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Requiem PC

Player: Evonne Traffanstedt
Character: Vorzheva
Clan: Mekhet
Bloodline: Not Known
Covenant: Circle of the Crone
Position: Occultist
Status: Portland: 1; Mekhet: 2; Circle of the Crone: 2
Domain: Portland, Oregon
VST: Jake Whisman

Vorzheva 1.jpg

Crest Silver.png

Character Information

Vorzheva is a Kindred of Lithuanian heritage; she has alternately claimed to be from the Old Country, a child of Lithuanian parents, or a more distant descendant of immigrants. Nobody knows which story is true, or whether or not Vorsheva is her real name (she hints that it is). She first came to the attention of Kindred society in the mid-1900s, as a self-proclaimed Occultist and Seer, frequently serving as an investigator in a Domain, before moving on. In modern nights, she is often found traveling with a nondescript male Kindred who claims to be an investigator. They have recently, upon hearing rumors of interesting happenings in Portland, OR, headed west to seek new mysteries.

Circle of the Crone

Portland: 2
Circle of the Crone: 2
Mekhet: 2

Notable Traits:
Facial tattoos or decorations.

Coteries or Societies:
Rev Deahl

Title or Position:
Mekhet Priscus of Portland, OR



Sire: Archibald Fry

Broodmates: Serenity Jacobs

Childer: Unknown


1902 - Ghouled
1905 - Embraced by Archibald Fry.
1914-1915 - Released, and introduced to Kindred Society.
1930s - Charlotte, NC.
1960s - New York, NY.


Allies, Enemies, & Associates

Circle of the Crone.png
  • Martin Gimble - An ally with a keen sense for the Occult; our skills complement one another.
  • Kord Greenberg - A fellow Crone, one who understands the need for winter.
  • Charonelle DesJardins - Our constant gardener; she is there to nourish new growth, after the mowing-down.
  • Archibald Fry - We differ in personal belief, but our shared visions keep us close.


"She's that person that does those things that she is really good at...but seriously, she has a disturbing ability to know things before they happen - and unlike most fortune tellers, her predictions are not a bunch of BS or headology. Instead, she uses the BS to cover up the fact that she is actually legit." - Martin Gimble

"It is a helpful thing to have someone around who can likewise see, hear and talk to ghosts. It helps one not develop insanities that are unnecessary complications to otherwise productive nights." - Kord Greenberg

"I would be at a lose without my acolytes, and she is a large portion of why." - Gwyneth Loreth

"Your Quote Here" - You

OOC Information

Player Name: Evonne Traffanstedt
MES Number: US2010055978
Location: Portland, Oregon

Musical Inspiration

Monsters and Men: Your Bones
Arctic Monkeys: R U Mine