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Chanticrow & BeckieSueDalton
Sharon Boudreaux, aka BeckieSueDalton
21-Apr-2007, Orlando FGotM
Sharon Boudreaux, aka BeckieSueDalton
29-Jan-2009, at office in Sandy Springs GA

Player - Sharon Boudreaux

Membership expires on 14-Jun-2014
WW NDA expired on 25-Jan-2009


Methods of Contact

Postal Address & Telephone:
-- Available to my Coordinators via the MES Resource Database.
-- Available to other club members by private request to my OOC email address.
-- Telephone calls or text messages accepted until 11:00 pm ET nightly.

Email Address:
-- OOC -- sharonboudreaux.rpg @ gmail
-- IC -- Hayden, hayden.sinclair.MES @ gmail

-- OOC -- Sharon_ATL

or via Instant Messenger:
Google Talk: sharonboudreaux.rpg


Currently, in the Mind's Eye Society


Club Service

GA-013-D AVST Requiem (Special Projects)
Club Publications
Mailing List Admin for: House Loris, SE Carthians, SE Daeva, SE Harpies, and SE Imperium, Concordia Noctis
Wiki Admin for Columbus GA Requiem, SE Carthian, SE Daeva, SE Imperium "Concordia Noctis", LUXCorps Conspiracy, House Loris "Les Succubi Carriere" & House Loris WikiSandbox
Club Affiliations
Atlanta LARP Project ... Dragon*Con LARP Staff ... Games Without Borders ... RPGA
MES Business Network ... MES Mentors ... MES Merchants


Previously, in various LARP Clubs

Characters, WW-Camarilla NWoD

Holly Poppet
Spring Fairest Muse
Grace Morgenstern
Retired via godstrike plot
April 2006, US NST
Keri Kennedy
Retired by player decision
May 2009
Leise Jäger
Retired by player decision
July 2008

Carthian Princess of Atlanta GA, Daeva of House Vitelion, murdered by agents of Inanna at NEGLECt 2006.
(Status: City x4, Clan x3, Covenant x5)

(White Hat) High Society Madam in Atlanta GA, able to arrange a fix for any emotion desired
(Court Goodwill - Summer/Autumn/Winter, Spring Mantle x5)

A brash young Dreamer with a loaded Destiny, forced Awake by several Guardians, gave The Good Death to her mentor then dropped off the radar around May 2009.
(Status: Consilium x2, Order x1)

  • RETIRED, Leise Jäger, Jagdhund des Gottes (translation: Silent Huntress, Hound of God)

Sanctified Gangrel, Templar to Archbishop Candler, Archon (Hound) of Atlanta GA, (as NPC in Sep-08) torpored in October 2008 for attacking to feed from vampires of less potent vitae.
(Status: City x3, Clan x2, Covenant x2)

Mortal (non-ghoul) Retainer of Grace Morgenstern, employee of LUXCorps International, now Thralled to Darren Valens of House Vitelion
(Status: City x0, Clan x0, Covenant x0)

Fury of the Shadowed Plains (Harpy of Auburn AL) and Hierophant-in-Training, Nosferatu of The Balthazerati, returned to Paris/Versailles in May 2007 after the murder of her Sire in Atlanta.
(Status: City x2, Clan x2, Covenant x2)

Carthian Ventrue, Covenant Placement Specialist, background ties welcome
(Status: City x3, Clan x1, Covenant x2)

Characters, WW-Camarilla OWoD

Characters, NPO-Camarilla OWoD

PC derek-lelie-kalen.jpg

Paige / Lelie
Boggan Kinain / Fiona Sidhe
PC tiffany-miller.jpg

Tiffany Miller
Orphan Mage
PC Jessica Thanatos 03.jpg

Jessica Taylor-Dubois
Neonate Ventrue
PC Samuel with La-Petite-Tempeste.jpg

La Petite Tempeste
Elder Malkavian
PC atlanta-scout-pack jewels-warren-quick.jpg

Giuliana "Jewels" Luchesse
Coyote's NoMoonCityGrrl776

Changeling the Dreaming

  • Paige (Boggan Kinain) / Grand Duchess Lelie van der Verbrizjelde Eed ap Fiona (Seelie Regent for the Kingdom of Willows)

Mage the Ascension

  • Rachel Green
  • Tiffany Miller

Vampire the Masquerade

  • Icon RIP-wreath.jpg Jessica Chapel Taylor-Dubois, earned her wings the night before any of the others on the field of Gehenna
  • Icon RIP-wreath.jpg La Petite Tempeste, the quintessential example of why children should never be Embraced
  • Icon RIP-wreath.jpg Lacy McVey, after 40 minutes in play.. they thought she was an NPC.  :)

Werewolf the Apocalypse

  • Giuliana "Jewels" Luchesse

LARP Club Service Record


GA-001-C ACC Blackened Hearth
GA-001-C CC Blackened Hearth
GA-001-C VC Changeling (Dreaming)
GA-001-C VC Mage (Ascension)
GA-001-C VC Vampire (Masquerade)
GA-010-D ADC Charity & Socials
GA-010-D ADC Recruitment
GA-010-D ADC Special Projects
GA-010-D ADC Web & Social Media
GA-010-D VC Changeling (Lost)
GA-010-D VC Mage (Ascension)
GA-010-D VC Vampire (Requiem)
GA-010-D VC Werewolf (Forsaken)
SE-001-R ARC Charity & Service
SE-001-R ARC Special Events
SE-001-R ARC/ARST Elections Administrator
SE-001-R Interim DC for GA-010-D
GWB ANC Chief of Staff
GWB Interim National Coordinator

AL-001-D AVST VtM Plot & Status
GA-010-D AVST Dreaming (Admin & Plot)
GA-010-D AVST Lost (Admin & Plot)
GA-010-D AVST Requiem (Status)
GA-013-D AVST Requiem (Special Projects)
GA-010-D VST Oblivion
GA-010-D ADST Chief of Staff
GA-010-D ADST Necropolis
GA-010-D ADST Spirit Court
SE-001-R AARST Lost'kateers
SE-001-R ARST Education & Outreach
SE-001-R ARC/ARST Elections Administrator
AAMST Admin, Settings Team
Black Team for ICC 2004
Venue 2nd for SERE 2005 (Lost)
White Team for SERE 2009
White Team for ICC 2009
Long-term Plot NPC (lots and lots)
Special Event NPC (lots and lots)



Club Events
Event Lead, GA-010-D Recruitment Events
Event Lead, GA-010-D Featured Games 2001-2007
Event Lead, SE-001-R Lost iLARP Events 2005-2007
Event Lead for Dragon*Con 2003-2007
Charity Lead for SERE 2005
Decorations/Props Lead for SERE 2005
Onsite Ops Lead for SERE 2005
Event 2nd for SEGRE 2003
Event Lead for SEFRE 2005-2006
Event Co-Lead for SERE 2007
Volunteer/Props/Recruitment Lead for GenCon 2008
PC Plot Lead for FGotM/iLARP (12+)
PC Plot Lead for SERE 2005 (Dreaming)
PC Plot Lead for SERE 2005 (Requiem)
PC Plot Lead for SERE 2007 (Lost)
PC Plot Lead for SERE 2009 (Lost)

Club Publications
Editor, Camarilla Publications and SE-Lost NEWS
Publications Lead for NEGLECt 2006 (US National Event)
Publications Lead for Club Presence at Dragon*Con (2002-2006)
Chapter Newsletter Editor, "GA-001-C: Out of the Ashes"
Domain Newsletter Editor, "GA-010-D: Out of the Ashes"
Copywriter for ad-hoc local, regional, national, and global IC/OOC documents
Copywriter for official local, regional, national, and global policy documents

Club Lists & Websites
Admin for GA-001-C Chapter Mailing Lists
Admin for GA-010-D Domain Mailing Lists
Admin for positional SE-Region *C/*ST Mailing Lists
Admin for ad-hoc local and regional IC and OOC mailing lists
Admin/Copywriter for GA-010-D Domain Venue Wiki pages (CtD, CtL, VtR, WtO)
Admin/Copywriter for GA-013-D Domain Venue Wiki pages (VtR)
Copywriter for GA-001-C Chapter Websites
Copywriter for GA-010-D Domain OOC Websites & Wikipages
Copywriter for SE-001-R Event Websites (6 FGotMs, 2 SEREs, 3 SEGREs)
Copywriter for SE-001-R Wikisections (SE-requiem, SE-Lost)
Copywriter for ad-hoc local and regional IC and OOC website pages

Club Affiliations
Team Camarilla on Sparkpeople


Personal Trivia

Member Information
Player: Sharon Boudreaux
Member Number: US2002022447
Coordinator: Atlanta DC

Sharon is the mommy of four beautiful, intelligent gamers.
-- one is a US soldier, one is a writer, one is an apothecary, and one is a builder.
Sharon shares a house in the NE 'burbs of Atlanta with her Boy and his two cats.
Sharon is the owner of MonkeySheeps Design Studio and operates online shops at Etsy and Cafe Press.
Sharon is a total fangirl, often misplacing her capable speech module when confronted with a celebrity she admires.
Sharon is a student of Education Psychology and hopes to be a middle school principle someday.
Sharon is well-versed in matters of grammar, proper etiquette and southern culture.
Sharon is a lover of books and exotic teas, delights in indie comics, and loves fairy tales best of all.

  My Favorite Things

Iridescent Pink
Bill Willingham
80's Rock
Moulin Rouge!
TV Show
Downton Abbey, & Lie to Me
Place to Visit
Breakfast Food
IHOP Short Stack
Dinner Food
Ice Cream Flavor
Butter Pecan
Schlink Haus Auslese
Chambord or Bärenfang
Board Game
Mobile Game
PC/Console Game
Kingdom Hearts
Party Game
Ca$h 'n Gun$
Card Game
RPG System

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