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Character Information

Apocalypse PC

Player: Scott C.
Pack: Excelsior
Sept: Sept of the Eagle's Talons
Glory: ••••• ••••• •••••
Honor: ••••• ••••• ••
Wisdom: ••••• ••
Storyteller: Laura D.


Name: Victor Ashleigh Brooks-Trentham, the Lord Dawncrown, King of House Wyrmfoe

Breed: Homid

Auspice: Ahroun

Tribe: Silver Fangs

Rank: Elder

Positions: Sept Alpha, Pack Alpha

Territory: Warren Woods in Ashland, Massachusetts and the North Country Protectorate as King of House Wyrmfoe

Notes: Pure Breed 3, Natural Leader, Notable Heritage

Known to the Nation

Howls Heard

"If this is the best the B-grade villain here has to offer, insults and a complete lack of grace and fortitude, we should probably just move along to the incredibly painful death by silver." Victor, while standing over the captured Silver Fang-ikthya, <stricken from the Silver Record>.

"Spread out and take the flanks to avoid the slippery hide! Archers, target the eyes! Healers get your asses behind the shields! Spirits hold as reserve! Seal those breaches in the walls! Champions of Gaia, RISE AND FORWARD!" Victor, in the battle for Midnight Lightning.

"We did this once Mother Larissa's way, out of respect for her and the Park. The next time we meet Leech, we do it mine." Victor to the Vampire Prince of New York City.

"Now you face a Gaian King..." Victor to Zhyzhak, Black Spiral Legend, during battle.

"THIS IS THE SIGNAL!" Victor to his Septmates as he drops, aflame, three stories onto some vampires and their car.

"The Garou are Gaia's Warriors. We fight for Her, with every action, by every means, in every thought, until our last breath. It is the core of our being, to defend the material and the unseen worlds from all threats. Beyond reason, beyond measure...beyond hope. Without care for ourselves. In life and in death. Into what lies beyond, again and again, until the end of all things." Victor to the gathered Fera and Garou Council Summit.

"Something I've been saying for a while now, is that the Nation has been too much on the defensive. We keep our gloves up and counter-punch. We circle, take the hit on our haunch, and bite back when we can. I don't know about you, but I'm tired of playing off our back foot. Waiting for visions to tell us where and when someone is going to try to go for the guts, and we just get there in time to prevent a disaster. We know when they want to come and where. So we hit them first, hard, bad enough to make them choose just how fucked they want to be for a change. There must be targets- Septs, Spirits that would be just as devastating for them to lose. You can't run an army without a base, without allies. So we take a page from their book, and cram it right down their throats before they can come at us." Victor at the Hong Kong War Council.

A Rising Son

  • Born August 11, 1987 in Cambridge, MA.
  • First Change in 2002. Found by two members of the North Country Protectorate and brought there to learn about what he is and where he comes from.
  • 2003 - The Silver Fangs Ritual of Passage has remained unchanged for millennia. Handed down from Ritemaster to apprentice since we ran across the snows of the 'mother country' as one, undivided by Houses or Lodges. Victor walked in the shoes of his family's most influential Garou, including William who was the first to join the House of Wyrmfoe and even his grandfather who was responsible for the loss of the family's ancestral weapon. from the heady successes of his ancient forefathers to the slow decline of those who have recently held the Dawncrown name.
  • 2004 - Victor participates in the heaviest fighting of the Ratkin War in the North Eastern United States, earning the respect of many older Garou with his skill and leadership qualities. During the Garou's retreat from Boston, he fights a holding action with other young Garou survivors after they are cut off from the rest of their war party. Four nights of hell in the sewers deep beneath Boston were the first real forge of his young career. Severe injuries to some of the Cliaths, and depleted Gnosis among the few with healing skill, prevent the group from moving quickly or entering the Umbra. Victor refuses to leave them behind and pushes them onward. Finally, cornered in an old T junction, they make a last stand. Six hours of hit and fade attacks by the Ratkin leave the group exhausted and and near death. The arrival of a rescue party, led by the Alpha of the Eagle's Talons Sept, saves their lives. Despite being Garou, he and the other Cliaths require a long time to recover from their injuries.
  • Challenge for Fostern in 2006. Before the elders of the Sept departed for the dousing of the Red Star, Victor stood forth and challenged for the Rank of Fostern. He was told to approach each member of the Sept and request that they trust him with something they valued. If less than half of the Sept was willing to allow him something he would have failed the first part of his challenge. Then he was told how he would need to take the items he was given and carry them to the top of the peak upon which the Sept's totem, Eagle, made his home. And he must do all of this without taking any form other than the that of the Homid. Victor spoke with each of his septmates in turn, some were easy to convince for they had fought together in the Ratkin wars or sang together as wolves at Moots. Others required a kind word or a promise. Others would not be swayed and denied him. One rival gave him an item, a heavy glyph-carved stone. Victor counted his gifts and had more than half the number of Garou in the Sept by two items. Laden with all the valuables, the young Ahroun spent hours clambering up the side of the rockface in the dark of night. The heavy stone weighed on him, but the gifts of his friends were light. As the rays of the sun broke on the horizon, Victor pulled his bloodied body over the top of the stone outcropping and saw the Ritesmaster and the Ahroun Elder waiting for him. He stood and presented them with the items he had been given, including the heavy stone. The Ritesmaster nodded his head by said nothing, silently crediting the youth for taking stone of his rival even though he did not need it.
  • Victor spends several years toiling as a Guardian for the Sept of the Eagle's Talons, apprenticed to the Caern Warder in name, but kept at minor duties or sent on hazardous missions with little glory. His rise seemingly stunted by the Sept's leadership for reasons he cannot understand, the young Silver Fang does his duty in silence. Years later in the wake of the uncovered betrayal by the Sept's Alpha, Beta, Warder and others, it becomes clear that they feared he would grow too powerful and popular if allowed. After the traitors' subsequent defeat by the younger members of the Sept, Victor declares himself Alpha. Thought there are others of equal Rank, no challengers present themselves. He is accepted by the Caern's Totem spirit, Eagle with little difficulty. Victor begins to rebuild the depleted Sept and reforge the old spirit alliances which were once in place.
  • 2013 - Recovers Star-of-Morning, a Grand Klaive and ancestral blade of the Dawncrown line from the Umbra where it had been lost. Meets and falls in love with Esther Marlowe, Kinfolk of House Gleaming Eye. His personal reputation swells within the nation, even as his former superiors predicted.
  • Challenges Deacon Kennedy of the First Tribe for Adren in 2013 and succeeds after learning several valuable lessons in leadership. His challenge of not being allowed to raise his hand in battle and allow others the opportunity to learn and face danger was difficult for the Ahroun who leads from the front. However he was able to gather members of different tribes and packs, coordinate them, and set them to a series of tasks. The result was the defeat of a threat of the Wyrm, the cleansing of a tainted place, and the recovery of a Wyld spirit who was near destruction. The spirit now watches over Victor's Seat within the Bawn, granting the touch of growth and life to the place despite the season.
  • Leads a war party against the Wyrm in the Action Bill Studios battle. Strikes the deathblow against the massive two-headed dragon-formori and claims the trophy to honor Eagle.
  • Forms Excelsior, a multi-tribal war pack under Eagle's auspices.
  • Becomes Warleader of the multi-Sept defense of a newly rediscovered Caern in Albany, New York. No Garou lives are lost in the brief conflict despite overwhelming Wyrm forces due to his planning and leadership of the defenses. Victor takes responsibility when late arriving Elders attempt to claim negligence in dealing with the Veil. Though he is forced to endure a shaming Rite, the Silver Fang's actions instead win many allies and friends among those present for being willing to stand up for them. The Sept of the Long Watch is reestablished at the Caern and some of the Garou pledge to move there to defend it, motivated by his selfless actions.
  • Challenges Queen Tamara Tvarivich, Sovereign of Clan Crescent Moon in late June of 2014 for the Rank of Athro. Due to a debt of honor between them, and in memory of his lost kinsman High King Jonas Albrecht, the Elder waives the normal restrictions of a challenging a person of much higher station. This does not prevent the Monarch from testing the young Alpha harshly. After time spent among the members of Clan Crescent Moon, the Ahroun is able to learn enough about what he must face to strike out into the wilds of the Ural mountains. The journey is long and dangerous. Eventually he finds the location where his challenge is to occur. He enters a cave where a powerful spirit resides that has been capturing and feeding from the misery of Silver Fangs and their Ancestor spirits. Victor too is captured and tortured for weeks in an Umbral Realm before he is able to escape and defeat the spirit. Doing so releases several lost ancestor spirits of the Tribe, and he is able to bear the names of many lost Garou back to Clan Crescent Moon. His challenge successful, the Queen confers the rank of Athro upon him.
  • Victor leads his Sept to cleanse a newly formed Pit and the Hives that protect it. The Alpha of the Black Spiral Dancers is pregnant with a corrupted spirit child and soon to give birth to a powerful wyrmspawn, which visions to the Sept's seers had foretold would have dire consequences if allowed to occur. The combined packs slay a Thunderwyrm and several larvae in the tunnels, collapsing the earth with elementals to block pursuit. The packs then confront the matriarch of the Wyrmhowlers and her guards in front of a dark altar. Trapped by the riddles of their Bastet ally Ella Ashcoat, the enemy Alpha and her remaining Spiral and Fomori are forced to fight the Gaians. The guards are slain in a pitched battle, and before she can give birth to her corrupted child, she is killed.
  • Fights alongside other scions of the First Tribe against the forces of the Wyrm in Nashville, TN. Assists with forming the leadership council of the Athro of the Nation.
  • On December 6th, 2014 Victor Dawncrown completed the Rite of Kingship within the Silver Fang Tribal Homeland. He was crowned King of House Wyrmfoe before a gathering of the House, luminaries of the Tribe, and in a sign of the future renowned members of other Tribes were in attendance as well.
  • In December of 2014, Victor Dawncrown came to the rescue of a number of his sept, and fought off a Nexus Crawler, cutting off its legs and leaving it to retreat back into the hole it came from.
  • In January of 2014, Victor led a small contingent of Garou to defend the Eastern Bawn of the Sept of the Golden Door. Among their number are renowned Garou Sabine Silver-Swift, Cacophony-of-Secrets, and Pari Forakis. They defeat many corrupted spirits, sending more fleeing from their claws and klaives. Ursula "Mother-Bear" of the Uktena binds a powerful Bane of Lies into a piece of jewelry, to be later interrogated by the Sept. None of the war pack take any serious wounds, and the area is cleansed by both Rite and Totemic Charms.
  • Victor joins the Pathwalker pack and Ella Ashcoat in the hunt to find the lost Grand Klaive of the Shadow Lord Tribe, Midnight Lightning. It is determined that the fetish lies mired in the maw of an ancient monster, a dragon. After a long journey through the Umbra and material world, battling undead and other creatures, and solving ancient puzzles they find the lair of the dragon. A ferocious battle ensues, even as the creature attempts to drown the Garou and Fera by breaching the walls of its own underground home. Victor gives orders for the fight before standing toe to toe with the monster. As he hold's back the jaws, Shadow Lord Cacophony-of-Secrets tears the blade free and deals a mortal wound to it. The head of the dragon now adorns the Seat at the Sept of the Eagle's Talons, beside that of the draconic formor Victor slew in San Antonio.
  • In the middle of winter's fury Victor Dawncrown travels to the Sept of Falling Jewels. There he Challenges Tears of Gaia, one of the few remaining Elders of the Tribe and the House. Cryptic prophecies and visions from the Tribe's patron Totem guide Victor along his challenge. Along the way his honor, loyalty, and commitment to family, Tribe, and true justice are tried in numerous ways. Spirits and Elders of the Nation both assist and test him, until he stands forged into a strong and tempered leader of the Nation.
  • In March of 2015, Victor joins a War Council established to fend off the impending assault of the Nightmaster on the upcoming Solar Eclipse. He leads a force of Garou in the defense of Hyperion's Citadel. As the Council predicted, this turns out to be a feint by the Abyssal mastermind, and only his Shadow Pack makes an appearance. Despite being weakened by a Corax ritual, the dark pack puts up stiff resistance, enough to delay the Garou from gaining their Moon Bridges to the other sites before the Nightmaster's final shadow packmate is able to dissolve them. Returning to his Sept along with the rest of those Eagle's Talons who followed him, they discover the effects of the dark rituals have spread across the world. Searching for the darkness-wielding vampires, Shadow-spirits, and corrupted wizards, the Sept of the Eagle's Talons disrupts the plans of Nightmaster's forces. After fighting off an attack on the Sept and an attempt to steal its Pathstone, the Garou rally to hunt the remaining Leeches and their strange allies. Victor leads his pack into battle, and destroys a number of the creatures. The main body of Nightmaster's minions slain, the remainder are tracked to their lair and wiped out. The strange wizard who was led their dark rites seemingly fell to Victor's Klaive despite his potent arcane spells; his purpose never fully revealed. With his death and the site's cleansing, the veil over Helios parted and Nightmaster's plans were foiled in the King's territory.
  • April 2015 sees Victor travel with the Fera Ella Ashcoat to Atlanta, to assist the gathered Garou against an oncoming siege by the Wyrm's Forces. Many other luminaries of the Nation were present and close to a hundred Garou stood ready to repel the attacks. The powerful spirit Terminus led the assault for the Wyrm, his power so great that only by allying with spirits and gaining their favor could the near-Incarna be harmed. A great flesh and steel train in three sections, Terminus withstood the ferocity of the Garou for hours. Until at last his last section was destroyed by Victor's claws. The spirit's essence was stolen in that moment by an unknown enemy, for their own nefarious purpose. There was no rest of the Garou however, as teams broke up to spread throughout the city in order to beat back the Wyrm's soldiers. Victor's team rescued a group of children from a pack of veteran Wyrmhowlers, slaying one of them after he put the rest of their fallen pack to flight with the Gifts of the First Tribe. However, in that moment of victory, they were informed that the previously believed deceased High King, Jonas Albrecht had returned. Apparently having betrayed the Nation to the Wyrm, the fallen King was taken into custody. Before more could be done word reached the Alphas that the Legend Black Spiral Dancer, Zhyzhak approached the city. Victor and Son-of-Liberty, Elder of the Fianna, led the march to face her. Despite the prophecy surrounding the last Gaian King, and her terrifying prowess, the combined might of the Garou were able to defeat her. Victor struck the first telling blow, and at his command her totemic form was stripped away with a Wyrmscale Talen. Though she was rescued by a powerful ally, the Black Spiral Dancer was forced to flee the field and the mantle of Green Dragon was stripped from her. The Wyrm's forces were dealt several blows.
  • May 2015, Victor accompanies a number of Garou to the Scar to complete an Elder Challenge. The tale is told here-| Howl of Victory
  • June 2015, the Silver Fang King attends the Tribal Solstice Moot. Important matters of the Tribe are discussed and honored Falcon appears to disperse wisdom to one of his children. The Revel and Hunt find the warriors of the Tribe in pitched battle against forces of the Wyrm. It is discovered that they possess powerful corruption spewing military-grade weaponry, and despite slaying many of the enemy, it is decided to withdraw rather than stand and take severe losses.
  • August 2015, Victor leads combined packs of Sept of Falling Waters and Sept of the Eagle's Talons in battle against a Wyrm-tainted amalgam spirit. As large and powerful as a Thunderwyrm, they are able to defeat the creature without losing any Garou, though many are badly wounded in the fighting. Using the last reserves of his strength the Silver Fang is able to strike the final blow, while the Theurges present drain its power so it cannot reform elsewhere.
  • September 2015, Victor stands as one of the leaders in the defense of Hong Kong's Sept against the Mechanical Awakening's full fury. He and his warriors defend Man Mo Temple, discovering a pocket of the Umbra which leads to a curious anomaly in the Flux realm. Repelling the invaders, the fight moves to the Silicon Sentinel Homeland, where he and a group of handpicked Silver Fangs, Black Furies, Silicon Sentinels, and other heroes force their way into the heart of the enemy. With the arrival of Queen LaCoix's Alaskan forces, Victor is able to break through the Awakening's lines and slay one of their leaders in single combat. The tale is told here | An Ending For All Things
  • September 2015, in the desert of Nevada Dawncrown works with other Elders to save a Caern which is stuck out of time. The Caern is successfully saved and dedicated to Balance. However, a number of scandals are called against those who led, Victor among them. Eventually the Elder Council called for him will determine that while he took no actions which violated the Litany, he tarnished his good name and reputation. The Silver Fang does not contest their decision, though no Galliards come forward to ask him of the tale or what happened to cause him to make the choices he did.
  • Late Fall 2015, the Silver Fang participates in skirmishes against the Wyrm's forces in both his home Sept and elsewhere. Leeches, followers of the corrupt Ratkin Deathclaw, and Black Spiral Dancers are defeated soundly in each battle he participates in.
  • December 2015, King Dawncrown calls for Septs and Packs to face the Nightmaster's forces at Elkwater Lake in Alberta, Canada. Many Septs all across the Nation heed the call and an army of Garou and their allies materializes to fight. Victor stands as War Leader, mapping the general strategy of the campaign while individual Septs are left to decide their own tactics. The victory of the Garou forces is impressive, decimating Nightmaster's unprepared forces on the first day and driving them back, until the sun sets and the near-Celestine takes the field. The pattern repeats on the second day, with the Garou shattering levels of the Citadel of Night and slaughtering those forces remaining outdoors. When the fortress is broken, the Shadow Lord Tribe's plan succeeds in weakening the Nightmaster by slaying his Avatar. Bound by the very magics he had sought to use to usurp the sun, the Enemy is trapped by the Garou army until sunrise, when Helios himself smites the pretender. The Battle for Elkwater is won, and the traitor is slain along with dozens of powerful minions and leaders of the Wyrm's forces. | The Battle of Elkwater's Conclusion
  • March 2016, Attends the funeral of a Tribemate and member of House Wyrmfoe at the Sept of the Tor. After speaking with the totems Falcon and Eagle, he elevates Valyria Hunt-Morningkill to the Rank of Elder and names her Courage Unending in honor of her sacrifice in the battle which claimed her life but also allowed for the birth of a new Caern.
  • May 2016, Victor Dawncrown is among those who enters the Legendary Realm in order to defeat the great dragon Anthelios. He stands as Eldest Ahroun and Warleader upon arrival with the other Elders of each Auspice so that decisions and plans can be made. Among the choices he makes, is the one to give the telling of the story related to the First Tribe to a young and untested scion of the Silver Fangs, from a lineage which has fallen into disrepute. Gemma Campbell acquits herself spectacularly, telling a story which stirs the hearts of all present and perhaps even the Realm itself. After the battle she is named "Dawn Will Come" and brought into the Silver Fang Tribe in a ceremony witnessed by all the assembled. Victor is among the vanguard who charges the monstrous spirit first, and together with the Black Furies Demetra and Death From the Trees, Silver Fangs He Who Shines the Way and Queen Sabine LaCoix, and many others, defeat the enemy and protect the Legendary Realm's existence.
  • September 2016, Answering Broken Halo of the Children of Gaia's call Dawncrown journeys to the Bayou of Louisiana. Amidst the confusion, it is learned by Antonis Popadokis King of House Wise Heart, that enemies are on the march to destroy this piece of unspoiled Gaia. While other discussions occur centering around the supposedly reappeared Silver Crown, Victor organizes scouts to track down what is happening, as well as those with connections to the Dark Umbra to discover if the visions of an army of the dead are true. From the Ragabash and Bastet, Ella Ashcoat, threat is determined to be a massive Wyrm-corrupted reptilian creature which is performing a kind of blasphemous rite that is set to destroy the Wyld lands of the Bayou, and the Garou meeting within them. The creature lairs within the underwater shell of the poisoned wreckage of the Deepwater Horizon platform. Leaving Broken Halo to muster the defenders of meeting grounds, Dawncrown organizes three packs to disrupt the ritual and defeat the creature and its minions. After seeking last minute oracular advice from Tundra Stalker of the Fenrir, Victor gives Broken Halo updated information about how best to defend the swampland and not to concentrate all their forces. Then, he and Queen Sabine LaCoix, among others move to do battle with the enemy. After a protracted conflict, but without loss of Garou life, the creature is killed and the ritual's expansion halted. The two Silver Fangs turn their attentions to the land and sea itself, gaining insight into what had happened far in the past and why the creature had risen to threaten the land. After setting Galliards to the task of recording the battle and what was learned, Dawncrown was made aware that the Silver Crown had indeed revealed itself to his fellow monarch, Sabine. The two met in conversation, with the decision being made that the Crown which had been revealed to be an object of great power related to the renewing of the Cycle, would be given to Falcon to hold in trust for the Tribe until needed. And that Victor intended to contest Queen LaCoix for the position of Alpha of the Council of the Nation's leaders which was to be formed.
  • September 2016, Victor departs the hot swamps of the Bayou and returns to his Sept where he and others have answered the call of the Fenrir to do battle with their ancient foes the Jotun. His own Sept's Beta has a personal quest relating to his challenge for Elder. Having consulted with Falcon and Philodox of House Wyrmfoe on how best to proceed, Victor honors his oaths to the Fenrir Tribe who have come each time he has called for assistance in the past by joining the fight, but must take no direct hand in aiding the challenger with his own mission. Success greeted their campaign though Victor and his warriors were far from the main group. Excelsior fought against a massive frost wyrm to keep it from the center of battle. Victor slew one of the old brood of Jormanjundr, with his packmates proving their worth once again. Together they were victorious, and with no losses. The King claimed the head as another dragon trophy to adorn the Seat of Eagle's Talons.
  • October 2016, After returning to his Sept, Dawncrown feels a call to travel to the Deep Umbra. Disturbed by much of what he has seen and heard from the Nation, and what was said by some in New Orleans, he seeks answers among the eddies and currents of Gaia's power. Cut off from contact for some time, he is not seen or heard from for weeks, not even his own pack can reach him.

Notable Heritage


Name: Dawncrown

Sigil: Glyph for 'Helios' flanked on both sides by 'Fang' and above by 'Warder'

Motto: Surgite et Deinceps (Rise and Forward)

History: The Dawncrown line began as a small household under the Ahroun Silver Fang, Akar Herald-of-Morn. For many years they existed as a minor but pure blooded lineage of the First Tribe. Like their founder, they displayed a penchant for battlefield heroics, outspokenness in devotion to Helios, and terrible wrath when they believed themselves wronged. Headstrong and proud, they could be counted on to hold the line against the Wyrm and to speak out against any decrees they disagreed with, even when this put the Dawncrowns on the wrong side of a disagreement with others of the Tribe. Their devotion to fairness, the law, and Gaia's will, won them not a few enemies among the other families of Silver Fangs, but the respect of other Tribes such as the Fenrir, Black Furies, and Fianna. It also caused a them to have relationships with Shadow Lords that either formed strong alliances or forged hated enmities.


It came to pass that the last and youngest of the Great Houses of the First Tribe, House Wyrmfoe, began to form under the direction of their Totem Falcon. Garou from many of the older Houses, who had always carried the seed of Wyrmfoe back to the time when all Silver Fangs ran together as one, joined together under Eagle and a new King. The family of Dawncrown, now much larger, pledged themselves to House Wyrmfoe and threw itself with all vigor into the fledgling House's battles against the Enemy.

In modern times, the family lies only a few heartbeats from being wiped out. The constant battles with the Wyrm whittled down their numbers, and the combination of the Dousing of the Red Star, the attacks on the Elders, the Ratkin War, among other events have killed all but one true-bred Werewolf and his son, who prophecy says will likewise stand as Garou. Aside from them, a small number of Kin who are carefully guarded, are all that remain of this line. Never vast to begin with, there are few enough left to continue the line.

Victor Dawncrown's recent successes leave those that remain with hope that the glory of their former days can be restored.

House: Wyrmfoe
The most modern tribal House, Wyrmfoe is known for its mavericks: its bold and individualistic kings. They rely more on their own instinct and wits than on tradition. Victor has become the latest of the House's monarchs and continued to embody the traits for which the youngest and largest of the Silver Fang Houses is known.

Immediate Family

(Removed), Paternal grandfather (Deceased)
Roger Trentham, Father (Deceased)
Emily Brooks, Mother (Deceased)
Esther Marlowe, Mate and Kin to House Gleaming Eye
Landon Alerion Marlowe-Trentham, son and heir

Ancestral Blade and Klaviscar Style

Star-of-Morning has been passed down from scion to scion, along with the title Lord Dawncrown, through many years and across mulitple continents. It has functioned as a symbol of one of the founding families of House Wyrmfoe's dedication to honoring their Silver Fang ancestors, to bringing glory in the constant battle against the Wyrm and its minions, and to wisely leading the other Tribes of the Garou Nation.

Appearance: A long-handled sword with a wide, thick silver blade, about two feet in length. The crossguard and pommel are chased in gold with glyphs of honor and glory amidst sun motifs. The blade bears the glyphs of the Dawncrown family and the Grand Klaive's name upon one side, Eagle, Falcon, Helios and Luna etched on the other. The scabbard is plain but well-made, able to be worn on hip or back easily.


Seoldóm Klaviscar ('Judgement of Silver' Klaive Dueling Style)

Founded by the members of the Dawncrown family long ago, this style emphasizes defensive maneuvers followed by massive counterattacks. It favors a method of drawing the opponent to attack, then finding the correct moment to deliver decisive and powerful arcs, sometimes at the cost of receiving wounds in return. Seoldóm requires a very strong will, as the practitioner will often be struck in the course of delivering the heavy slashes and lunges the style teaches.

Many have incorrectly thought that the name refers to the opponents of the Dawncrowns' being 'judged'. In fact, it actually refers to the practitioner's own worthiness. The burden of being a Klaive-bearer, of choosing when to fight and when to kill, is the central tenet of its teachings. Preparing Seoldómiste for the moment when they must deliver death to their enemies, and enduring both the pain of wounds and the pain of ending the lives of other Garou.


Watched over by Andor, Jaggling avatar of Eagle.

What Others Say

"Victor is cool." - Caw
"Hey Boss, I may have broke it...." - Last Call
"Having his attention on you as a freshly blooded warrior is intimidating." - Pegasus' Price
"I have met him a couple of times. However, before I have even met him... I had heard his name spoken on many lips before this. I look forward to watching him further." - Ray "Serpentsbane" Fullbringer
"He is the best of us, what more can I say." - Lord Alexander Blackwinter
"I have now met him on several occasions. He can be stubborn. But, he has strength of character. I can see why so many follow him." - Ray "Serpentsbane" Fullbringer
"I've never been much of a follower, but this one...this one I was proud to follow." - Aisling O'Gara
"Dawncrown and I are what Albrecht and Konietzko could have been. We are the future of this Nation's leadership. And we will be the men it so desperately needs." = Omengazer
"I'm totally not gay. But if I were gay, I'd be super glad that two dudes can't mate. He's got the swankest hair in the Garou Nation. Kat Williams style. Don't hate him cause his hair's luxurious. You know it is." Ghost Writer
"King Dawncrown, a man of many tales and even more rumors both grand and bold. It is said a king must make sacrifices that normal men could not fathom. I guess we'll find out if that holds true." Alvarez
"If you, Dawncrown-rhya, are going to be King, you will have to go through a Morningkill to take the crown. I... no, this wolf does not want you to negotiate and politic to be King. This wolf needs you to establish your dominance over this House. This wolf wants you... to succeed in this challenge. Then, and only then, this wolf will bare his throat, and call you Alpha..." He Who Shines the Way

The Spirits Whisper

Victor Knows how to Laugh! Its true!
He has a magic silver spoon that makes money!
Victor is secretly a genius. He just doesn't show off his smarts to keep the Theurges from feeling bad.
Young Garou have died under his command, and their passings have never been mentioned. Or at least, not acknowledged publicly.
Add your rumors here!

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