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Quale il padre tale il figlio.
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“Loyalty binds me" - A motto


Undeath changes everyone. In Valerius' case, his dark looks have been replaced with pale skin, and bright blue eyes that are echoed in the scent of water that clings to his skin. His fangs become readily visible when he speaks thoughtlessly; however if he is speaking without care, his fangs are the least of your concern. Loyal, devoted, completely and utterly vicious once provoked, Valerius has spent the majority of his unlife traveling the country and assisting the Family with their problems, internal and external. As a result, he has developed a deeply paranoid streak where he constantly evaluates the loyalty of the Kindred he is surrounded by. Otherwise, he is known for his taste in cars, weapons, and companionship. All three can be summed in few words; expensive, high maintenance and exceedingly dangerous.


"Blessed are the bold, for they are not afraid to be bloody. Well done."

Also called

  • Val
  • Son of the Spectre
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Don of Texas.

  • Capo to Don Angelo of Austin
  • Soldato to Don Angelo of Austin



La Famiglia

'29 Stutz given to him by Lorenzo Putanesca

Member of the Line of Lo Spettro

Known Childer:

Known Grandchilder:

Mortal Lineage

Other Relations


  • That stick he carries came from what he called a 'familial duty' some over-reaching Settite was sniffing around, thought he would lure a Giovanni from the fold. He went to meet her and Valerius was there instead.
  • Valerius is secretly an enforcer for the Giovanni, removing any threats externally or internally. Why else would he be the childe of the Spectre of Venice?
  • Angelo sent him to train in the Outback of Australia. Memories of him being there is why it's considered so dangerous.
  • He is never far from Speranza and if he is, it is not because he wants to be.
  • He has taken the loss of Brenna hard, not that you can tell. The quiet comes to him naturally.
  • He fears nothing and no one. Not since his embrace, it drowned that part of his mind out.
  • Valerius takes his duties seriously. Familial duty. Paternal duty. Jury duty. Executioner Duty.
  • Valerius despises chess. If he is forced to play, someone will end up hurt or dead.
  • As a gift he once bound a wraith into a iphone for Dante, she is called Siri.
  • He doesn't handle "surprise velociraptors" well.
  • Valerius does not react well to the song London Bridge is Falling Down.
  • He once was overheard explaining Grindr is delivery.
  • The term "What Happens In Vegas, Stays In Vegas" was created in honor of Valerius.
  • Valerius has willingly given up limbs for love of his sister.
  • The song really is about him.
  • He gives the best gifts, even better than Angelo.
  • His garden is full of black irises that only the lucky get to see.
  • He ghouled the Stig while he was in England last.
  • His beautiful weaponry is intended to captivate the Rose.
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Heard anything?

Quotes from him

  • "I am the child of the Specter." - Upon being asked if he was just a thug.
  • "He is the only father I have ever known."
  • "If you two get in trouble, I am going to make you kick his ass before I kick your ass."
  • "Come take a walk with me. The gathering won't miss us."
  • "Sometimes, I feel as if Stockton is a long elaborate Malkavian prank on me, but then he is brought back to me and I recall why he is my boy."

Quotes from Family

  • "Valerius was a surprise to me. I found a boy who had the same penchant for violence as I have, with a wit and intelligence to back it up. Of course, he was mine the moment I laid eyes on him." - Angelo
  • The Six of Swords was placed, and the Knight of Swords sent the Sabbat screaming. I hear the screams in my dreams sometimes, and it makes me smile. - Mariella Rossellini
  • "Valerius is a good man to have working with you. He helped me out during a hardship. My gratitude he has and my help should he ever need it." - Sebastiano Vincenzo Chesare Giovanni
  • "Mio Fratello? Our sire has my loyalty and devotion, but Valerius he has my trust. He shall always have Hope when he needs it" - Speranza
  • "There comes a point when a patient will not lie down, will not remain still, and will not listen to what their doctor says to do. At this point, I use the restraints I was forced to design for such patients. They should thank Valerius for the inspiration." - Lucas Pisanob
  • "He's good at breaking things that need to be broken, and is surprisingly pleasant company. He is more than welcome in my Domain any time he wishes." - Vitalia Giovanni
  • "Chi fa da sé, fa per tre. He is a unique blend of trouble and dedication, with a dash of evil mixed in it's that dash I wish to see cultivated." - Sebastiano Vincenzo Chesare Giovanni
  • "Born of Sybil, embraced by Angelo, and you still want to risk getting on my brother's bad side? You're a special kind of stupid, ain't ya?" - Annemarie Giovanni
  • "Valerius is definitely my sister's son. But, he is also a Childe of Uncle Angelo. Brains of Sybil and the sheer brutality and bloodlust of Angelo? I have the feeling I'm going to be cleaning up after this kid for a VERY long time." - Gregori Giovanni
  • "Val, look, a hidden entrance! Let's see where it goes." - Vittoria Giovanni
  • "Mio cugino is an excellent travelling companion, and keeps his head regardless of what unexpected circumstances may arise. For all his grumbling at me, however, I do believe he enjoyed himself as much as I did. I would be most happy to repeat the experience." - Vittoria Giovanni
  • "Valerius- The hot tang of blood and rush of adrenaline. Salty tears washed away by summer rain. Under noted by a core of steel and warm darkness" - A description.
  • "This is a guy I could drink with..." - Martin Milliner
  • "My loyalty to the family isn't for sale and not just because Valerius can knock my head off like a rock em sock em robot." Rafael Giovanni
  • "We lick our fingers clean when the violence is done so we can taste when they resign themselves to an earthbound existence. This taste is often called Valerius." - Donna Sophia Allegra Giovanni
  • "He is our father's childe. Do you understand just what that means? No? Then, I shall enjoy watching you find out, the hard way, and no, there is no easy way." - Cicero Giovanni
  • "His name is Valerius Orsino Giovanni. But he only lets his friends use his full name." - Dante Rossellini
  • "Strength is more than muscle-bound. Valerius knows and demonstrates this. I like him." - Luca Rossellini
  • Brute strength, brute intellect, brute... everything. Just the way it ought to be. - Alessandra Cordero Milliner
  • "Fear is something he does not possess. I'm not sure if that will be folly and I don't care. I believe I have another way to motivate this one." - Donovan Dunsirn
  • "I would never dream to cross him. Aside from respect for one's elders." - Juliana Rossellini
  • "Ok so you know Val right? So imagine doing a job interview with him having killed the guy he came to hire. Now add 17 micrograms screaming through your brain like a meteor shower that's how I got here." - Stockton Rothstein
  • "I am never afraid when Valerius is around. He is part of my grandfather, and part of my mother." - Angelica Giovanni
  • "He is certainly his sire's childe, and there is strength there. I see the same composure there, as well. Which leads me to believe that the following is true for him, as it is has been for his sire since he was embraced: your reward for seeing just how much it takes to break that composure will be your destruction." - Matoxtli Pisanob
  • "You better step away from his car unless you want two broken knees and a ride in the boot, don't think I'm joking neither..." -Enzo Putanesca
  • "Il buon sangue giammai non può mentire." - Cesare Giovanni
  • "There is a Dark soul in there and I think I like this town if it has family like this." - Marco Giovanni
  • "He is my rock when all the world around me seems sucked into a maelstrom" - Speranza
  • "Val's tough as fuckin' nails, and not too bad to hang around with either. Good fucking swing too, that's for sure" -Auggie
  • "My Uncle? I swear he's trying to get me to fall into torpor, he actually wanted me to wear.... black pants.... that's like fashion death" -Daisy
  • "I have a great deal of respect for him, I just - he reminds me of my brother, and in many ways I know the pain in following that path." - Carmina
  • "Not tryin' to get all fuckin' sentimental...but Val was there for me when I needed it most, and you can bet your ass I'll be there for him when he needs it. " -Angie Giovanni
  • "I shall put this simply, the man is a doer" -Duncan Dunsirn
  • "DON'T fuck with his drink. If you want to remain living." - Eva Carol Giovanni
  • "I shall ever strive to impress my Grandsire. Wouldn't you?" - Mateo Giovanni
  • "It's been interesting to watch Valerius over the years. He reminds me dearly of my brother, but that's all the more reason to keep him near." - Isidora Giovanni
  • "Oh.. mm.. Valerius is a name I've heard before. And the man attached to it is almost enough to make me set aside my brother.. almost." - Dezi
  • "Beautiful, razor-witted, deadly Valerius. His charm, his sheer force of personality - ready to flip at the spin of a coin. To say that I adore him would be understatement. The Son of the Spectre has a lethal magic all of his own." - Marshall Cartwright Milliner III
  • "Look, I ain't gonna say I taught him everything he knows, but I damn sure taught my nephew everything he knows about a few things..." - Giacomo Giovanni
  • "The fuckin' boss. What else is there to say?" - Vincenzo Putanesca
  • "Accidenti a te... Come stai questo perfetto...?!"
  • "Val is next on the list of 'People Who Can Make Me Shit My Pants', right after Angelo. Like not even #2 on the list, maybe more like a 1.2. I love you, Uncle Val, I swear, I loves ya." - Caspian Giovanni
  • "My brother Val is the epitome of the perfect storm. Beautiful to look at, but heavens help you if you get in his path when he unfurls. If you don't believe me...look into the eye of the storm." - Valentina Giovanni
  • "You still owe me a game of Go you fuck...I got a special fuckin' board ordered from my boys in China and everythin'...Who the fuck am I gonna play with now Val?! Huh?! FUCKIN WHO?!" - Auggie Giovanni

Quotes from Others

  • "I do not think he knew what to make of me when we first met...nor I of him, honestly. However after fighting beside him I think we've come to a certain understanding. He is certainly Angelo's childe, though where Angelo is an Inferno, Valerius is the rushing wave: cool, fluid, and ultimately inexorable" - Magdalene Lys
  • "Too often military might is calculated by a simple count of weapons. Would you see a stone and equate it to a smart bomb? Valerius more than most others should inspire people to evaluate the qualities of a weapon and focus less on quantities." - Master Harpy Forbes, Domain of Waterloo
  • "A childe of Angelo? I wouldn't have guessed it at first based on the calmer presence I saw in the first fight I met Valerius. It's got to be those suspenders that hold them in check, an Angelo likes to throw his off. Twice in a month we've fought some nasty things, thankfully we're both still here, must be good news." - Zack Snyder
  • "A quieter version of Angelo. The herald before the storm, but do not mistake this herald as a pawn; he has strength to back up his words." - Achilles Hellgate
  • "I have heard tales of what he does to those who wrong him or his family. I approve." - Ulric Gunvald
  • "Only having talked to Valerius for a moment. You can tell that he is always on constant guard. In our brief conversation he hardly made eye contact, most likely trained to avoid it. And his attentions were elsewhere, as if something might jump up and strike him." - Leigh Ignotus
  • " Valerius is fierce, strong and pulls no punches. To be honest, so far, I have never met a Giovanni I did not like. Valerius takes after his sire, whom I respect, greatly. I will give him the same respect." - Candice Caine
  • " I got no problem with the Giovanni as a whole. Valerius is a good guy. He gave me my start in unlife. I'd work with him again if I got the chance." - Isabelle Marie
  • "We talked briefly before I arrived in Austin. Other than my dealings with the local Samedi, I have yet to actually meet any of the Giovanni. I am sure that will change given time, and some of the things we share in common. I can be a strong ally should the need arise and I think Val understands this." - Dagmuar
  • "Valerius...the newest Giovanni model. Did you say he was Angelo's? Hrm... yeah, this one goes into the 'Ally' stack." - Nenette
  • "I am grateful that the Ivory Tower has decided the Family is worthy of meeting and speaking to. My interaction with Valerius has been a very enlightening pleasure.." - The Broken
  • "Valerius and I have many things in common. I hope that you never have the misfortune of having to be shown what they are." - Marus
  • "Not everyday you get someone like Angelo to beat you out of Frenzy, and then have his kid come to you later wanting some lessons. I'm going to take this as a compliment." - Michael
  • "You don't have to say much when you stand beside Angelo, that says enough. " - Malachai
  • "Him and his did me the favor that no one else would or could, and I won't be forgetting it." - Christina Ross
  • "He laughs at me when I want him to, and he listens when I need him to. There is no better working relationship that can possibly exist." - Evan Lazarus
  • "Sta Firmitir signore Giovanni. You have eyes watching you." - Dexter Mara
  • "In my long life I have feared few kindred. I will not admit I fear Valerius, but nor will I deny it." - William Slade
  • "Monsieur Valerius has offered me a most interesting and refreshing outlook on unlife, eternity suddenly became much more drôle upon meeting him." - Marie Blackwell
  • "It's a shame this alliance went into effect. Valerius was such a great partner for dusting snakes." - John Yatol
  • "Val and I met many years ago at a fashion show I once modeled in. It's not often one can look upon a Giovanni and hold a conversation without them killing you for something you may or may not have done." - Blayne Ashbury
  • "Out of all the Giovanni, Val's cane is by far my favorite. On another note I wonder if he would contribute to my research." - Dr. Alex Pond
  • "When Valerius Giovanni dislikes someone, best if that individual takes their leave. Or it is likely they will take their exit in a less than dignified manner." - Tony D
  • "Non è possibile sconfiggere una nazione. Patriottismo consumerà voi." -Benjamin Sharp
  • "He's the Ace of Spades! You know, Motörhead? 'I see it in your eyes, take one look and die / The only thing you see, you know it's gonna be / The ace of spades, the ace of spades'? Death Card... on a Giovanni...? That's not perfect to anyone else?" -Harper Gray
  • "Whenever possible, a man should have a cruel mouth, particularly if he has blue eyes – the bluer the eyes, the crueler the mouth; a man with cornflower-blue eyes should have a mouth like a genocide." - Anon
  • "Our clans seem to be getting closer in these nights full of death and blood. This alone should cause others to run screaming whenever we approach. But they don't, because people don't believe in the monsters, until it is too late."- Zaina
  • "People will see what they want to see, what I enjoy the most is seeing him at his best." - Orelia Taipetra
  • "Have you ever seen him smile? Chuckle at amusement? I have. It's a superior moment." - Jupiter Lotis
  • "Clan Samedi and Clan Giovanni, may not see eye to eye or frankly like each other a whole lot. I however would be a liar, if I did not admit I do respect Don Valerius and would trust him to stab me in front rather then my back." - Papa Etienne Portier
  • "Val, is still someone I respect and look up too. Even though he is Giovanni." Dagmuar
  • "Tread carefully Don Valerius." Dexter Mara
  • "Ah Valerius - one of Angelo's much better choices." Serafin
  • "Don Valerius, I have never known him without the distinction of Don, and to be honest, I can't ever imagine him without it. In my head, even when it hasn't existed at the front of his name it has always been there. Obfuscated, waiting until it could blossom. I'm very blessed to be in the presence of such strength." Cricket
  • "How is it possible to feel both safe and menaced in the presence of one kindred? Don Valerius is a mystery."Jeannie
  • "I absolutely adore his fashion sense. Such flare. Such attention to detail. And that bone hand accessory, I simply must aquire one myself." Robyn Remington
  • "Why's the Giovanni getting involv- HOLY SHIT WHAT IS THAT! DID HE JUST TURN INTO THE GRIM REAPER?!" Hawk Saxon
  • "Val! That was very scary. Please don't do that in front of me. Unless it's to save us. And then... please do." Claire
  • "I knew he knew what we knew when he stepped towards the couch during court. He's either well-informed--which is likely--or people are terrified of his interference--equally as likely." Harper Gray
  • "My family wanted to send you a fruit basket. I told them that wasn't your style. I think they're catching on. Expect more. And more decorative boxes full of the sweetest things." Jupiter Lotis
  • "I do love a man who appreciates accessories, and a who has a flare for the dramatic." Jayne Joyce
  • "I am constantly amazed by people who don't realize there are only two rules with Don Valerius. The first is let him deal with his family himself. That one is pretty easy for people to remember. The second is to show him and his respect. So many seem to forget that second one. I'd say they could learn from their mistakes, but they don't tend to live long." Ethan Sullivan
  • "I am not sure why he gave me a car. The fact he gave me one with the name Hellcat... I find amusing to no end. I had to tell him I do not drive and just said he would teach me. It will be an interesting project." - Otama
  • "I half-wonder if he gave me such a reasonable price out of kindness. Either way, I think he could see I would be willing to pay any price for what I received." - Harper Gray
  • "I enjoy... watching him in battle, he and Angelo, a pair of monsters who move through their enemies like a hot knife in butter. It is beautiful, in its way..." - Astrid Malikov
  • "Angelo values him, and I can see why. Therefore.... now, so do I." Maria Aigner
  • "The Don of austin leads his family well...Be careful not to tread in his path...I should hope we will never need to cross each others." Guillaume
  • "As the city stability rises and falls, Don Valerius is always a source of calm."Jeannie

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Valerius is based on the loyal soldier concept.

"I have no fear, for fear is the little death that kills me over and over. Without fear, I die but once." - Dune

The tropes I have in mind and am aiming for...

Deadly Euphemism

Wicked Cultured

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OOC Information

Valerius Orsino Giovanni

Clan: Giovanni
Sect: Independent
Domain: TX-065
Player: Brax Troncoso
VST: Nick Kice

Player: Abraxas 'Brax' Troncoso

MES Number: US2014040070

Location: Austin, TX

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