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Player - Sarah W.

Membership expires Feb 2018

Current Characters, MES OWoD


Arianna La'Reaux Toreador

Werewolf the Apocalypse

None at this time.

Current Characters, MES NWoD

Fiona MacOrann
Crow(left) and Raven(right) McCayle at SERE 2013
Isadora Devine

Changeling: The Lost

  • Maeko, Elemental, Waterborn, Winter Court

Vampire the Requiem

Previous Characters

Vampire the Requiem

  • Raven McCayle, Nosferatu, Lancea Sanctum - Created for and played at SERE 2013

Werewolf the Apocalypse

Fíona MacOrann, Fianna Galliard, Songkeeper. - Died in Alaska Proxy August/September 2015 Aurelia Liska Fostern Shadow Lord, Theurge


  • Cleo DeMoray, Brujah - Created for, and played at SERE 2013 - retired

LARP Associations

  • Minds Eye Society[MES]
  • Shadows of New Philadelphia Troupe Game, Montgomery, AL
  • Dark Seattle Troupe Game, Gadsden, AL
  • Head ST, Dark Ridge Troupe, Huntsville AL

Web Footprint

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Methods of Contact

Email Address:
-- OOC -- SarahWade.rpg @ gmail
Google Talk: Arranell

Member Information
Player: Sarah W.
Member Number: Incomplete
MC: 5
Nation: USA
Region: SE
Domain: AL-009-D
Coordinator: Carrie