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Creatures of Dismal Swamp (Under Construction... Be with you soon)

Sect-Camarilla.png Dismal Swap Cam/Anarch - Blood Flows in the Swamp

Game Schedule

Please refer to our Meet-up for scheduling and site information.

Locations and exact times will be announced monthly. However, the Meet-up will be updated regularly.

Sign in Sheets

Sign in sheets are updated monthly and public record. They are stored on the Domain Coordinator account and located at:

Current Charity

Hope House

Here's a copy of thier website if you want to look

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide homeless mothers and their children with safe housing and the opportunities to transition to successful, independent living.

Our Vision

Our vision is to stop the cycle of homelessness for all women and children in Planning District 16: the City of Fredericksburg, the counties of Spotsylvania, Stafford, King George, and Caroline. Hope House is the only transitional program/facility for homeless women and their children, as well as pregnant women within our area. The need for transitional housing for this homeless population is enough that we maintain a waiting list at all times. Over the past two years, that list continues to lengthen.

Who We Are

Our program is designed to improve the quality of life for our families by helping them move from homelessness to permanent housing. We offer a two-year program by providing educational opportunities and support services which include: intensive case management, tutoring, employment or vocational training, placement and referrals, life skills and social skills courses, stress management, as well as financial management, wellness and nutrition. We also provide transportation for those families without an automobile. We utilize the local community resources and make referrals for mental health counseling, domestic violence counseling, parenting classes, substance abuse treatment and medical/dental services.

Hope House is funded through private donations and private, local, state, and federal grants. We are well established within our community with a strong presence and a good reputation for success. Donations, volunteers, and services provided to our organization from the community continue to flow. We are very thankful to have such great support for our program. Donations made can earn the charity under the following guidelines;

Dates 10/14/2014-01/30/15

Cap: 30 General Prestige (GP) per Month

After doing alot of thinking. For a local cause to the Fredericksburg area, this is one that I can stand behind. We will be attending the Fredericksburg Zombie walk again this year, and this is one of the charities associated with it. A drop off will be made on a monthly basis the following guidelines apply for this charity:

If you decide not to donate money outright, please keep it to their wish list :

For each $2 worth of items or money donated to a local sanctioned philanthropy (i.e. to a philanthropic event), 1 general prestige point is be awarded.

Neighboring Games

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