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  • 1830: Born in Venice, Italy.
  • 1844: Famiglia puts Valentina on bedrest due to untimely illness for 6 months
    • 1835-1849: Valentina completes education and finishing school with top honors.
  • 1849: Married to Gregori Giovanni in Venice.
    • Began working as her husband Gregori's research assistant.
  • 1850: Gave birth to Anya Marie Giovanni.
  • 1851: Received her proxy kiss from Isidora Giovanni.
    • 1851 - 1854: Traveled throughout Europe, researching and collecting antiques and necromantic relics for la famiglia.
  • 1854: Embraced by Angelo Giovanni.
    • 1854 - 1875: Based out of Venice.
  • 1880: Traveled to Rome, Italy, and was an escort to a quintillion. There met Alexandra Alessi.
  • 1900: Reconnected with Michael Giovanni at a wine bar in Venice.
    • 1900-1914: Got "lost" deep within the Italian Mountainside, and was rescued by Michael.
  • 1915: Started Italian Sports Car Racing Company in Venice
  • 1919-1930: Disappeared in Europe to “dedicate herself to a higher power”.
    • 1919: During a visit to Rome on his way back to the US, met Pater Verus, and was adopted by her as a personal confessor, a role he fulfills to this day, with some discomfort.
    • 1925: Did missionary work and came across Malkavian gypsies who performed ritual to aid her "higher calling".
  • 1930-1975: Completed work for la famiglia.
  • 1980: Resurfaced and moved to hills near Palo Alto, California and was assistant to Sybil Giovanni.
  • 2015: Joined territories together and became Dona of Northern California.

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