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Character Information

Name: Valerie Hughes
Clan: Daughters of Cacophony
Status: Acknowledged, Confirmed, Established, Privileged, Gallant by Izar San Martin, Favored by Desdemona Gonzaga, Courteous by Prince Blaine Winchester
Description: Valerie is a lovely red head who appears to be in her early twenties. She is often found in 50's style apparel these nights with her hair put up in various ways. She has a lively personality to match her stand-out color scheme of clothing. Although she acts terribly modern for an elder.

Known By Kindred Society

Title or Position: None Currently
Sire: (TBD)
Childe: Brigid
Broodmate: Ligeia Loxley

Valerie has been known to travel all over the United States having not stayed anywhere for terribly long in the past. She tends to be a free spirit and quite the socialite. Though no one has been known to talk her into settling down until recently where she's decided to reside within Indianapolis. Though oddly for a member of her clan, she's not known for her singing.

Allies, Friends, Family, or Worse


  • She doesn't know how to sing.
  • She's the worst songstress in the Daughters which is why she doesn't sing.
  • Her voice was taken away.
  • She's not actually a Daughter, but an envious Toreador.
  • A toreador tried to kill her.
  • Her childe died
  • She wondered the world looking for her Muse... she found it and lost it. The only thing she truly wants, is it back.
  • (Insert your rumor here)


  • "Surprise me, you know how I love being inspired."
  • "Cannot Sing? The beauty of this song bird's call is only bested by her exuberance for life. A delight whenever I am with her, the Lady Hughes is a bird that will never be caged." - Charles Alexander Whiteman
  • "I am not a woman of poetry and beauty...I am the depths of darkness and depravity...but my Sire...she is the light in the dark, her Song calls to me like none other. With it lies all that makes me whole." - Brigid
  • "As someone who has traveled with and been in the company of Toreador, the Muse is a force that exists in the blood and pulls the focus, though it often must first be observed. Though for Val...I mean Elder Hughes, her Muse is always present, always pulling. If you care and listen, you can hear some truly wonderful things...and I have had the pleasure of both." Zack Snyder
  • "My dearest sister's flawless voice moves through me, and it's lilting tones comfort me while I sleep. We exist in fluid harmony, somewhere that cannot be defined by time or location; this is what it is to be captivated by the Song." - Ligeia Loxley
  • "So remember when I said that one dame came in like a wreaking ball? Well Val shows up out of no where at Conclave (should I really have been surprised?) and... BAM! It was like one of them nuclear explosions back in the '50s! But you know, in a good way." - James Harlan
  • "Did you ever attend any of the clubs during Harlem during their heyday? No? How about in Pig Alley? No? Well, then I can say her voice is like that. Not that it means a fucking thing to you." - Alicia Vangelista
  • "Valerie is a friend." -Blaine Winchester
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OOC Information

Character Information
Clan: Daughters of Cacophony
Sect: Camarilla
City: Indianapolis, IN
Player: Apryl Warner
Storyteller: James Murphy

Player: Apryl Warner

MES Number: US2008011654