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Apocalypse Character Development Document

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This is the new Character Development Document for use with all characters in the Apocalypse chronicle. By completing this document, you will earn 8 Experience Points that can only be spent on the Character used in this document. This document is designed to help the player and the Storytellers flesh out the character, filling in background and relevant character ties. It may be completed for XP only once per character, though players are encouraged to update this document as their character evolves across the chronicle.

In addition to answering the questions below, a full Character Sheet must be attached, along with a brief history summary – not to be in excess of five pages. This summary is to be in point form and must cover all the salient events in the Character’s past. Players are encouraged to expand upon this for their own satisfaction, and their Storyteller’s edification, but that is not required for this document. All the following questions are to be applied appropriate to the Genre in question.


Define the basic concept for your Character: how your character views him/herself and how he/she fits in to the World of Darkness. For some characters, this view applies to a current understanding; for others, the character concept is related to the character’s behavior and feelings from centuries ago. Either way, the character concept sets the overall theme for how the character is played.

General and Genre Specific Information

This section asks about all the basic information on your Character, and the relevant information on the Character’s Genre and position within that Genre. All sections are first person Character/Player.

  • 1.What is your Character’s name? List any associated pseudonyms, and how you earned or got them.
  • 2.When and where were you born?
  • 3.How did you enter the World of Darkness (First Change, Embrace, etc.)
  • 4.What is your lineage, Mortal and otherwise, where applicable.
  • 5.What is your prime nationality, and what language do you speak?
  • 6.To which auspice do you belong, and why?
    • How do you serve as a member of that Auspice that makes you different?
  • 7.In which tribe do you belong, and why?
  • 8.What positions do you hold, if any (Alpha, keeper of the land, etc.)?
    • Who held that position before you?
      • How did you acquire your position?
  • 9.Do you have a Home, Packhouse, etc? Describe it – go into detail.
  • 10.What do you own in the way of mundane and supernatural resources?
  • 11.Do you have any Kinfolk/Retainers/Allies? Who are your Contacts and/or Allies?

The Mortal World

What were you like before you became what you are now? Do you still cling to your former life as a comfort, or have you turned so far away that you no longer are anything like you were? This section deals with your interaction with life and your interaction with the world on a day to day basis.

  • 1.Do you still have your original Birth Certificate?
    • If yes, what is your date of birth (e.g. 2000-01-01)?
  • 2.Are you officially dead?
    • If so, do you have a death certificate and what date did you ‘die’?
  • 3.Are you using your original identity?
    • If not, what is your current identity and how long have you used it for?
  • 4.What other aliases have you used?
  • 5.Do you have a drivers license or any other official identification?
    • Do you have any fake ID?
      • When does your ID's expire?
  • 6.Are you or were you famous in mortal society?
    • If so, why?
  • 7.Do you have a police record?
    • If so what?
  • 8.Have you ever performed a crime?
    • Detail if you have.
  • 9.Do you own a vehicle?
    • If so what?
      • Is it registered?
        • When does the registry expire?
  • 10.Do you a firearms license?
    • Do you have gun?
  • 11.Did your character attend University?
    • To what level has the character been educated?
  • 12.Has your character traveled overseas at all?
    • When if you have?
  • 13.Does your character have any living relatives?
    • If so, detail them briefly
  • 14.Has your character ever been married?
  • 15.Does your character have any children?
  • 16.Where do you live / sleep?
  • 17.Do you have your home to yourself or do you share it?
  • 18.Does your home have a phone?
    • Power connected?
      • Cable TV?
        • If so, under what names are they?
  • 19.Does your character have a mobile phone?
    • If so, under what name is it listed?
  • 20.Does your character work or have a job?
  • 21.Do you have a credit card?
    • How do you pay your bills?
  • 22.Do you own any businesses?


What are the goals and drives that keep your Character going and guide his/her actions? A Character with no motivation reacts rather than acts. Such Characters often bore Players because they spend the majority of game time waiting for something to happen to which they can react. Characters with motivation, on the other hand, are always working toward some objective; such characters often actively drive their own plots and help enrich the game for everyone. Consider this when answering the following section.

Persona Information

The following questions pertain to the motivations and rationales employed by your Character and the internal forces that drive it in the World of Darkness. The answers should provide the Storytellers with insight into the Character’s goals and objectives, and how these came to be.

  • 1.What does your Character hope to accomplish in the near future; why these particular goals?
  • 2.What are your Character’s long-term goals?
  • 3.What is the real reason the Character is in his/her current city? Apart from it’s where you live.
  • 4.What are your Character’s greatest joys and fears?
  • 5.What does your Character love, or hate, that stands out?
  • 6.Which emotions are the primary drives for your Character?
  • 7.Does your Character hold a vengeance against something/someone?
    • Who?
      • What?
        • Why?
  • 8.What are your character’s relations with their Tribe/Auspice/Caern/etc.?
  • 9.What quirks does your Character have?
  • 10.How does your Character dress?
    • What props make your Character distinct?
  • 11.How does your character view the Mortal world and its events?
  • 12.What ties do you still have to the Mortal world and how do you manage those?
  • 13.Intangible Debts – who do you owe, who owes you and what?
  • 14.How do you view Kinfolk?
  • 15.How do you view Spirits?
  • 16.How do you view the Umbra?
  • 17.How do you view other Changing Breeds?
  • 18.How do you view other Supernatural Types?
  • 19.What is your view of the tenets of the Litany?
  • 20.Are there any tenets of the Litany you disagree with?
  • 21.How far would be too far for you to go in protecting the Litany?


What has led to your Character thinking the way it does? What has it seen, heard and felt over the years? This does not only apply to Vampires, but all creatures. What events have transformed your Character? Draw from actual history, as well as the created World of Darkness and in-Game history, to provide pivotal points in your Character’s existence. Answer the following questions, and attach your brief, point-form history.

Background Information

These questions ask you to focus on the events that have shaped your Character, be they mundane or supernatural. Be brief and concise with these answers, as the intent is to highlight the most important moments in your Character’s history and provide Storytellers with clearly defined events.

  • 1.What, if any, historical (supernatural or otherwise) events did you participate in as a mortal?
  • 2.What, if any, historical (supernatural or otherwise) events did you participate in as a supernatural?
  • 3.What historical events as mortal have you witnessed?
    • How did these important events impact on your life?
  • 4.What historical events have you witnessed or partaken in, as a supernatural?
    • How have they impacted on you?
  • 5.What places in the world have you visited and when?
  • 6.Who were your mortal family, friends and enemies?
  • 7.Describe your First Change in detail.
  • 8.Describe your Rite of Passage in detail.
  • 9.Why did you choose the Tribe you are in?
  • 10.Describe your Rank Challenges in detail.
  • 11.Describe any losses of Rank in detail.
  • 12.Who are your supernatural Allies and Enemies?
  • 13.Have you ever broken the Litany?
  • 14.If applicable, when and where have you gone into Frenzy, specifically Thrall of the Wyrm?
  • 15.Who, if anyone, knows any of your darker secrets?
    • What do they know?
      • Whose secrets do you know?
  • 16.Do you follow any Bans, owe any spiritual debts or chiminage?

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