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Name: Vittoria Alessandra Giovanni
Apparent Age: 25
Current Location: Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
Positions: Dona of Edinburgh, Associate to the Consulente


A lovely little blonde Italian woman who appears to be about 25, and stands about 4'10". Vittoria has luminescent violet eyes and a pallid, corpselike complexion that, with make-up, makes her look like she's been suffering a lengthy illness. She generally appears quiet and composed, and is rarely seen in anything other than black.

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Cam/Anarch PC

Player: Alicia Cameron
Clan: Giovanni
Sect: Independent
Domain: Trade Winds
VST: Ashley Perryman

IC Email: Vittoria Giovanni


Character Information

Tiny, pretty Vittoria was a fixture at the side of Don Alessandro di Salvatore Giovanni for over a century and a half while she faithfully served him as a a ghoul, entrusted to handle the most delicate communications and carry out business across the world on his behalf. Quiet, demure, and discreet, she was the epitome of the perfect ghoul and Victorian lady, and could often be found visiting far-flung courts in the company of local members of La Famiglia.

As of April 2015, she has been Embraced as a Unico Sangue, and announced herself to the court of Edinburgh as the new point of contact for the Giovanni there, and that she would be taking charge of the clan's Edinburgh holdings. She formally took the position of Dona in July 2015.

Lineage Known to the Giovanni

Mortal Lineage

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Kindred Lineage

Out of Character


Ties Sought

  • Friends
  • Associates
  • Rivals
  • Enemies
  • Whatever!

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