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"Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win"- Sun Tzu

The Details

Current Name: Jitendra, Walks the Storm, Mosau’u
Born: White Mountain, Arizona
Current Location: Phoenix, Arizona
Tribe: Uktena
Auspice: Ahroun
Rank: Athro
Glory: 9
Honor: 5
Wisdom: 2
Position: Alpha to the Sept of Merlin's Resolve, Eldest Ahroun, Pack Alpha of Blood and Tears
Occupation: Warrior, Spiritualist
Description: Strength, uncompromising strength. It is the first thing you are struck by when your vision takes in his form. No, not the type of strength that is put on display as physical perfection. The type of strength that it would take to fight off a creature many sizes bigger. Hands that are calloused, eyes that are focused and piercing--eyes that betray a knowledge far deeper than what a warrior should know. Rage seems to emanate from every part of his being, the air of malice and destruction is difficult for him to hold back. Paired with this, there is a deep sadness about him. He has the look of a soldier that has seen far too much destruction in his time. Though he is still a young man by the standards of the world around him. His healthy years are almost certainly over, the scars of the battles are etched across his body. Each a reminder of battles won and lost, friends and family lost and gained. A truth is made evident in his features as you take them in...The very strength that struck you when at first you saw him, is the very strength that will be his undoing.

Notable Features:
* Pure Breed x3
* Mark of the Predator

Sept: Sept of Merlin's Resolve

I will remember, and I will hate

They left us here, broken, bloody, but undeterred. They have no idea what they have created. I hold grudges for things that never happened to me. Their pale faces inspire anger deep within my chest, it pounds with the war drums of my ancestors. However, it is not my own, my anger is better suited to those who would betray now. I will not waste it on the rapists of culture that came to live among us centuries ago.

I will remember, and I will hate

They will sell us out, all of them, to a plausible and acceptable conclusion. It has already begun, it has already taken hold deep within the Nation. They are starting now to see, starting to see how futile it is. They lack the conviction to see it to the end. I on the other hand...

I will remember, and I will hate

I will not have this taken from me, this war. This war belongs to us all. Deep in our hearts and minds we know that the rage that burns in our chest--the injustices and slights throughout history--have all led us to these moments. We were honed by Gaia into the weapons and soldiers that she needs for us to be in the coming battles. Every day, every battle, every loss, every victory serves only to make us stronger...

I will remember, and I will hate

...but I will not hate you. My anger and rage are my allies, as long as I can direct them to a just cause. That is the fracture within the Nation--That we fail to direct it at our enemies who are deserving. Instead we target one another, admonish one another, and kill one another.

It will end, when the last drops of blood fall upon the battlefield the world will know again the balance it lost. Until then...

I will remember and I will hate.



  • Cuts the Cord- Identified as a relative to Jitendra, no one is really sure about what type of relation it is. While Cuts the Cord refers to him often as "Cousin" the age difference between them makes this unlikely.
  • Taniya- His Great Niece, a Galliard known as "Speaker for the Dead" the child who has grown into her role among the Nation.
  • Iweda- His Grandmother, Eldest Theurge of the Sept of the Valley of the Moon, recently reunited.

Blood and Tears

The Pack of Blood and Tears was formed when two old friends were reunited. With a warlike bent, Tom suggested that they consider all options - including Fenris. When the Great Wolf accepted their pack, it was a done deal. All in, as they say. Strength of Wisdom and Lexi Volkov were brought in almost immediately, the four having quite the throw-down to determine the pecking order.

Totem: Shiwóyé Hastiin Ma'cho (Fenris)
Ban: You must never pass up a worthy fight.


Pack Members:


Avenged Sevenfold- Gunslinger
Avenged Sevenfold- Coming Home

OOC Information

Player: Michael Day

MES Number: US2002023926

Location: Phoenix, AZ