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Wiki page for the MES Requiem PC, "Wesley Reader, of House Loris, Les Succubi Carriere

-- played by Carl Jordan (US2011067740), jordan.carl @ gmail
-- PC is attached to the Huntsville AL Requiem VSS for "Bigfire Requiem" "

House Loris
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species, covenant, clan, and bloodline

"Dr. Wesley Reader"
Upstart Succubus
Huntsville AL, Requiem PC

CITY TITLE: (Seneschal & Harpy) to the Daeva Senator, Isadora Devine of Huntsville, AL
Supporting Traits: Cadence 2, Daeva 3, Carthian 3, Huntsville AL 2, LUXCorps 3


Character Information
Clan: Daeva •••
Coterie: Black Hats
Conspiracy: LUXCorps •••
Cadence: 2
City: Huntsville, AL ••
Player: Carl Jordan
Storyteller: Ryan Holdbrooks


As a member of House Loris, this will be filled in as our family backgrounds and character ties are solidified through the house Wiki pages.

(Sections will be filled in as time permits)

In the late 1920's, Wesley Reader was a rising star in a very new science, called Genetics, as a molecular biology student at Rockefeller University in NYC. In late 1928, he was sent by his Professor, Oswald Avery, to work as a lab assistant to Frederick Griffith of London to verify lab work that would later (1944) result in the discovery of DNA and the genome.

In December, 1932, Wesley was guest-lecturing at a university in Paris when he was scouted and approached by Hayden Sinclair, a Daeva socialite with family ties to a very innovative burgeoning medical company. He served as her ghoul and interpreter to the sciences for two and a half years before his embrace into House Loris on July 4th, 1935.

After the conclave in Montparnasse, Wesley followed his sire's lead and threw all his support behind the Carthian Movement. From a scientific method perspective, the old political system's benefits and flaws were well documented and results had stopped varying centuries ago. The Movement's concepts were fresh and worth testing analytically for proving. And Hayden had very quickly become quite the spokesperson for the movement. His mortal life died in France. The new Wesley followed Hayden to the southeastern US to spread the experiment of the Movement.

This is when Wesley met the rest of the House Loris family, including his grandsire (Orlando Lido), his kindred uncle (and Hayden's twin, Alderico Nicos), and his kindred cousin, the very charming and lovely Isadora Devine. He and Isadora moved in together in rural central Georgia. In the 1950s, he joined Nicos's medical company, and quickly bonded with Alderico's childe, Dr Nathan Quinn. Their fields of study complimented each other very nicely for the company's goals.

Shortly after the Board of Directors formed LUXCorps (both the company and the vampiric conspiracy), Dr Nathan Quinn hired Dr Wesley Reader to be his second in the medical research division. Wesley moved to DC with Isadora, who had been recruited by Hayden as a manager in the media and public relations division. There, they worked very quickly to secure precious mortal legal rights for the company, including international trading and holdings rights, and establishing the groundworks for quickly processing future patent requests.

While in DC, Wesley ghouled and embraced his only childe, Yuuko Miyako, who he later hired into the company as well, for her innovative scientific mind. While he was unable to persuade her to join the Movement, Yuuko took very quickly to the goals of the LUXCorps conspiracy. He also met Thadius Turing in DC, a Mekhet of the Carthian Movement who was starting up his own security firm and showed absolutely brilliant promise on a new fad, called "personal computers", as in one you could buy for your home without having to renovate a whole room to fit it inside. Once Wesley had vetted Turing's skills as a master security consultant, he arranged for Isadora to hire him into the company and conspiracy under her media division.

In 1981, the four of them moved to Huntsville, Alabama. This city was bursting at the seams with mortal scientific genius with little to no vampiric oversight. It would make a perfect staging ground for the more advanced medical and engineering projects of the company! But, the kindred political situation in Huntsville was that of a prince-less Senate, a failed Carthian experiment held together by fear, somewhat common ideals, and bubble gum that was very politically top-heavy and dangerous for non-senators. While Yuuko and Thadius spent a lot of time abroad working on their own projects, Isadora and Wesley spent the next 30 years working from just outside of the city, carefully watching the political climate, sowing occasional seeds for change, and concentrating almost entirely on their mortal world endeavors. Wesley and Izzy continued to travel and interact with the rest of House Loris as often as schedules would permit.

Wesley acquired a lot of the property that is now Cummings Research Park, the second largest engineering research park in the U.S. He retained the services of several prominent heads of local research groups, through whom he designed and manufactured several of LUXCorps's recent medical and engineering breakthroughs, including "Maximine Rubber's Ultra Protect Surgical Gloves" and some stem-cell-grown cloned blood projects that are still in the testing phase. He's also recently become an expert in prosthetics and implants, and is studying the effects of kindred vitae on limiting the rejection of foreign implant materials in mortals.

In the Fall of 2013, Wesley hosted a gathering at one of his homes in a developing suburb of Huntsville and invited local Kindred, as well as several from afar. Five members of House Loris were in attendance, including Wesley's sire, Hayden Sinclair, and grand-sire, Orlando Lido. This brought their number up to rival the Fortune Family, a local House that controls several votes on the Huntsville Senate. This is when life got interesting.

In the last few months of 2013, a powerful Invictus elder abolished the Huntsville Senate and claimed Praxis as Prince. In the first week of January, shortly after the new Prince publicly eviscerated his last political opposition, Wesley's cousin Isadora Divine advised in open court that the new prince had become too unstable and should take some much needed rest. Surprisingly, he listened, naming her as Prince as he left court. Within the hour, Wesley Reader was named Royal Harpy to Prince Isadora Divine.