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Character Information

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Clan: Tremere

Sect: Camarilla

Embraced: Lorraine France, 1673.

Status: (Aknowledged - Prince Rukh of Sacramento)
Elder - Confirmed (Abiding)
Elder - Established (Abiding)
Elder - Privileged (Abiding)
Harpy - Prominent (Abiding)
Harpy - Noble (Abiding)
Harpy - Guardian (Abiding)
Favored (Fleeting)
Loyal (Fleeting)
Courteous (Fleeting)
Courageous (Fleeting)

Notable Traits:

Position: Harpy of Sacramento, Regent of Sacramento

Coteries/Societies: The Glass Pyramid



Violette is sincere, modest, and extremely shy. She is a young elder despite being one of Sacramento's founders.
Always well behaved and doesn't often put a toe out of line. She is an academic with a favoritism towards Auspex
and seeks to build a brighter future for her fellow kindred. She is a beacon of the Traditions
and Harpy of the city. She is also known to be a member of a public Tremere group that focuses on
rebuilding the Tremere reputation. Honesty, openness, and helpfulness are her policies.
Violette has zero tolerance for tradition breakers or magic abusers.

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Thoughts from Others

"Lady Leoncourt and I share many similar philosophies and that is refreshing among my clan, I look forward to the greatness to come with our alliance." - Alister MacArthur

"Of all the Witches and Warlocks, and the copious number of mages within Clan Tremere, Violet stands apart from them all.
She is the picture of decorum and propriety and her support of the Ivory Tower surpasses mere ideals and lip service.
She is a true believer and true believers are the ones that shape our world. They are the ones that lead
and the ones that will see their enemies not only fall before them, but their empires crushed under boot.
Only a profound fool would see her softness and quiet nature as weakness.
Look beneath the calm exterior and you will see a firestorm of strength. " - Helena Martell

"Her actions speak just as loudly as any measured word she utters. She does so much and asks so little of others. Her loyalty to our city and Tower are unquestionable. But I can't help but wonder what her silence and stillness really mean." - Ovan

"I see her quietly observe and patiently take note of all around her, but that patient veneer belies a quiet power." - Viktor Cantemir

"With a little knowledge of weakness, justly teamed cunning, softness of temper, outward obedience, and a scrupulous attention to a puerile kind of propriety, Lady Violette has the Camarilla eating out of the palm of her hand... pity she is content to do so out of the kindness of her heart. - Aleistor Rukh

"Her wisdom is displayed by her tendency to not over speak. When she does have something to say all should take note."- Zachariah White

"The Elder Violette lives up to her name in that she opts to court lions. That is hardly surprising.
What is remarkable is that through calm veneer and soft-spoken tongue,
she manages to convince most that she is not a lion herself.
Pay heed and fair warning: a lion is defined not by her roar, but by tooth and claw." - Arden

"I do not question her knowledge in Magic, or her bravery in the field. She is a credit to the Clan." - Aharon Gadjarian

"I have Met many Tremere. None of them have shown me what it means to be a Seeker of Knowledge more then Violette." - David Heath
"A rare breed of Warlock. One that possesses vision as well as magick. Perhaps I should drag her to my kingdom in Arcadia, and add her to my collection" - Oberon
"She followed me into the heart of darkness and back again, ruined her pretty things and waltzed into court with a gangrel by her side and a casual shrug, as if the damage to the beautiful things she owned and the filth covering her were no more significant than a fly landing on her shoulder. I do not know if I should be impressed at her deeper insight to what truly matters, or afraid because even without her pretty frills and beautiful makeup she ~still~ held the court in the palm of her hand." - Chuck Lee

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In a Lifetime

1618 Thirty Years War, Europe
1635 Franco-Spanish War
1640 Born, Lorraine France
1648 Fronde, civil wars in France
1658 Married
1673 Sabbat invasion of Lorraine
1673 Embraced
1700s Travels around Europe
1700s Travels to America
1840s Settles in Sacramento
1850 Promoted to Regent of Sacramento
2000s Joined The Glass Pyramid


Fabrications & Falsehoods

(Feel free to add rumors!)

Violette is disgusted by Independents.

She and Ovan vie for the Prince's acknowledgement.

Violette can not be repelled by flames.

She is part of a public Tremere group that is highly concentrated on the west coast.

Elder Violette is the oldest member of the Sacramento Court.

Miss Violette often leaves the safety of gather to help with perilous city matters. Most unusual for an Elder of her station.

Violette is on a crusade against specific members of clan Tremere.

She is not the Prince of Sacramento because she can't be, but because she does not want to be.


What does Violette think about you?

Aleistor Rukh - "Rukh is quite the demanding fellow but I cannot deny his effectiveness. He is outspoken, self-assured, and extremely harsh, but in matters of sect he is irreproachable... a trait that I find to be most appealing."

Viktor Cantemir - "Viktor is the epitome of everything kindred should strive to be in this life. He is calculating, proficient, and always three steps ahead. All fondness aside, I know there is a dragon in there somewhere; biding its time before it is forced to emerge. I look forward to the day I can meet this Dragon of the West."

Zachariah White - "It is known I find Zachariah to be *steadfast.* I have known him for a great many years and he has never ceased in his resolve for the Camarilla nor our great clan. He has much to offer as an individual and is always verbal about combating our enemies. I am proud to stand at his side."

Alice Covington - "She is quite the firecracker and Im willing to bet in the coming years she will be quite a force to reckon with. I am eager to watch the impending show."

Arden - "I find his harshness to the disloyal, the disrespectful, and the disgraceful a welcome inclination. I very much approve of his black and white approach to the Tower and its traditions."

Dixon Richards - "He's quite the rabble-rouser isn't he? I would hate to see him angry... or given purpose."

Samuel Armand - "He has nice manners for a thief, and a liar."

David Heath - "He has made many a sacrifice for the Camarilla and his city, and continues to do so nightly. He takes care of the dirty work that the more delicate souls shirk to handle. It would be quite a shame if his sacrifices went without proper praise or recognition.

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Character Information
Clan: Tremere
Sect: Camarilla
City: Sacramento, CA
Player: Alisa Kreuzer
Storyteller: Ron Edens

OOC Information

Alisa Kreuzer

Cam Number: US2008042177
Home Domain: Sacramento, CA
Email: Alisa Kreuzer

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