Walter Rook

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Camarilla/Anarch PC

Character Information
Clan: Tremere
Sect: Camarilla
City: Houston, TX
Player: Jeff Duncan
Storyteller: Houston VTM VST

Dr. Walter Rook

" There is no great genius without a mixture of madness." - Aristotle

Character Information

Name: Dr. Walter Rook

Clan: Tremere

Notable Traits: Has a limp and appears to be in his mid to late 60s.

Title or Position: none



  • Confirmed as an Elder of the Camarilla
  • Established as an Elder of the Camarilla
  • Privileged as an Elder of the Camarilla


Tremere-Only Information

Rank: Apprentice of the 3rd

House: Avakian


  • Sire: Leduc
  • No known childer

Known history

Walter first became known to kindred society in Oxford, England in the late 17th century. Known as somewhat of a bookworm and academic, Walter stayed clear of most political and social gatherings. He then spent several decades travelling around Europe inquiring about kindred and vampiric lore. During this time, he seemed to gain a specific interest in learning more about clan Malkavian.

Walter eventually went to Paris, where he spent several years hunting down koldunic sorcerers within the Sabbat.

Walter arrived in Houston in the later 1920's and continued to be an active member of the Camarilla court there until he and several other prominent tremere suddenly disappeared in the late 1950's.

Walter and his Tremere colleagues reappeared recently with no explanation for their whereabouts over the last 50 years. They all seem to be stuck in a past era.


  • Walter seems to be very cozy with the Malkavian clan, and it seems his mental state might have been affected as a result
  • Walter disappeared for over 50 years...what happened?
  • Walter was the last mortal relative of Malcolm Rook
  • Walter has publicly announced his dislike of the "glass pyramid"
  • Walter occasionally carries on conversations with invisible people
  • Walter appears to have an unhealthy addiction to drugs and can't resist partaking when offered
  • Walter has officially changed his name to "Dr. Constellation"
  • Walter seems to have been involved in several infernal matters of late. What's the connection?
  • During the fall of Elysium, a monstrosity sent by the Sabbat accused Walter of the infernalism he's trying to root out. What's up with that?
  • After the destruction of Houston's Elysium, anyone who had the least bit of oracular ability had the same vision- a dragon pinning Walter to the ground with one talon while slashing his throat with the other, all upon the ashes of every Kindred present.
  • In the recent letter to Houston from the Sabbat Bishop of War, Rook is mentioned as an "old friend."
  • In May 2016, Walter suddenly disappeared without trace, much like many of the other long time residents of Houston.


  • "If you don't mind me saying, you seem to be suffering from a series of irrational fears or at least your minor anxieties are causing a heightened fear response..." --Edward James Crowe, MD
  • "Walter Rook? The Nosferatu could learn a few things from him. Too bad he's confused most of the time, though." --Karl Richter
  • "He said I reminded him about curry once... " --Shakti Gupta
  • "A strange fellow for certain." --Einhardt Wagner
  • "He seems to be the keeper of many mysteries. The only question I have, is whether or not it would be prudent for anyone to actually pursue what those are." --Lydia Sterling
  • "He's especially amusing when he's on Molly." -- Jack Rey
  • "Dr. Rook seems to act like he is not a threat to anyone. Underneath that exterior, is something dark. Very dark. I find that both frightening and intensely fascinating." --Candice Caine
  • "Don't let him fool you, the doddering old man routine is all just an act. He's sharp, clever, and a formidable opponent." --Marus
  • "Your ideology produced Mondragon. It only ever produces Mondragon. Best of luck, Mister Rook." --Evelyn Atwood
  • "Tremere kindred Rook remarked to me that the Camarilla was not built upon the principle of courage, but rather upon the principle of survival. This strategy has worked well for the common cockroach and other creatures with no higher purpose but to feed, propagate, and carry on their meaningless existence in the shadows. Perhaps Rook will one day learn to rise beyond this base existence and live for a greater, Holy purpose, though, as he is a Tremere, I give him as much chance as Lucifer himself begging forgiveness from Almighty God." --Andrasi de Covasna
  • "I hold out hope that with his command of the city, I will hear the name Houston half so much as I have of late." --Prince Serafin
  • "Quiet fellow. Let's a Brujah do most of his talking for him. I can respect that, even if he is English." --Tommy O'Leary
  • "Rook is the mental of what Shavo is physical." --Shavo
  • "There are certain things he excels at doing. When those jobs are needed, he steps up and delivers. He knows where he serves best and moves so that others may serve in the roles they are best suited for. This, I think, is why we make an effective team." --Maria Aigner
  • "Torpor her now! Oh, she's a human...?" --Rook, not realizing at first that a prisoner was human (long story).

OOC Information

Player: Jeff Duncan

MES Number: US2002022947

Inspirations: Walter Bishop [1], Dr. Henry Jones Sr [2], The 4th Doctor [3]