Valith SanGiovanni

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Accord PC

Player: Dennis R
Creature Type: Vampire
Division: Quicksilver Knights
City: Henderson, KY
VST: Dale Case

|Clan icon mekhet alt - Reach.png |Accordpng.png Covenant invictus - Reach.png RequiemMekhetSangiovanni.png QSK Badge.png

Character Information

Valith 1.jpg

Name: Valith SanGiovanni

Creature Type: Mekhet


  • July 27th 1849

Apparent Age:

  • 23

Notable Traits:

  • Striking Looks 4

Title or Positon:



  • Valith stands at 6'1 weighing 175 pounds. If anyone where to sit down and talk to him he would tell them that he is very detached from his immortal life. Once being somewhat fancy dressed being in the Quicksilver Knights has slowly changed his outfit to better suit the division he resides in. He is extremely protective over Jade Falls seeing that has been his first friend ever since he joined the Accord. He runs both Val's Gym and Gio's Morgue (Being closely attuned to the dead). Even for his age his still sometimes acts his apparent age. His Employee James the Bear has became his best friend over the time since he met him. They both enjoy cracking jokes and work in conjunction with wanting to kill the same foes. Valith's past continues to follow him with every friend he makes, he ensures himself that he wont let the past ever happen again. He recently was betrayed by his own flesh and blood and had to kill him to stop him from hurting his friends.



OOC Information

Player: Dennis R

MES Number: US2015060019

Location: Owensboro, KY