Veronica Devries

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"Be regular and orderly in your life so that you may be violent and original in your work." - Gustave Faulbert

Veronica Devries

Player: Rebecca Stoner
Character: Veronica Devries
Clan: Toreador
Sect: Camarilla
Position(s): Keeper-Primogen-Servire
Status: 5
Domain: Mt. Pleasant, MI
VST: Jayson Turner

Character Information

Name: Veronica Devries, but everyone calls her Roni. Very rarely, she allows people to call her Veronica.

Clan: Toreador


Childe of Rene St. George

Sire to Savannah Annabelle Landry and Erzra

Acknowledged as a member of the Camarilla
Confirmed as an Ancilla of the Camarilla
Enforcer and Guardian as the Keeper of Elysium of Mt. Pleasant
Noble as the Primogen of Clan Toreador in Mt. Pleasant.
Courageous by the word of Prince Jack Mitchel of Mount Pleasant
Loyal by the word of Clanhead Lilly Belle
Favored by Elder Walter Jones aka Walter the Grey, first of her clan to gain his patronage (November 16, 2013)
Defender by the word of Prince Walter Jones of Indianapolis, IN
Victorious as the result of a Symbel Ordeal put on by Elder Walter Jones aka Walter the Grey

Notable Traits
Roni has a quiet, calm manner. Where ever she goes, the Toreador usually keeps herself directly out of the spotlight, but she is always listening and observing.

Roni dresses fashionably but sensibly, usually in red with her hair pulled back in a braid. She carries a black leather handbag containing a chisel and a few other weapons. Occasionally, she has sword belted to her waist.

She speaks with a thick French accent, sometimes interposing French words when speaking quickly. She has a melodious voice and only raises it when angered.

Title or Position
Keeper and Toreador Primogen of Mt. Pleasant, MI
Journeyman of Prometheus in L'Etoile du Nord
Servire to Archon Samuel Vesper

Roni was Embraced in France over in the late 1700's and traveled with her sire Rene and Rene's husband Kraken throughout Europe for several decades. After her release in the early 1800's, Roni made her way to the United States, attending the Seneca Falls Convention in 1848. From there, she found herself wandering around the Great Lakes including the burgeoning cities of Ann Arbor and Kalamazoo, as well as the occasion visits to Chicago, Minneapolis and Milwaukee. She made herself a quiet but useful presence to the various Princes of the region, ready and willing to defend the Camarilla against lupines and Sabbat as needed. After several decades, Roni became involved with the plotting of an ambitious Malkavian named Mircea De Luna.

Roni has been in Mount Pleasant for as long as it has been a Camarilla city and perhaps longer. She made no secret of her close relationship to former Prince Mircea and the current Prince Jack Mitchel. She has battled Assamites, Settites, Sabbat, infernalists and Anarchs, all in the name of her Prince and city and as a result, has a very efficient manner when dealing with any of these "issues."

She has a very low tolerance for Camarilla members of clans outside the core seven though Mount Pleasant does boast more than its fair share of these individuals. Those who do not follow the Traditions in Mount Pleasant know well enough to stay clear of her because she takes her job incredibly seriously. She enjoys discussions of the evolution of Camarilla law but makes no secret that she has no flexibility in adherence to it.

Roni has traveled extensively and has never missed a local Toreador gathering, no matter what travesties are plaguing Mount Pleasant. She tends to be a quiet presence at any of these festivities and usually attends alone. She likewise has attended every Conclave since 1881, though she never weighs in on the "hot issues", merely observes the goings on.

When Jack seized praxis in November 2013, Roni was apparently supportive, though her attention was drawn to the murder and maiming of the former harpy Angelica Byrne of Brujah. Angelica had been kidnapped by Sabbat and her body was never properly recovered, as it was turned into a "leather" jacket by a Tzimisce. After much debate amongst the local Kindred including Angelica's elder Elijah Westfall and the not quite Prince then seneschal, as well as the Undertaker Byron, it was determined that Roni would retain custody of the former harpy's remains. She has not widely disclosed what she did with those remains after Elysium.

In December 2013, Samuel Vesper named Roni as servire during a small clan holiday party. Since that time, she has busied herself with the tasks she's been assigned, asking many Kindred a lot of questions, making a few wonder what she has been assigned to do. In March 2014, Roni surprised the court of Mount Pleasant by reclaiming the primogen seat for her clan when Prince Mitchel called for a Change of Seasons under his courtesies. The newly installed harpy Eris Sonatia immediately took notice of the abrupt change.

Over the spring and summer, Veronica prepared for a convocation for Prince Penzl in Milwaukee at the end of June. The event was initially fairly quiet but ended with lupines attacking the Gangrel Primogen and Veronica herself being Warned by the city's harpy. No one has seen her in the presence of Archon Samuel Vesper since that night.

The week before the gathering, Prince Jack Mitchel named her the city's Keeper of Elysium, ending her decades long tenure as the Sheriff of Mount Pleasant. In the months since Milwaukee, Veronica has been seen only in the company of those of her city and her patron Walter Jones.


Roni enjoys a wide variety of mediums, though seems to favor sculpture over most. Her current favorite is ice sculpture and she has been known to leave a work behind if she visits a city for more than a night in the right season. She has been known to accept commissions, for the right price. Roni's Art


  • Roni is far more typical Toreador than she lets on, keeping the majority of her artwork very private.
  • Roni was seen in the company of Jack Mitchel at the All Hallow's Eve Toreador Ball, somewhat out of the ordinary for her to bring a guest, leading some to believe he forced her take him as her +1...
  • Openly said "Praise Caine" while in Elysium in Grand Rapids.
  • Works in the shadows of the Ivory Tower to recruit for the Sabbat
  • Her family's particular branch of the Toreador Clan has a propensity for grabbing as many positions as they can for themselves as soon as they become available to feed their insatiable need for power and control.
  • After only recently being declared no longer Disgraced, she engaged in heresy. Something about killing an Archon and calling an elder prince an infernalist...
  • Add your rumors here.


  • "I have seen some of her collection and even I have to admit there is some beauty in her non-conventional pieces. The problem comes when Spring arrives and they start to melt." - Spencer remarking on her ice sculptures
  • "She is one of the hardest working Sheriffs that I know even helping out other domains that might be lacking the proper leadership and motivation." - Zoe De Medici
  • "Heh. Veronica is hard to get a read on. I think I know exactly what she needs... I just don't know anyone brave enough to give it to her." - David Clay
  • "I am captivated by her incredible talent at shaping ice. The ephemeral nature of her works adds a sublime element of poignancy to their beauty, and it is an unexpected choice of medium in light of the warmth I have glimpsed in her heart." - Franziskus Winter
  • "PRAISE CAINE!" - Veronica Devries, overheard in Grand Rapids.
  • "We understand each other's agendas. She's been valuable in her station and as a broker of information." -Erica Kain
  • "It's hard to believe your mother embraced someone so...petty." -Lydia Brooks
  • "My expectations have fallen...significantly the more I get to know her. I thought she was of higher caliber given her lineage." - Eris Sonatia
  • "Somewhat abrasive for a Rose, but I appreciate directness. You can not fault her determination in defense of the Tower. I would expect no less of one on whom my Brother has bestowed his favor." - The Venetian
  • (With a smirk) "Objects cannot be dominated."
  • "Roni is very reliable, why she's almost as sane as I am." - Lincoln Adams
  • "Veronica? Strong enough to survive the skirmishes to date but strong enough to survive the inferno that is coming? But she could surprise me, and arise from the flames stronger than she entered them...what's that? No, I don't think I'll put money on either side of this wager." - Goodman Goring
  • "My sweet V...she's trouble, she just doesn't know it yet. But that's what I'm here for. I remind her how to have fun." - Brigid
  • "She knew all the Greek words for love, and spoke of them at exactly the needed time." - Eileen Vargas
  • "Politeness and very observant, I wonder how far she can reach." - Jack Komnenos
  • In Old Norse "The Lady Freya shines through you, lovely one." ~ Rangvald Haskell, Scourge of Chicago
  • "Veronica alone understands the burden one bears when the sins of the sire cast a shadow upon all that you do." - Catherine Pershing
  • "All Kindred have utility and talent for something. The alignment of these things is a matter of perception and purpose, and wise Kindred development these. That Veronica Devries is perceptive is clearly evidenced in many ways; her art is one of the obvious products. If I had not found an alignment that proved her utility and talent, I would not have invested as heavily as I have." - Walter Jones, ak.a. Walter the Grey

Known Associates

OOC Information


Seeking Ties

Always looking for childer or grand-childer, etc. Willing to have worked historically for your character to create a special piece of art, mythological being one of her specialties. Feel free to email with suggestions. There is a lot of time to fill in her history.

Character Information
Clan: Toreador
Sect: Camarilla
City: Mt. Pleasant, MI
Player: Rebecca Stoner
Storyteller: Jayson Turner

Player Contact
Player: Rebecca Stoner
MES Number: US2003071903 Location: Mt. Pleasant, MI