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Vincenza Longhena
We shape our buildings;
thereafter, they shape us.

- Winston Churchill

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At night

“Wartime architect, city planner, and Friend to Clans”. Ever wondered who built that fancy Chantry or the Prince’s light-proof Haven with 17 secret panic rooms? Vincenza has been shuttled from Camarilla city to Camarilla city on behalf of Clan Tremere for centuries, creating masterful architectural works to suit the needs of important Kindred.

Vincenza is one of the Camarilla’s great architects. She is the daughter of the famous 17th century Venetian architect Baldassarre Longhena, named for his legendary teacher Vincenzo Scamozzi. Her focus for many centuries was preparing cities for sieges and maximizing the rebuilding efforts afterward. In modern nights, she uses this knowledge to create secure Havens for important Kindred and help redevelop various city neighborhoods into more profitable districts (or slums for feeding, as the case may be). She will only enter a city at the behest of Clan Tremere or ranking members of the Camarilla, working usually with the Prince or Primogen around an assigned construction contract. All of this time with other clans has made her more sociable than many of her Clanmates. She counts many friends outside the Pyramid, mainly in Clans Ventrue and Toreador.

Vincenza has ascended to the position of Prince of Los Angeles, following a unanimous decision of the Primogen Council.

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  • February 14th, 1650 - Date of Birth
  • 1667 - Marries
  • 1682 - Her father, Baldassarre Longhena dies
  • Winter, 1682 - Husband disappears
  • 1685 - Embraced, sent to Vienna to help fortify and rebuild in the face of constant Ottoman sieges
  • 1680s - Meets Oliver Mayne, her "oldest friend"
  • 1693 - Begins her association with Amaris Ingram, sharing with her plans for the defense and fortification of Vienna
  • 1719 - Meets Heinrich in a Salon in Paris, while developing her Rococo leanings
  • 1720 - Atlas helps stop a Sabbat pack bent on destroying Vincenza outside of Paris. He still owes her a specific blue dress
  • 1735 - Advises Longshanks in the destruction of a rogue Tremere outside of Nottingham, helping to plan a route of assault and overcome the wards around the creature’s home. After a successful attack, which results in the rogue's destruction, both are given strong accreditation and promotion.
  • 1738 - 1739 - Meets Raylan Carlyle and Alexander Shaw while at the conclave in Vienna.
  • 1744 - Enlists the help of a quiet Nosferatu named Tristan to act as her bodyguard when she is in the New World
  • 1750 — 1785 - Meets Kristian Vasa and his Childe Nicola Adorno. They strike up a business relationship, acquiring and redeveloping property in Italy and beyond
  • 1801 - Meets Gawain Croy in Paris. They constantly run into each other in city after city, developing a running joke about the frequency of their unplanned meetings
  • 1800 - 1850 Routinely in and out of Mexico, attempting to help the Camarilla prepare for and recover from Sabbat sieges. Tamerlane was her frequent protector, along with Tamerlane's ghoul Evelyn Atwood. When Mexico finally fell, Evelyn seemed to be lost in the struggle.
  • 1905 - Begins construction of the Chantry in Miami for Regent Amaris Ingram
  • 1922 - Involved in the discovery of a Diabolist Daughter of Cacophony just north of New Orleans. Inadvertently saves the life of of the childe, Abraham Tully by using her Thaumaturgy to prove he is not a Diabolist.
  • 1941 - 1941 While working in New Orleans, is caught in the midst of a Sabbat raid. Joins forces with Hebert Peltier and his Nosferatu companion to track down and eliminate the Sabbat packs involved in the attack.
  • 1988 - Is contracted to build a haven for Bastien La Roux. Strikes up a friendship over their mutual love of fashion
  • February 14th, 1992 - Travels to Los Angeles at the request of the current Regent of LA
  • April 29th, 1992 - First day of the Los Angeles riots. The Los Angeles Tremere chantry is burned. The Los Angeles Tremere disavow their Primogen and Regent. The new Prince of Los Angeles, California Jack Thorne, declares these traitors Blood-Hunted. Vincenza is named Keeper of Elysium.
  • 1992 - After consistently running into Hector Maken at fashion shows and bidding against him on a number of pieces, introduces herself by stating he is welcome to outbid her on outfits so long as he does her the courtesy of accompanying her around Los Angeles while wearing them
  • 1993 - Meets Regent Privoli de Medici during her travels up and down the West Coast
  • 1994 - Begins building various charitable works around Los Angeles with June, beginning with a soup kitchen and a battered women’s shelter
  • 2000 - Enlists the aid of Tristan of the NYC Chantry to further her computer knowledge
  • 2002 - Aids then-ghoul Zoe De Medici with throwing raves, allowing the young woman to use some of her warehouses as sites for her parties
  • August 3rd, 2013 - Takes Praxis in Los Angeles
  • September 2013 - Met Danielle Ropchan, striking up a conversation with a fellow architect at the soiree in Los Angeles.
  • October 2013 - Declares James Thorne guilty of the murder of Sheriff Gawain Croy and the torporing of Primogen Jacob McNealy. With the help of notable luminaries of the Camarilla, proves this to be true using the Court of Hallowed Truths. She ordered Jimmy Thorne to cut off his hand for his role in the murder of Gawain Croy. Rumor has it far greater punishments were levied....
  • November 2013 - January 2014 Travels with Archon Wyatt Wythe and Justicar Marissa Cole for unknown purposes

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  • Though friendly with many other clans and known for espousing Camarilla loyalty, Vincenza is not a member of the Glass Pyramid
  • She's known for being "progressive" in her thinking - she's very open about her opinions that cooperation is what built the Camarilla and cooperation is needed to keep it strong
  • Her linage has never been publicly discussed
  • Though she seems friendly, she is a pro-Tremere zealot
  • Vincenza is known to have an interest in the Kindred condition, approaching it not from a medical side but a mathematical lens
  • She has built havens, businesses and more for many powerful Kindred throughout the world
  • She keeps the secrets of the many havens she has built even from the Pyramid itself
  • Prince Vincenza and her Seneschal Colonel Parker cannot stand one another
  • She is a traitor the Camarilla and a Sabbat spy
  • She traveled for several months with Justicar Cole and Archon Wyatt and has returned with their commendations on her loyalty to the Camarilla and promise of aid
  • The Justicar Dominated her for unknown ends
  • James Thorne is her blood-bound slave
  • House Thorne wants her dead
  • The Giovanni want her dead

  • "Her spaces put me in the right frame of mind for thought." — Eleanor von Spiachigen
  • "Vincenza and I are like two sides of a coin freshly minted in battle. Our friendship was forged in that crucible and since then we have traveled many places together, back to back, but never seeing eye to eye. Her side of the coin is the courage and passion that sparkles in the light while my side tempers action by catching shadows. Her destiny is to raise great structures that will be admired for centuries to come while mine is to leave no trace of my passing. But if you're an enemy of the Camarilla or the Clan, and we have both arrived in your Domain; then by Almighty God this coin is the currency with which your demise shall be paid." — Oliver Mayne
  • "Vincenza is at once incredibly polished and refined, and yet at the same time still rough and headstrong. My hope is she takes the strengths of both sides and forges her domain into a truly fearsome and laudable example of the Camarilla." — Viktor Cantemir
  • "She is the epitome of a Tremere socialite, in every respect. Her eye for architecture is only matched by her candor." — Kristian Vasa
  • "If there is to be a foundation in this eternity, it must be made of something firmer than stone. Steel will is more adamant than granite walls, and unrelenting allies are of more worth than unrelenting fortifications. This, Vincenza teaches, whether she realizes it or not." — Tamerlane
  • "The song of a bird, the wisdom of the flowing water, all these are the thoughts she provides, and more, I am better because of her."— Fuyu aka Winter
  • "A woman with a creative, brilliant mind and a warm, welcoming demeanor. She is everything you could ask for when something needs to built that stands as an epitome of beauty and sound design."— Isabella Marie
  • "Yes, it is a trivial matter to hear your elevator pitch on the work you want me to do. But I'll let you know if your name isn't Vincenza Longhena, I'm probably not going to take your commission. Her work is fascinating, everyone else's so very dull and already done." — Alicia Vangelista
  • "Vincenza. She is relentless in pursuit of her craft, intensely dedicated to the Camarilla, and a joy and terror to observe when in pursuit of the season's latest. In short she's a perfect monster and it's absolutely charming." — Bastien La Roux
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Standing: 6
in the city of Los Angeles

as Prince of Los Angeles

by Amaris Ingram

by Alexander Konrad

Vincenza Longhena

Character Information
Clan: Tremere
Sect: Camarilla
City: Los Angeles, CA
Player: Elissa A.
Storyteller: VST James Steele

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