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“Remember, my friend, that knowledge is stronger than memory, and we should not trust the weaker." — Bram Stoker, Dracula.

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"Memoriam vestri facio."

Camarilla Uber Allez


Authority, Commander, Sovereign as Prince
Confirmed, Established, Privileged as Elder


House Tremere




Elena Hellenbach
Wilhelm Dietmayer
Gawain Croy

Grand Childer:
Zachariah White
Jake McNeily

The Legend

History Viktor.jpg

Viktor was born Romanian nobility in 1225, in a time when the Magyar had swept through the Land beyond the Forest and were becoming dominant over the native aristocrats. His family was one of the few that remained in power, and walked a delicate political tightrope that the young Viktor inherited at an early age. By 1252 Viktor was well educated and well positioned, he had been blessed with a wife and daughter, as well as the alliances of several local lords. Unfortunately, Viktor's success had caught more eyes than the mortal aristocracy he had been so carefully cultivating, and he in turn became the target of cultivation.

As the Omen War raged out of sight of mortal kind, both sides fought for advantage over their sworn foes, and sensing the Tzimisce's growing interest in strengthening mortal influences, Clan Tremere, decided to take initiative under the watchful guidance of Celestyn. Viktor found himself seized from the life he knew and thrust into the Kindred world under the banner of House and Clan.

Viktor's education began in Ceoris under his sire, but he was no longer the man he had been in life. He took quickly to the study of Thuamaturgy, and found himself drawn to it's more martial applications. After serving the Clan in several war coteries against the Fiends he was transferred out of his sire's eye to various chantries in Transylvania, where he furthered his education in the destructive applications of magic.

He eventually was transferred back to Ceoris and stayed on until the main chantry was transferred to Vienna in the 1500s. There he was tasked to serve more diplomatic pursuits in addition to his continued Thuamaturgical research. Amongst Kindred social circles of the city he was a friendly, yet distant face.

Viktor was transferred once more outside Vienna in 1902, where he remained until a mysterious haven fire drove him from the city along with it's Tremere presence in 1999. After some months of speculation he appeared again in San Francisco, apparently under orders, and engaged it's former Seneschal and clan mate in magical combat in which Viktor, with the aid of his childer, emerged victorious. Viktor then set about hunting the former Prince of San Francisco for her crimes against the city, and after leading a small group of Kindred to her haven once again was victorious. He has since quietly served as Seneschal to the new Prince Occam.

More recently, Viktor has been called to Seattle, where he had assumed the role of Primogen and then Sheriff.

Now he stands as Prince of Seattle.

Notes Viktor.jpg

Viktor dot2.jpgJoined The Glass Pyramid in 1999 after his chantry was burnt to the ground.

Viktor dot2.jpg(Tremere only) Stands as Regent of the Sixth Circle of Mysteries in Seattle.

Viktor dot2.jpgPrince of Seattle.

Viktor dot2.jpgFormer Seneschal of San Francisco.

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Pithy Text 2. Viktor dot.jpg"I do not know what drives my being now, I walk as the shadow of the Thaumaturge I once was, searching for forgiveness that can not exist for creatures such as I."Viktor Cantemir, circa 2001
Viktor dot.jpg"I shall know each piece of you and the magic that holds it together, for progression can only be found in study, and you shall make the most interesting study."Viktor Cantemir, circa 1802
Viktor dot.jpg"More often than not Viktor Cantemir allows his valuable time to be wasted with value-less endeavors. It is a pity such a brilliant mind for research, and sorcery endures the follies of failed experiments." - Elena Hellenbach
Viktor dot.jpg"They say hearts change. But is it better to be the Wizard, all powerful and feared, or risk the inherent tragedy and doom associated with being the noble Prince?" said Ligeia Loxley, staring ponderously out the window.
Viktor dot.jpg"Even when I first came into the House, his was already a name steeped in fear and legend. The Scourge of Ceoris was said to be a cold and calculating wizard. The only thing more perilous than being the subject of his anger was to be the object of his curiosity. So I hope it is not unmanly of me to admit that when he first approached me, I felt a thrill of fear. I see in him now a noble struggle that perfectly encapsulates the battle within Clan Tremere: old versus new; tradition versus progress. For all our sakes, I pray he keeps to the difficult road before him."Captain Sawyer
Viktor dot.jpg"He's changed, and I don't know if it's for the better. The tower may come to need the hard edge back."Zachariah White
Viktor dot.jpg"..."Dieci
Viktor dot.jpg"When I arrived in San Francisco this man put his faith in me. He recruited me, backed me, and guided me to become the outstanding Camarilla member I am now. Without him, I would be subjected to an undeserving scrutiny. As I learn more about his compromising past, the more I am fascinated by him. One cannot change their past, but Viktor has truly shown me that the past is just that... history. "Alister MacArthur
Viktor dot.jpg"For someone with the whole aloof cast-in-shadows-ominous-music-playing-while-he-cackles-evil-evil-evil image, he's really quite approachable. I'd say he's done a fantastic job as... as... Seneschal since he came to the city."" — Soleil Savant
Viktor dot.jpg"At first I thought he'd be like every other authority figure I've seen, but I'm glad to say I've been mostly surprised. Though it's still kind of annoying to have to translate my reports into medieval terminology."Alice Covington
Viktor dot.jpgIf we had met sooner, we would have blazed a jagged trail into Hell. Ironic, then, that together we shall tread a path toward heaven... or at least, help one another out of the flame."Tamerlane
Viktor dot.jpg"We do not know each other well, but we have found ourselves in the same place on more than one occasion. His name always manages to catch my ear."Desdemona Gonzaga
Viktor dot.jpg"I am told Herr Cantemir was once a great and terrible figure. I am also told that he is a changed man, seeking absolution for crimes long past. If such is true, then I do not envy the Wizard his flagellation. For if one is truly repentant, then one must be willing to pay the price. And should Herr Cantemir require my assistance he has, of course, but to ask."Einhardt Wagner
Viktor dot.jpg"It is important to see someone who was once so power mad and vicious proving that ethical behavior is the ultimate key to vampiric prosperity."Richard Adams
Viktor dot.jpg"I'd like to say that Viktor's forgotten more about Kindred history than most ancillae know, only that son of a gun doesn't forget anything. Go on, ask him about the what's-it with the Gargoyles and the who's-it with the Golem War. Omen War? Something War. Love that guy."Occam
Viktor dot.jpg"Throughout the years Viktor and I have crossed each other’s paths several times, if only on the periphery. And I’ve noticed above all else that Viktor has learned the ever imperative lesson of how the kindred spirit is not always a thing of stasis, and that if you shatter the mold you can change. But the question always remains, was the change for the better? Helena Martell
Viktor dot.jpg"I have a professional fondness for the Tremere, one that stems from centuries of sharing a city with them. It is unfortunate that this particular Tremere should have caused so much tragedy and fear. More than that, it is unfortunate that he brought it into my home."Viveka von Daun
Viktor dot.jpg"Why does the tax treat the insidious burst? The attempt reports the run. The numberless teaching initiates the woman, small butterfly unifys the water. Attempting exercise screams the spiritual offer.""Charlie"
Viktor dot.jpg"Viktor Cantemir is what he is. I do not care what mien he shows the world, in his bones, in his soul, he is old guard Tremere; ruthless, implacable, cunning. When that comes out, and it will, the only real question his present contemporaries should ask is which will prevail? The solitary lion or the flock of lambs."Arden
Viktor dot.jpg"Viktor is very wise. He reminds me of a Professor I once had."Charlotte Mikaelson
Viktor dot.jpg"Viktor may not understand modern technology, but as least he understands that he doesn't understand modern technology."Arthur "Anon" Campori
Viktor dot.jpg"I am uncertain how close to keep Viktor because I don't know how much of a friend or foe he is."Nicholas Loring
Viktor dot.jpg"When interacting with beings as old as Mr. Cantemir one would be wise to be on one's best behavior. Notwithstanding his long and terrifying history, however, I choose to trust him as one who has seen the path to a better future."A. Winchester
Viktor dot.jpg"Yes. I am aware of him."Benjamin Baker Chapel
Viktor dot.jpg"If war makes monsters of men, then what does it do to our kind? It is my hope that Elder Cantemir is the example that we can rise above the horror of what we have done for the betterment of us all. "David Daniel Steiner
Viktor dot.jpg"I've spent many a wasted night debating ideas with this well thought out man. Well then again, now that I think about it, I wouldn't consider those nights wasted at all."Thomas Edwin Thayne
Viktor dot.jpg"Viktor Cantemir? We seldom see to eye-to-eye on anything. Yet I cannot help but admire him. I find his austerity quite profound. Some might describe this as forbidding or severe. I find this comforting. The lion does not smile at you out of adoration..."Innocenzo Di Santis
Viktor dot.jpg"I see and understand what Viktor is, part of me wonders how he keeps so calm. There is another part that wishes to know the secret."David Heath
Viktor dot.jpg"Viktor...Canturbury? Name rings a bell, maybe. Ahh, I'm pretty sure he's one ah dem fancy pants magicky wizard wanna-be's, panties all up in a bunch, you know the sort. Hahaha nah, I'm kiddin'! I know Viktah Cantemir. Quiet guy, monotone, studious, I guess. Pick your adjective for a old scary whatsit, and you got him pegged."Sybil Giovanni
Viktor dot.jpg"He was once as crafty and clear-sighted as any Tremere could be. I was glad to call him an ally, even if I did grant him the respect of watching my back when I was around him. I have faith he will return to what he was once he realizes the foolishness of his current wanderings."Zahra Blanc
Viktor dot.jpg"Wise council given freely is the rarest of coin. With Victor, I happily find my purse full to bursting."Vincenza Longhena
Viktor dot.jpg"Viktor is the epitome of everything kindred should strive to be in this life. He is calculating, proficient, and always three steps ahead. All fondness aside, I know there is a dragon in there somewhere; biding its time before it is forced to emerge. I look forward to the day I can meet this Dragon of the West."Violette de Leoncourt
Viktor dot.jpg"Mister Cantemir understands my struggle better than anyone. This has caused me more than one sleepless day."Evelyn Atwood
Viktor dot.jpg"...there we stood in a burning school, facing down one of the darkest of the Tzimisce's creations side by side, where failure meant death and perhaps even the fall of the Masquerade itself. The creature burned hotter than the sun, Elder Cantemir's wrath demonstrated most ably..."Cross
Viktor dot.jpg"All great things must first wear terrifying and monstrous masks in order to inscribe themselves on the hearts of humanity. All greater things keep true to the monstrosity. Perhaps one day, Viktor will understand who he is."Constance Fournier
Viktor dot.jpg"Our dance is only just begun."Orenna Komnenos
Viktor dot.jpg"There are many reasons why I value my friendship with the Glass Pyramid so highly, and Viktor is chief among them."Enid Markson
Viktor dot.jpg"We used to have an awful relationship. He'd plan or do something terrible. I'd come after him. We'd fight. I'd wind up killing his mooks, or his monsters, or his ghouled monkeys. He'd get away, usually with a dramatic flourish. He'd be frustrated and out a bunch of resources. I'd be frustrated and bloody. Things are better now...Yeah. Yeah, ghouled monkeys. And the orangutan. And the rhino, and the...look, just don't bring up the spider monkey, okay? He's probably still really sore about that."Tyler Vaughn
Viktor dot.jpg"The Viktor I see at Seattle court is not the Viktor I know and remember. I haven't decided if this is who he has become or if he keeps his old self somewhere deep within. Either way, this one values my abilities more than the last so who am I to complain."Valeria Vasko
Viktor dot.jpg"Elder Cantemir is by far one of the most dedicated individuals I have ever met. I am curious what would befall us should his dedication be directed in a less... productive path. Thankfully, for now, the Tower benefits from his efforts."Thomas Blackwell
Viktor dot.jpg"Over-reaching, Self-Important, Narcissistic. These are the words that come to mind when I see him. Now... dont get me wrong, that doesn't mean he's ineffective, it just means every time I see him I wanna punch a baby. "X, Alastor
Viktor dot.jpg"I've always been told to be wary of the Tremere, and I've survived a long time with my paranoia. It annoys me that he makes me feel at ease around him."Calvin Ames

Rumors Viktor.jpg

Viktor dot.jpg"Though Tremere by embrace, this Transylvanian Kindred shares unusual similarities with his stated rivals, the Tzimisce."
Viktor dot.jpg"A veteran of the vampiric conflicts that raged through out the Land Beyond the Forest during the Dark Ages, he seems reticent to discuss them, as if he is pained by the memories."
Viktor dot.jpg"He first rejected the Glass Pyramid as fools, but later recanted under unknown circumstances and pledged himself whole heartedly."
Viktor dot.jpg"He was once inhumane and dedicated to magical research at any cost, some say his conversion is a front for his continued experiments."
Viktor dot.jpg"Harbors a strong animosity for the Assamites, stemming from the Turkish invasion of Transylvania and later by the Anarch Revolt."
Viktor dot.jpg"The Glass Pyramid captured Viktor and forced his morality on him through magic to gain credence for their suborder. He will kill them all when he breaks free."
Viktor dot.jpg"The Scourge of Ceoris has many living survivors of his vicious study. Walking reminders of who he once was."
Viktor dot.jpg"Secretly provided the financial backing for the San Francisco based alternative rock band Third Eye Blind."
Viktor dot.jpg"He possesses no eyes, just empty eye sockets and sees using arcane powers he discovered before his embrace. This is why he never takes off his dark glasses."
Viktor dot.jpg"Viktor gained a taste for power in San Francisco when he killed the Seneschal previous him. How long until that taste needs quenching?"
Viktor dot.jpg"Secretly in possession of a Gargoyle Rookery from whence he commands a flight of Gargoyles in violation of Camarilla Law."
Viktor dot.jpg"Rumor goes here."

Viktor Cantemir

Player: Jim Flood, US2002021043
Sect: Camarilla
Clan: Tremere
Domain: Seattle, WA
VST: Kevin

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