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Clan: Lasombra
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Sect: Sabbat

Pack: Midnight Militia

Path: Path of Night

Political Faction: Ultra Conservative

Embraced: Tenochtitlán, 1534

Status: Initiated, Blessed, Blessed/Enforcer

Notable Traits: Abyssal Eyes (Eerie Presence,) Obvious Predator.

Position: Bishop of War, Ductus of Midnight Militia .


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D e s c r i p t i o n

Valentina is generally unfriendly and quiet. She rarely participates in friendly banter and only speaks up when there is something worth saying. Her past is filled with a great deal of fear, uncertainty, and pain, but she would never show those emotions to the world and thus she comes off as quite a creature of hatred. Anger is her only outlet which keeps her at a distance from other Cainites. When she does interact with others she likes to tell them what to do and expects them to obey. Though she has no station or authority within the Sabbat currently, she gives off a strong air of superiority. This attitude towards others started when she was a child and only worsened when she was embraced into clan Lasombra.

Despite isolating herself from others, Valentina does try to be useful, and will always pull her own weight. She has a conservative view of the sect and likes to see things done a certain way, her way. Every martial action she takes is one which she feels will help the Sword of Caine and ultimately demolish the Camarilla infrastructure. She hates the Tower as much as the next Cainite but it seems to run a little deeper for her, a little more personal.

In matters of spirituality Valentina is not particularly distinguishable. She runs with those of a
similar mindset and never seeks to convert or explain her beliefs to others. Her spirituality and her
martial mindset seem to fit more closely than other Cainites which is why she may not seem as devotional as some.


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I C - K n o w l e d g e

- Valentina has been vocal against the Blood Eagles Ductus Bjorn up until his death, largely due to the fact he killed her packs Ductus years before. This was all despite the fact that Valentina's current Ductus Esperenza seemed not to take much issue with the topic.

- Valentina downed a Giovanni Elder, earning her status. Although she held the right to diablerize him, she offered her quarry as tribute to her Ductus Esperanza.

- Suriel challenged Valentina to a Game of Instinct. She selects Rousing the Beast, where failed Sabbat are buried alive and the first one to dig up, disable, and destroy their victim first wins. Suriel wins, resulting in a very angry, bitter, and confused rival.

- During a Passion Play at Palla Grande, Valentina receives the honor of portraying Caine during the Cursing of the Antediluvians and performs exceptionally well, earing her status.

- She seems to take the the Heralds of Woe pack more than she can stomach the Blood Eagles which seems quite strange to some.

- Fell into frenzy due to a provocation by Suriel. After a few moments in combat with her, he fled for his unlife leaving the rest of the gather to try and survive the ordeal. With many others fleeing, and a few cainites torpored it was an unlikely moment with a Malkavian Anti that interrupted the beat down.


Q u o t e s

"Treacherous snake. The sword has no use for such weakness of devotion." -Hyacinth
"What spectacular power. I have fought Elders, and won. But never have I encountered such a fearsome strength." - Jack Callaghan


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H i s t o r y



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R u m o r s

- She seems to have a growing rivalry with Suriel.

- Hates the Blood Eagles.

- Surrounds herself in religious imagery not in reverence but in mockery.

- Thinks that the Sacramento diocese is filled with a bunch of cowards.

- Is just a puppet for Esperanza del Castillo, her previous pack priest.


Sabbat PC

Player: Your Name
Character: Valentina
Clan: Lasombra
Position: Ductus
Status: 2
Domain: Sacramento, CA
VST: Christopher Foster

OOC Information

Alisa Kreuzer

Cam Number: US2008042177
Home Domain: Sacramento, CA
Email: Alisa Kreuzer

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