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Masquerade City


Domain Coordinator: Brad Penstone
Domain Storyteller: David Attwell
Masquerade Storyteller (VST): Darryll de Villiers
Masquerade Game Date: First Saturday night of every month at 6pm check-in, 7pm game on.


Vancouver, BC - Masquerade (Nova Albion CND-01)

Venue Style Sheet

Vancouver, BC Masquerade VSS

Venue Name

Nova Albion CND-01

Venue History

Vancouver has been a pinnacle of stability and peace for many a decade, belying some of its earlier history.

Residing in the City

Any wishing to reside in the city should contact their clan's Primogen and present themselves to the Prince at Gathering.

Prince's Declarations

Downtown Vancouver is exclusive grounds of the Prince.

Feeding Grounds

City Map

Brujah: UBC and Endowment Lands
Tremere: Burnaby
Ventrue: Delta & Richmond
Malkavians: Coquitlam
Independent: Maple Ridge

North Shore: off limits for feeding by order of the prince.

Elysia of Greater Vancouver

  • The Sun Tower, the active established Elysium

Laws of Elysia for Greater Vancouver

  • Elysia are sacred ground. They are places of neutrality.
  • No aggression, no violence may exist in an Elysium. No one can defy this. With no exceptions, none may defy this neutrality. No Blood-hunted criminals may be assaulted while in an Elysium. Violence, whether on people or upon objects, is never to be tolerated. Any breach of Elysium, even the slightest of ones, will results in severe consequences and there are no exception to this rule.
  • Be advised the provocation of violence or aggression on Elysium is not permitted.
  • No weapons will be worn or carried on the site of any Elysium except by the prince, the seneschal, the sheriff and the keeper of Elysium.
  • No technological devices are permitted to be brought by any attendee to Elysium. This would include cell phones, computers, tablets ect.
  • Use of any discipline to provoke violence or aggression is not permitted
  • Assuming a false identity is a grievance against the tradition of hospitality and strictly not permitted in Elysium.
  • Any attendee to Elysium must present themselves to the host of the gathering publicly throughout the night.
  • No violence is permitted on those coming and going from Elysium.

Any questions, clarifications or concerns regarding this information can be directed to Grace Mendez, Keeper of Elysium for the Greater Vancouver under His Majesty Prince Cohen.



News in the Domain

Old News

Known Allies and Antagonists

Kindred in the City

The Court


Kindred by Clan

Note: Players are encouraged to add their characters in the appropriate space below.











Other Residents of Note

Openly Blood Hunted

  • None at this time

Retired (Inactive Characters)

Deceased Citizens

  • Seneschal Clement, Toreador

Executed for being a Sabbat sympathiser


Sacrificed herself to save others in the Granby mission

Known Coteries

Travel Risks

Travelling to Greater Metro Vancouver in-game is not difficult, and the city has full facilities for air, land, and sea transport. In regards to land travel, the city is surrounded by mountain wilderness and rural areas, and these areas are rumoured to contain various supernaturals, treacherous individuals, and other dangers. In addition to these dangers, the other usual dangers to kindred have been in the city at one time or another – including Sabbat and Hunters.

For those travelling from out of country, it is difficult to bring weapons into the country due to Canadian law and diligent customs protocol and inspection, so any characters from outside the country are taking a risk in attempting to sneak weapons past customs.



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