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Requiem PC

Player: Keith Bailey
Character: Vincent Fortune
Clan: Mekhet
Bloodline:  ?
Covenant: The Carthian Movement
Position: Senechal, Prefect
Status: The Carthian Movement 2, Mekhet 2, Charlotte, NC 3
Domain: Charlotte
VST: John Foster

Character Information

Name: Vincent Fortune

Clan: Mekhet

Bloodline: ?

Covenant: The Carthian Movement

Status: 2

Notable Traits: Vincent tends to use charm in social situations to get his way. He is also known for using his talents in stealth to protect the Masquerade.

Title or Positon: Senechal of Charlotte NC, Prefect of Charlotte NC



  • Vincent has numerous childer across the country from his nomadic days.
  • Vincent's Sire, Ryan Fortune, was murdered by the Invictus and so Vincent is prejudiced against them.
  • Vincent has a large collection of stolen occult artifacts.

Known Family

Known Allies

Quotes (All Quotes should be read in a thick southern accent...)

  • "A true Southern Gentleman would never reveal the age of a Lady." - When asked the age of his sister Katherine.
  • "Why is it that they only ask me for my help in this town, after they have gone and royally f.cked things up?"
  • "An investigation was totally screwed up? Let me guess Cecil Cooper?" - to South Paw
  • "If I wasn't such a gentleman I might be tempted to tell you to off."
  • "Just think of me as your Knight in Black Leather. Your evil, perverted, nightmare of a Knight, but a Knight none the less."- to Bellatrix
  • " Mr. Fortune is the perfect balance of useful talent, discretion and flair. I've found him to be a reliable Seneschal and irreplaceable friend." Ryan O'Connell, Prince of Charlotte, NC
  • "It is most unwise to assume that just because I am not seen, that I am not around." Vincent to Mr. Cooper

OOC Information

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Player Name Keith Bailey

MES Number US2006078180

Location Charlotte, NC