MC: 14
Domain: Seattle, WA
Chapter: Sthavirasabha (WA-006-C)
CC: Alex T.B.