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Wiki page for the MES Requiem PC, "Virgil A. Sumter"

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"Virgil A. Sumter"
Savage Dragon
Columbus GA, Requiem PC

Character Information

Name: Virgil A. Sumter

Clan: Gangrel

Bloodline: Unknown

Covenant: Ordo Dracul

City ●●
Ordo Dracul ●●●●
Gangrel ●●●

Title or Positon:
Full Title: Virgil A. Sumter, Scribe of the Bloody Hunger, Dragon Knight, Sworn of the Axe
Preferred form of Address: Mr. Sumter
Familiar: Virgil
Intimate: Virg

Notable Traits:
Speaks with a deep Texan accent.
Seems to permanently have a cigar between his teeth.
Carries numerous firearms.
Always seen in a black duster and wide-brimmed black hat.
Very pro-humanity, and hates his vampiric condition.

Virgil has a keen interest in bringing justice to those who have escaped normal systems.
Virgil has killed at least one Prince in his Requiem.
Virgil is one of the best marksmen around.

Character Inspirations:
The Man with No Name
Roland of Gilead
Wyatt Earp
Il Duce from Boondock Saints