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Information known by Kindred society

The tiger and the lion may be more powerful, but the wolf does not perform in the circus.
~This character is deceased~

Name: Valerie

Clan: Gangrel

Sect: Camarilla

Generation: Neonate

Sire: Unknown

Valerie is a wanderer who sticks to traveling along coastlines and anywhere there are large bodies of water. She has a few notable traits, those being her piercing violent eyes, permanent scent of dried roses just on the brink of rotting, and very well-muscled physique. She is generally very quiet unless someone speaks to her first, though once engaged in conversation she is very talkative. When not engaged in combat, Valerie is rarely (if ever) angry or excited, seeming as if her beast has been almost completely subdued.


  • "Valerie is a professional. She's faced off against werewolves, Sabbat and a ton of other enemies that the Camarilla faces. She might not be a member of the Camarilla, but she is an ally we should be lucky and thankful to have." - Leonardo "Leon" Finch
  • "I spent an excellent year in Valerie's company. And while I wouldn't call it safe, it was satisfying. And danger never seemed all that dire." - Benedict Verren
  • "I don't know this young gangrel very well, but I respect both her skills and resolve. Also, anyone who can put together armament like this woman does is worth your time to patronize. And her profanity is wicked entertaining." - Malcolm Donovan
  • "I have had the pleasure of spending a good bit of time working with Valerie. She has accompanied me on various recovery missions around the Adriatic coast, and has proved an extraordinary companion with quite remarkable capabilities. I am delighted to see her again and I do hope she will remain for a while." - Aurélie Céleste Fortescue
  • "I liked her, though it seemed a portion of the elders present didn't. She seems like she'd be great at a party, so long as she doesn't talk about fucking lupines." Melody "Mells" Nichols
  • "Who? The anarch with the snake? Ask me again after she joins the Camarilla" Zachariah White
  • "She took the time to talk to me when no one else would, I'll always remember that." Lydia Brooks
  • "For someone who apparently refuses to join the tower, she seems to be rather reasonable. I might like to see her join the Camarilla. There is time." Lex Reyes
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Lies and Slander

Valerie hasn't joined the Camarilla yet because she is waiting for the right time to strike

Valerie is already a member of the Camarilla and is a plant among the Anarchs assigned by the Justicariate

Valerie has a secret lover in the court of San Francisco

Valerie is actually a werewolf that has learned a forbidden power that disguises her true identity

Valerie's snake is actually a Serpent of the Light that is blood bound to her

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Character Ties

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  • Smith for Hire -- Valerie is very skilled at crafting weaponry, guns, and armor. If you are ever in need of any of these things, or simply want something custom made, she is always willing to talk business.
  • Muscle for Hire -- Valerie is very capable in combat, and extremely durable. If you need help fighting Sabbat, Infernalists, or other threats to you or your Domain, she will do everything possible to wipe out the threat and keep those she is working with as safe as possible.
  • Associates -- Valerie is known to have strong associations with members of the Camarilla and other Independents (with the exclusion of Assamites). If she has ever worked with or for you, chances are she will be willing to do so again, provided that all in all things went well the first time.
  • Allies -- Valerie rarely develops close relationships with others. If she does, it is with members of her own clan, or with those who have proven themselves worthy of a personal connection with her.
  • Teachers -- Valerie has a thirst for knowledge and is always looking for people to teach her things. She will take up almost any offer to teach her and help her become better at something, increase her knowledge of Lore, give her small bits of advice on various things, etc.


"The Wolf" - Phildel

OOC Information

Character Information
Clan: Gangrel
Sect: Independent
City: San Francisco, Ca
Player: Sabrina Minafo
Storyteller: SF VST