Viggo Svard

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Accord PC

Player: Philip Wortman
Creature Type: Forsaken Rahu Bloodtalons
Division: none

Werewolf the forsaken2.png Auspice-rahu.png Tribe blood talons.png Accord.png

Character Information

Name: Viggo Svard aka Bard, Surtr

First Tongue Names: Susuru'ur

Age: 77 (Appears mid 30's)

Creature Type: Forsaken

Title or Positon:

Auspice: Rahu

Tribe: Blood Talons

Lodge: Lodge of the Fury Choir


  • Purity: 5
  • Glory: 5
  • Wisdom: 2
  • Honor: 2
  • Cunning 2

Cell: Status 3 [| Le Pac du Ombre]

Division: None

Subdivision: None

Renown (What Wolves know)


  • Resisting Death rage due to Aggravated Damage
  • Resisting Death rage due to Betrayal
  • Hunted with a Pack for 4 years
  • Routed a Pack of Pure from their territory and gave the territory to a Pack of Forsaken
  • Joined the Lodge of the Fury Choir


  • Defeat of a Spirit-claimed human
  • Defeat of equally skilled opponent in a match dedicated to his Tribe
  • Defeat of a Jaggling
  • Defeat of a Pack of Pure
  • Jumping through a portal chasing a mage, then falling to the ground (1 mile drop) and surviving without supernatural assistance


  • Discovery of a Locus
  • Maintaining a Locus and growing the Locus in Power (size 3)


  • Fulfilling one's duty to the pack for one month
  • Carrying out a month’s duty and had to fight


  • Maintaining a Human identity for a month without alerting the Herd
  • Maintaining a human identity for a year without alerting the Herd

Operation Participation

Operation: Hive Breaker Operation: Lightbulb

Appearance and Personality

Hishu (Man): A well-built, heavy set man, 6'0 tall with brown eyes and dark brown hair. If bare chested, a scar is over his heart as if it was clawed out, numerous other slash and bite scars cover his body, and there is a tattoo on his back of a circle with two arrows pointing out and downward in opposite directions (Specialty in Werewolves means Lodge of the Fury Choir).

Dalu (Near-Man):

Gauru (War-form): Dark Brown/Black fur with dark grey highlights, prominent Silver/grey tattoo appears in the fur on back and dark grey spiral tattoo down arm

Urshul (Dire Wolf):

Urhan (Wolf): Black fur, dark grey/brown highlights with bright yellow eyes, a dark grey/silver "/\" on his back and dark spiral down front right leg to dark grey paw.

Personality: Piss him off and find out

Pack, Associates, and Enemies


  • Steelhowl
  • Runs with Knives

I am a Wolf, my pack is my Family

Associates & Friends

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Neither Ally nor Enemy


  • Elizabeth R. Hallow - For threats against his Cell and Family, instigating gang warfare, disrespect will not be tolerated

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Blow - Theory of a Deadman
Behind Me Lies Another Fallen Soldier - As I Lay Dying
Forsaken - As I Lay Dying
100 Ways to Hate (remix) - Five Finger Death Punch
Bad Company - Five Finger Death Punch
Holy Diver - Killswitch Engage
Hail to the King - Avenged Sevenfold
Lift Me Up - Five Finger Death Punch
Trenches - Pop Evil
Freak Like Me - Halestorm
The Last Crusade - Epica
Cry for the Moon - Epica

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Ties Sought

  • Pretty much anything