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VSS Information

The Genre of this VSS is Werewolf: the Apocalypse, in the Global Game of the Camarilla Fan Club.

Part 1: Basic Information
Domain Name - Shadowed Peaks
Domain Number - CO-15-D (Colorado Springs, CO)
Venue - Werewolf: the Apocalypse
Lead Venue Storyteller - Alex Edwards
Storyteller Contact - csprings.apocalypse@gmail.com
Games Hosted on the Second Friday of the Month

Part 2: Styles of Play

Style of Play Description Rating

  • -Action

Combat and challenges 4

  • -Character Development

Personal dilemmas and choices 5

  • -Darkness

PC death or corruption 4

  • -Drama

Ceremony and grand story 4

  • -Intrigue

Politics and negotiation 4

  • -Manners

Social etiquette and peer pressure 3

  • -Mystery

Enigmas and investigation 4

  • -Pace

How fast do stories emerge, develop, and resolve? 4

Rating Description 1 Never present 2 Sometimes present 3 Often present 4 Usually present 5 Always present

Part 3: Description of Venue Colorado Springs has a unique history among the Garou Nation. Rarely has the Wyrm been the cause of it's greatest defeats, just a catalyst for their failures. The Sept of the Unending Burden was founded in 1856 after fifty years of bloody conflict between the Pure tribes and European Tribes. Since it's founding the Garou have repeatedly experience tragedy and loss, leaving the tribes at an uneasy peace with each other.

This venue will put a heavy focus on the tribal politics of the Garou and the roles of the Auspices. While ever present at most times the Wyrm's forces will be a secondary antagonist to the Garou themselves.

The Sept of the Unending Burden is a Level 3 Caern of Fortitude. It's caern spirit is Babble a spirit of water then inhabits Helen Hunt Falls where the Caern is located.

Part 4: Storytelling Mechanics Detail any of that apply to the venue: Proxy rules – Proxies must be submitted by the Wednesday prior to the date of games. Proxies deemed disruptive to the game will can be denied at the Storyteller's discretion. Special – Fera/Changing Breed slots will be extremely limited at Venue launch, this is Subject to change based on the evolving theme of the game and the number of players in the Venue. Travel risks – Travel via the physical world is relatively safe via major roadways, travel via the wilds off-road have medium to high risk due to terrain and other risks. Visiting characters guidelines – Visiting players should submit character sheets via email by Wednesday previous to game. Characters deemed disruptive to the game can be denied entry at the storyteller's discretion. Experience award guidelines: 4 experience points will be awarded per session with another 2 experience available to be earned via monthly downtimes.

Experience points The monthly XP cap is 6 points. These will be handed out as follows: 2 xp for attending the event for a minimum of two hours. 1 xp is available through costuming or exceptional role play. (While suggestions from players are welcomed the final decision is to be made by the presiding ST.) Up to 3 xp can be obtained through a detailed downtime report and/or online play. A paragraph is not detailed. This should be submitted to the VST no later than 48 hours following the event for consideration of maximum reward. (You may not always get an immediate response to your downtime per ST discretion the results may be disseminated during the course of active play.)

Code of Conduct: The Camarilla Code of Conduct as written will be upheld at all venue events.

Travel to Umbral Realms: Some general themes of Apocalypse include the following: