Valyria Hunt-Morningkill "Dawnbreaker"

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Character Information
Auspice: Ahroun
Tribe: Silver Fangs
Breed: Homid
Pack: Edge of Midnight
Sept: Sept of The Tor
Rank: Elder
Glory: ••••• ••••• ••
Honor: ••••• ••••• •
Wisdom: ••••• ••
Player: Melissa E.
Storyteller: Dark Heartland

Courage Unending

Queen's Gambit sacrificed her life on 19 March 2016 to ensure the success of the Rite of the Caern Building for the Sept of the Dawning Hope, a unity caern, dedicated to Helios. After besting the Corruption spirit Verchados, she sacrificed her sword Apex to be used for binding the bane. Afterwards, she dove into the maw of a Thunderwyrm, freeing a Fostern Bone Gnawer, and destroying it so the remaining Garou could stop their corrupted allies trying to interrupt the ritual.

On April 5, 2016, Silver Fang King Victor Dawncrown elevated Valyria Hunt-Morningkill to the rank of Elder posthumously, naming her Courage Unending.

Even from a distance, this woman radiated elegance, poise, and grace. An accomplished diplomat and duelist, Valyria Hunt-Morningkill was a rising star within House Wyrmfoe. Her superior breeding was evident in both her words and her deeds. Reserved, empathetic, and silver-tongued, this woman was a force to be reckoned with.

Beware the woman with the astute and unyielding chestnut eyes.

Notable Traits: Pure Breed 3, Natural Leader
Archetypes: Alpha and Mediator
Affiliations: House Wyrmfoe, Sun Lodge, Forthright Court
Positions: Pack Alpha of the Edge of Midnight

Known to the Nation

Valyria Hunt-Morningkill

Born into the renowned Hunt family of Silver Fangs, Valyria was raised for most of her childhood in the Kansas City area. She underwent her First Change in a dramatic presentation at her own debutante ball at the young age of 14. Soon afterwards, Valyria further elevated her family's station by marrying into the prestigious Morningkill lineage and producing six well-bred offspring. She relocated to the Commonwealth of Virginia after her marriage and spent nearly twenty years embroiled in the politics of the eastern septs.

After the Extinguishing of Anthelios, Valyria and her cousin James Nathan Hunt formed a pack dedicated to Harrier to pursue the noble cause of diplomacy, cooperation, and support in the Aftermath of the Ratkin War. Recently, she and James formed a new pack to Harrier and they have returned to the home of her birth to pursue their mutual goals. This pack worked diligently to repair the relations between the Sept of the South Wind and the Sept of the Tor. Later, she founded a pack to Uktena called The Edge of Midnight. It is rumored that this pack protected ancient secrets.

Valyria expected a great deal from herself and held all those around her to a very high standard. She believed in being more than just a warrior for Gaia and that she should set the benchmark.

Valyria is the author of the ''Enemy Dossier: Goluko''.

She was one of a handful of Garou who traveled to the very bottom of the Abyss to stop Nightmaster.

Deed Names:
"Holds Fast" for grabbing two Fomori attempting to flee a combat during her Rite of Passage and not letting go.
"Dawnbreaker" for single-handedly defending a Rite of Cleansing being attacked by numerous bane spirits.
"Game Changer" for undertaking a dangerous quest to retrieve a personal item of a Black Spiral Dancer pack alpha plaguing the Sept of Falcon's Rest.
"Queen's Gambit" for devising superior tactics in two battles against Black First Fomori units, outmaneuvering her foes, leading to a decisive victory with no casualties.
"Flawless Execution" for efficiently and effectively completing a nigh impossible rank challenge in a way that left Shisou Kenshin speechless.
"Edge of the Knife" for leading the primary vanguard alongside Song of Thunder into the Umbral lands of North Dakota to face Nightmaster and the raised slain heroes of Anthelios.
Courage Unending was the Elder name bestowed by Silver Fang King Victor Dawncrown for her valiant sacrifice in facing a powerful foe, saving the life of another, and ensuring the successful building of a caern.

Edge of Midnight


Pack Totem: An Uktena spirit called Udeledah (Cherokee for 'secret')

Work in Progress

Alpha: James Nathan Hunt
Aces Dance Across the Table "Grim Tidings"
Omega: Elena Kiev

Arbiter's Accord


Pack Totem: A Harrier spirit of Falcon's Brood called Precipio

Valyria Hunt-Morningkill was the alpha of the diplomacy pack known as Arbiter's Accord. After completing its mission, the pack dissolved in August 2014.

Arbiter's Accord was an idea originally conceived by Valyria Hunt-Morningkill and James Nathan Hunt to help facilitate diplomatic relationships, treaty negotiations, and peace-making among Garou and other supernatural allies. Sponsored by Harrier, a wisdom totem of Falcon's brood, this small pack was active in facilitating diplomacy between the Sept of the Tor and the Sept of the South Wind. They are well-known for being genial, resolute, steadfast, and principled.


"I won't lie. I admire Valyria. I've learned a great deal from her, of which the most important lesson is this: a good many others could stand to learn from her too." - James Nathan Hunt

"She's got an arse like the North Star. Wise men follow it." - Finn, Nuwisha

"I remain at once certain and uncertain where Valyria is concerned, for who can be truly certain when faced with such poise, dignity, and shrewdness? She sees through to my core, in the way that mothers often can with young men, and discerns the heart of things I have hidden even from myself. She gives me hope for the Alpha Tribe, and through it, the Nation." - Wisdom of Babel

"She does her tribe and birthright justice. She tilts when she should withdraw, and her pack loves her. Sounds like an Ahroun worth fighting alongside to me." - Executioner's Song

"Disciplined, courageous, decisive, and honorable. Like her tribal totem, she rises high. I look forward to hearing her tales as her deeds are sung." - Jericho Windstorm

"I remember her well from the first time we met; I had gone to the Sept of the Southwind to negotiate an alliance with their Alpha. We did not speak, then, only saw one another across the bawn, but even then I was struck by the strength she displayed in her demeanor. Then, this past weekend, she came to the aid of my sept in our dark hour. She brought a discipline and a grandeur to the proceedings that enabled us to defeat our enemies with glory and honor. I am an Alpha, and I do not easily look upon others as my equal, but Valyria Hunt-Morningkill-yuf is most certainly that and possibly more. Possibly." - Song of Thunder

"She epitomizes what the nation sees as the Paragon of a Silver Fang." - Long Fang

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Rumors and Whispers

Despite an arranged marriage, Valyria grew to love her spouse Geoffrey Morningkill.
She actually had seven children, but one infant was killed during the Ratkin War.
Valyria NEVER speaks of the Ratkin War.
After her Rite of Passage, Valyria was part of a pack called The First Watch, dedicated to Owl.
Valyria and her cousin James Hunt were part of a Harrier pack called The Covenant Chain after the end of the Ratkin War, which was very active on the East Coast.
The switch from Valyria leading a successful Harrier pack to being alpha of an Uktena pack came as a shock to many.
It is well known that all who have challenged Valyria for rank have failed to meet her high standards.
Valyria and her pack recovered the Rite of Draconic Binding.
She hasn't been the same since the battle in North Dakota. Some say that Nightmaster himself touched her mind.
Sabine Silver Swift failed Valyria twice in her Athro rank challenge.
Valyria was learning the art of Klaviskar from Dylan Price.