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Known to the Camarilla

Virgil Maxwell

Member of House Constantinian
Mortal name: Virgil Alexander Maxwell
Aliases: Ian Moone
Camarilla Position: Keeper of Elysium of Richmond, VA
Clan Position: None
Camarilla Status:

  • Acknowledged in the Camarilla
  • Established as Ancilla of the Camarilla
  • Enforcer as Keeper of Elysium
  • Guardian as Keeper of Elysium
  • Favored by Elder Adrienne Maxwell, of Richmond, VA
  • Honorable by Prince Alexander Konrad, Prince of the District of Colombia
  • Loyal by Clan Head Adrienne Maxwell, of the Clan of Kings
  • Victorious by winning a wager in a Symbol in Raliegh, NC
  • Courteous by Prince Elijah Hunter, of Raleigh, NC

Noticeable Traits: A kind facial expression, seems overly human at times, however has been known to have a violent side.
Typical Appearance: Black or Pinstriped Suit, Sunglasses. Formal Causal attire when not in his domain.
Currently Resident of the Maxwell Estate


Constantinian crest.png


1835 Roanoke, Virginia: Date of birth on the family estate.
1850 Attends the Virginia Military Institute.
1855 Graduates as a Captain from VMI at the top of his class is stationed in Richmond, VA.
1861 Civil War in America breaks out, Virgil is promoted to Colonel and placed in the Army of Northern Virginia.
1865 Virgil is embraced by William Maxwell Cartwright.
1870 Virgil officially moves to Richmond, VA and invests much time there establishing the Maxwell Estate.
1871 Maxwell Banking opens, run by Virgil soon the ivestment takes a hit.
1875 Maxwell Steel is begun and begins to support much of the new unified government.
1890 Virgil has grown active within the mortal world soon Maxwell becomes a well known name in Virginia.
1910 Virgil begins to buy shares and full properties all around the state, soon Maxwell Estates is formed.
1950 Virgil takes to traveling some, goes to Europe and other places around returns to find Adrienne Maxwell and grants her stay.


  • "Virgil has created a fine empire for himself. I am proud enough of him to make it my home." -Adrienne Maxwell
  • "A very proper young Ventrue. I am proud that he was chosen to descend from my blood." -Julian Maxwell
  • "An enterprising and promising young fellow; I hope his Midas' touch will bring him greater happiness than its eponym." -Franziskus Winter
  • "No one sees what I see, and no one should. He burns hottest when no one else is watching." -Raina S. Von Daun
  • "Mr. Maxwell is truly deserving of the title Honorable. He is a rare man among these times." -Opal Smith
  • "Virgil is a powerful man both mentally and socially. His words hold a great weight and any person would be wise to listen to him. May the Loa have mercy on the man who makes an enemy of Virgil Maxwell." -Obeah
  • "Keeper Maxwell can tell the difference between the ranting of a Mad Man and the augury of the truly enlightened." -Stasia Kirilova
  • "My cousin shows the grace and political prowess that our House is known for, I would have been proud to have made him my own childe, but alas, someone else has this privilege." -Adalina Marchand Durante
  • "Virgil is an incredible ally and an indispensable friend. If it weren't for him, I imagine that I would still be as lost as I was the night I was embraced. I believe that he will not only go far and do wonderful things, but that he will also continue to light the way for those who too feel they are lost." -Senza Emerson
  • "He has chosen to take up the burden that weighed so heavily upon Lady Bellamy, can he weather the storm?" -Calvin Hastings
  • "How rare it is to find to find someone with whom you feel such a familial ken. Great things await him." -Catherine Pershing
  • "He lights my fire. It could be the death of me, or my saving grace." -Charlotte Belle
  • "I feel blessed to know Virgil as someone I can trust and speak to in times of need. I would not dare cross him ever. I owe him much for his many kindnesses and hope to return the favor. -Deborah Phenoix
  • "He's an old friend, so I don't mind saying that as a Prince, he would do well to take his time and to remind others that he is not at their disposal; they are at his. Still, the people like him well enough, and he's effective. I'm glad Fredericksburg is his." -Adeline Bellamy
  • "I wish the past was different. The future seems so foggy." -Charlotte Belle
  • "Oh...Virgil-luv don't look at me like that. It was a small piece of art...and besides it was ugly for all that it sold well...that expression will stick on your face if you don't stop..." - Brigid
  • "There is something about the gentlemen who came to pass during the era he came from. For a moment in time in this young New World, there was a brief glimmer of Old World formalities and courtesies. Men were as brutal as they were cordial. Señor Maxwell did not need to tell me where he came from. I already knew. How? My own angel, my Jacob, has the same bearing." - Elder Costanza Rodriguez
  • "Intret amicitiae nomine tectus amor." -Catherine Pershing
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  • While Virgil has a calm and gentle exterior, he may have ruined many lives of both mortal and kindred to improve his Empire.
  • While away from Richmond, Virgil was recently said to have fought a powerful Tzimisce that eventually fled into the night.
  • Virgil was the key in saving an entire domain and its prince from unwanted notice and a breach of the Masquerade.
  • Virgil owns a PhD in Business, even though he graduated from VMI, over a hundred years ago. He never calls himself Doctor.
  • Virgil took Praxis under the advisement of his Toreador lover.
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OOC Information

Out Of Character Summary

Character Information
Clan: Ventrue
Sect: Camarilla
City: Richmond, VA
Player: Wes Heins
Storyteller: Brennan M.

Player: Wesley H.
Camarilla Number: US2013030022
Domain: Richmond, VA (VA-013-D)

Character Inspirations

Calvin Candie: From Django Unchained.

"Django, and his friend in gray here, Dr. Schultz, are customers. And they are our guests, Stephen, and you, you old decrepit bastard are to show them every hospitality. You understand that?"

Jamie Lannister: from the Song of Ice and Fire saga, and the Game of Thrones HBO show.

"Only a fool makes threats he’s not prepared to carry out. If I were to threaten to hit you unless you shut your mouth, and you presumed to speak, what do you think I would do?"

Cesare Borgia: from Italian History, April 1476 to 11 March 1507AD.

“This government of yours does not please me, and I cannot trust it; you must change it and give me a pledge that you will observe everything you promised; otherwise you will soon realize that I do not want to live this way; and I will not friend enemy.”