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Welcome to the Final Stand against the Apocalypse!

This is the Main wiki for the MES Werewolf the Apocalypse Venue. (WtA)

Currently we have many Categories set up for your use. We would like to encourage you to add those at the bottom of your character or sept wiki pages. The Category list can be found at the bottom of this wiki page under "Subcategories".

The main subcategory is Category:Werewolf the Apocalypse not Category: Apocalypse

If you have any suggestions for the Werewolf wiki please contact the Wiki Venue Lead: Apocalypse James Collins

Apocalypse National Staff
Position Contact
ANST Apocalypse David Merriam
Chief of Staff Brian Murphy
Project Manager Josh Teitelbaum
Black Fury Julia Barnes
Bone Gnawers Jennifer Anderson
Children of Gaia Christie Craig
Fianna Erin Miracle
Get of Fenris Thomas Brown
Glass Walkers Joseph Knue
Red Talons Trey Holliday
Shadowlords Beth Moore
Silent Striders Brian Murphy
Silver Fangs Heather Bradstreet
Stargazers Troy Jackson
Uktena Dave Eccles
Wendigo Dave Eccles
Fera Lior Gonda

The following are the links to the different pages we have set up so far for WtA. Apocalypse Main page has the following documents and guides.

  • Settings Guide: This document details the following:
    • The Ratkin War
    • The Shroud of the Perfect Metis
    • The Dousing of the Red Star
    • The Nation as a Whole
  • Character Development Document: Help you round out your character by taking up to two Archetype Achievements.
  • Mailing Lists Information on all mailing lists for the venue
  • Addendum: Includes all house rules, including spirit guide, custom fetish rules, combat primer, and lores.

Approvals: Adding Characters to the approvals database used to be confusing. Now this article and the related "web page to remove all the extra white space" has made it a breeze. All thanks to Joe Terranova US2010086415.

Sample Deed Names: Need a little help getting the creative juices flowing? This list has a few hundred Garou Deed names to help you out.

WtA Tribe Pages: This page has all the Tribe and Fera information.

Apocalypse Mailing Lists: This page provides info on the Apoc mailing lists, including the premise of the IC lists.

Garou Social Norms Document

You may use either of the following Templates for your WtA character, they are provided for your convenience:

Other links and pages will be added as they are released by the National Garou Office.


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