Vincent del Rosario

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The Tinkerer

Name: Vincent del Rosario
Clan: Caitiff

City: Boston, MA

  • Currently holds the territory of Revere, MA under permission of Queen Constance Fournier.

Sect: Camarilla


Around 6'2", 240 lbs. Brown hair, Brown Eyes. His small frame glasses do not hide his strongly Italian features but he has no accent to his speech. He tends to dress low-casual - Nice jeans or pants & dark simple shirts. Often seen carrying a small notebook, where he jots down descriptions of scenes to make Dioramas of.

After he was first embraced, his features took months before they became the normal paleness seen on the average kindred.


Fidgety, Nervous, Unassuming, Quiet and Observant.
Tries not to bring attention to himself in social settings.

When conversing about a subject he knows, he shows enthusiasm, insight and inventiveness.
When conversing about subjects he is uncomfortable with or unfamiliar, he freezes up and seems to try to figure out what the 'right' answer is meant to be and often questions whether the participant is satisfied with his response.

He shows willingness to help out, though not in a Mercenary style like his Sire.

Known Information

  • Served as Ghoul to Gemma Bienchedi between 1983 and 2013.
  • Embraced by Noelle Jardine in January of 2013, after being traded for a boon.
  • Released from Tutelage in June of 2013.
  • Sire is Independent and so Vincent was also Independent of the Camarilla.
  • Vincent has approached by some members of Clan Gangrel about becoming Adopted.
  • He owns a Clock shop in Cambridge and builds and repairs clockwork devices.
  • Aided the Scourge and Sheriff of Boston several times.
  • Granted Territory for service rendered to the Ivory Tower and an Archon.
  • Joined the Camarilla in June of 2014 in front of the Court of Boston.



OOC Information

Character Information
Clan: Caitiff
Sect: Independent
City: Boston, MA
Player: Michael Schmelz
Storyteller: Mark L

Player: Michael Schmelz
Domain: Category:MA-003-D

Ties Sought

Former and Future customers at his Clockworks shop.

Vincent does Commission work and currently he can create Crafts 5 items of Clockwork. He builds Diorama pieces and works on/repairs classic watches and clocks.

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