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For the Tower

Viveka is an elder Rose with several centuries of public life. She has been consistently at court since the late 1100s, when she made her debut as a released vampire in European society. For most of her existence, she has divided her year between winters in Paris and summers in Vienna, her home city. She can be acerbic and critical, especially of harpies, but has an attraction towards neonates. She also has shown a fascination about the New World since it's discovery and is rumored to have been behind several expeditions for Kindred to the New World.

She left Europe for Americas in the early 1900s, settling first in Texas before making her way to Arizona, where she stayed on an estate in Flagstaff for several decades. Whatever her strong aversion to the East Coast, it has abated enough that she relocated in 2014 to the mountains of Jasper, GA. Her estate there is Deuil Blanc. The personal domain was declared a petty praxis in 2015.

Titles and styles

  • Prior to 1135: Viveka von Daun, Countess of Babenberg
  • 1135-1140: Viveka de Bermondet, Margravine of Cromieres
  • 1140-1290: Viveka de Caen
  • 1290-1871: Viveka von Daun
  • 1871-2015: Viveka von Daun, Matriarch of Haus von Daun
  • 2015-present: Viveka von Daun, Archduchess of Jasper, a petty praxis, Matriarch of Haus von Daun

For the Clan

Clique: Connoisseurs
Viveka is a Patron of the Arts and has been behind many of the young, great talents over the centuries of her public life. She is a cofounder of La Confierie des Bienfaiteurs.

Character Information
Clan: Toreador
Sect: Camarilla
City: Atlanta, GA
Player: Jenn Cross
Storyteller: Richard D
Von Daun Coat of Arms

Lineage: Haus Von Daun
Sire: Reynald de Caen, Lord of Normandy (torpor)
Siblings:, Einhardt Wagner, Benedict Verren
Broodmates: Reginald Preston (torpor), Simon Delgado (deceased), Morgaine de St. Clair
Childer: Alistair FitzWilliam, Clé deMontes
Grandchilder: Michael Cristos (deceased), James Dean (NPC)
Great-Grandchilder: Toby Dior
Great-Great Grandchilder: Spence Martin

Status: Acknowledged, Confirmed, Established, Privileged, Favored, Loyal, Praised, Honorable by Rafael de Corazon

Those She Knows

Jen eiland2.jpg
  • Alexander Konrad - "Whenever I am with him, I remember a time before...before I knew what a century felt like, before I understood true pain or loss. In his presence, I feel a moment of naive hope and yearning. I do not see him often, for it makes me sad, but I am grateful for those moments.
  • Alicia Vangelista - My niece has an inherent ability to delight. She is irreverent without being stupid and crass without being offensive. I'm not entirely sure yet how she manages it, but that in itself is an art.
  • Anna Russell - It has been the standard in our society than when one who amused me as a neonate or ancilla finally is prepared to declare themselves an elder, I am bored with them. Time after time this has proven true, with a few rare gems. I suspect that, like in most her endeavors, Lady Anna will prove to be one of those gems. Just please, I beg, let her not be boring.
  • Atreus - He is polite, kind, curious, and pleasant to be around. While I try not to paint his clan with a broad brush, I admit to being surprised by how pleasant his company is."
  • Captain Sawyer - One of the worst executions the musical language of the French I have ever heard. But his tales of the New World served as his penance...a fair trade.
  • Clé deMontes - My Daughter, my pride and joy, my greatest success. God blessed her embrace, and she remains everything that is good within the Tower. Woe to he who makes her fall, for he will learn why the white roses stand on a black field.
  • Desdemona Gonzaga - An excellent example of what a little time in the fire can do. The flawed will melt away, but the worthy will emerge strong and unbreakable.
  • Einhardt Wagner - Sometimes, the most dangerous thing you can give someone is the truth. Einhardt is the proof of that...and God help us all should that truth be unleashed.
  • Emma Klein - She drew my attention when she spoke for her Clan Head, but it was a gift she gave me that has truly sparked my interest in her. Does she even know the value of hope to one such as me?
  • Equinox - Each time we gather, I look for the tall feathered man in black. When I inevitably get bored, I will drift towards him, to see if I can ruffle his feathers and to catch brief moments of conversation that will prove to be unrivaled when we all go our separate ways again. I attend these events for many reasons, and he is one.
  • Franziskus Winter - I know Herr Winter through his work, and his work is astounding. Truly great art has the ability to inspire others, not simply be a product of inspiration, and the awe I knew at viewing Herr Winter's work assures me that this is truly great art.
  • Istral - What a delightful problem he is.
  • Jasper Stark - A spark of hope...and now we wait.
  • June - I remember every instance of interaction with her. Is that not strange?
  • Sofie Renner - Ah, Sofie. I admit I doubted when my brother said he had sired. And then I met Sofie, and knew that, should she survive, my brother would have certainly shown me that he was paying more attention than he let on. I not longer doubt my brother.
  • Spencer - Herr Stanwood has far exceed my expectations as Steward. I will not tell you what those expectations originally were.
  • Toby Dior - Another Harpy in the family...I suppose it was inevitable. I see in him the potential of greatness that I found in his grandsire. He is very young and very American, one of which will disappear with time and the other of which may fade. Until then, I enjoy him a traveling companion and for his insight into modern...culture. I suppose we must call it that.
  • Trevor Rodgers - I am watching him...I do not give my kisses for free, though I have never found them wasted on the Clan Tremere.
  • Viktor Cantemir - I have a professional fondness for the Tremere, one that stems from centuries of sharing a city with them. It is unfortunate that this particular Tremere should have caused so much tragedy and fear. More than that, it is unfortunate that he brought it into my home.
  • William Calloway - I know who he is now, just as I know who he was then. Blood matters...the blood of our life and our death. This man is a combination of both, and all the blood in between. To discount any of it is to underestimate who you are dealing with. This is why he is my Seneschal.

What Others Say

Please feel free to add quotes here.

  • "She's perfection walking. She is beauty and grace and all that stuff...and I will never be able to compare to her poise. I can only hope to make her proud of me being part of her House." - Raina Star Von Daun
  • "Beauty is one of the most powerful forces in the world. It inspires greatness and despair; it is the mother of every evil and yet all good is attributed to it in kind. Is there anything more magnificent than a thing of beauty? Is there anything more terrifying?" - An observation from Phillip Avery Redgrave
  • "She does not know the full power that she possesses. God help me if she discovers it." - Adrienne Maxwell
  • "Viveka was a lady before I understood the meaning of the word." - Alexander Konrad
  • "My first memory of Elder Von Daun is that of a woman of impossible poise and elegance. I shan't forget her patience as she humored a newly embraced neonate. Sadly, my accent is still atrocious." - Captain Sawyer
  • "She lifted me from the barren earth, sheltered me in her teachings, and put me on the path I walk today. I adore Lady Von Daun, first and dearest of my patrons, and so long as I walk the earth and hear the sighing of the Song, she will have my consummate gratitude." - Ligeia Loxley
  • "Behind that plaster skin and perfectly executed grace, my Sister is and remains a predator. She is the one who taught me that we are all monsters trying to convince each other that we are not. She is the one who reminded me that the young may embrace the idea of truth, but age will show us otherwise. Age and necessity...for what is necessary is rarely in line with what the Tower considers acceptable behavior." - Einhardt Wagner
  • "Imagine living in a bird's cage--chained to the swing--and all your gentleman owner wants is for you to sing a pretty song. Every day, you must twitter the same chirps over and over until cobwebs grow on the bars and your feathers fade into lackluster grey. My sire saved me from this fate and rewarded me with Heaven on Earth. I will give to her until I can give no more." - Clé deMontes
  • "I was hardly out of my sire's watchful eye when I first met Elder Von Daun. You are made or broken by the choices you make and no amount of learning can assure your success. Our society is not a forgiving one and no one does you any favors by sheltering you from consequences, good or bad. This is what she taught me." - Desdemona Gonzaga
  • "Fate has conspired to keep us from being allies, I do wonder what might have been had it been not so. Her knowledge of courtly politics and eye for talent still impress me all the same." - Viktor Cantemir
  • "She is without equal." - Benjamin Baker Chapel
  • "Lady Von Daun is a magnificently intelligent woman, I have sat for hours with her just for the conversation."- Atreus
  • "She is a compelling woman, and an even more formidable opponent." - Kristian Vasa
  • “In my youth, I decided to steal a small fortune from around Viveka Von Daun's neck. It was perhaps the best and worst decision of my existence. For after that fateful event, she proved to be a great deal of trouble for me and, in turn, I for her. But, in truth, I’m pretty sure she enjoyed every minute of it."- Anna Russell
  • "I do like watching her dance, among other things." - Atlas
  • "She discovered me when I had been ill used and thoughtlessly discarded by my blood kin. She raised me up from the midden heap where she found me rotting, gave me a purpose and a House worthy of my service. I swore fealty to her then and have held that troth for well over seven centuries. My greatest regret is that the exigencies of my service to the Ivory Tower have rendered me anathema to her." - Alistair FitzWilliam von Daun
  • "An interesting woman, I do not know that much of her from the little time we met. However she expresses an aura of etiquette that I find is lacking among some of us, I do look forward to speaking to her more often." - Virgil Maxwell
  • "Vivika hides her inner beast well with a calm graceful appearance. I worry about her not letting go of her emotions enough lest that beast take control of her. She will always have me as a friend and confidant should the need arise." - S`eitheach Eircheard
  • "To the manner born." - Lochlann MacAllan
  • "Viveka deigned me worthy enough upon our introduction to give me one of the predominant pieces of advice that has informed my existence for over a century. I have never, nor will I ever in the future forget it as such a formidable presence is not often encountered." - Sofie Renner
  • "Margaret Thatcher said it best. Being powerful is a lot like being a lady. If you have to tell people you are, you aren't. Lady Viveka has never had to say she was either one. To know her is to know she is both."-Toby Dior
  • "Thoughtlessly Austrian and aristocratic in the kinds of ways that once lead a Serb to shoot an Archduke. This makes her an excellent elder. And makes myself very happy I'm charming, capable, and generally wonderful enough not to be mistaken for a Serb." - Alicia Vangelista
  • "Always stay on her good side. It seems the safest bet. Presents also...she like presents." - Brigid
  • "Relatively few Kindred in the New World know of my time at her side. No matter who each of us is now, we were were all young once. Neonates rely upon their sires for education, but there is tragedy in us in that we are only guaranteed one sire. When that one is gone... Elder Viveka favored me with the gift that has allowed my capacity for assessment to transcend to one of appreciation. If you see something gentle within me, it cannot be understood without recognizing her influence." - Walter Jones, a.k.a. Walter the Grey
  • "My aunt and I have not always seen eye to eye. There are kindred who delight in those small moments of friction, seeing in them some civil war, or a weakness leading to slaughter. They do not pause to consider that my aunt and I share far more in common than the blood in our veins, and moreso, that we both jealously guard what we consider our own." - Orenna Komnenos, The Black
  • "Such beauty, grace, and poise could easily be dismissed as a stereotype of her blood. However, I think it is more accurate to say she is a template by which the rest of us see the Clan of the Rose." - Alex Shelly
  • "Be ready when you're with her. She expects competence or nothing at all. There doesn't really seem to be a middle ground with her." - Spencer
  • "To know her is to understand the fall of Troy. I am kindred, which is not the same thing as being the man I once was. But the Elder Viveka wraps herself in the feminine mystique such that I remember that man. I leave it to you to decide if I'm just being poetic when I say my heart stutters in her presence." - Jasper Stark
  • "I have no doubt that her kiss is why I won the Symbel." - Trevor Rodgers
  • "Miss Viveka embodies grace, elegance, a good sense of humor, and a firm understanding that often times, help comes from the most unusual of places. I'm absolutely confident if anyone else had made that request of me, I'd have said no. But not to her. She taught me a lot in the few nights I spent in Tulsa. I'm looking forward to my visit to Jasper." - Ethan Sullivan
  • "I had never before seen such an unspoken gesture of complete loyalty and commitment to one's lineage, outside of the Merricks, until I saw the Archduchess in Tulsa wearing a plaid skirt and a band shirt." - Emma Klein
  • "You don't know her like you think you know her. I'd wager, even, that no one really knows her the way they think they know her...even I don't come close to understanding the nuances she represents. But there are certain facets of her personality that are absolute; she is cunning, she is calculated and she is loyal. Pray to whatever God you follow that you never find yourself on the wrong end of those qualities. It won't end well. For you." - William Calloway
  • "Polite enough to me and mine, I'll give her that much. Striking in her own way, as all Roses are; I'm interested in seeing how she how she chooses to present herself when not given a theme to follow. Such things can tell you more about a person than all the words in the world." - Lexi von Jaeger
  • "Though years and blood alike separated us, so also did they eventually bring us together. I have a family, and there is fierce loyalty there; a boon unexpected from a sibling unlooked-for, but I value it all the more for its surprising rarity. Cross her, or any of hers, and you will live only to rue it." - Benedict
  • "Fascinating. Of all the languages I possess, I cannot string together words to describe her. Perhaps her name should take definition for such altogether. Pardon? Oh, you were asking about sympathic ties--page 294 in that tome.." - Elena Hellenbach

Those Who Have Gone

  • Althea Bell-Hammon - Friend is the wrong word. After all, she put a Nosferatu in my basement. But there is an...understanding that comes when individuals have watched time tick away together.
  • Benjamin Baker Chapel - Professional acquaintances more than anything. Perhaps it is good that he sleeps now, for the world has changed quickly. I fear what will happen when he awakens.
  • Kristian Vasa - Kristian, my darling Kristian...I adore him. He's my savior, truly. A delightful enemy, but I like him better as a friend.
  • Nicolas von Hagen - He saved my life. When I was very young and unaware of the nightmares in our society, Nicolas saved my life. I have never forgotten the lessons I learned under his tutelage, and they have directed my existence since.
  • Raina Star - A light went out when Raina was killed. It has yet to be reignited.


Please feel free to add rumors here.

  • She has had a passionate love affair with Kristian Vasa.
  • Is having a love affair with Anna Russell
  • Viveka has recently inspired a masterpiece by the artist Franziskus Winter.
  • Viveka is the inspiration for a recurring character in a series of romance novels.
  • She's only still smoking that much because she won't give her childe the satisfaction of quitting.

OOC Information

Player: Jenn C.

MES Number: US2002023825

PC Location: Jasper, GA

VST: Richard D

Other PCs: Duchess, Pari Forakis, Ceili Kennedy, Padma Kuar, Anne Nizam, Elena, Siobhan Cowen