William Calloway

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Loyal per Archon Hudson
Acclaimed per Harpy Dior
Loyal per Clanhead Hunter
Favored per Viveka von Daun
Courteous per Viveka von Daun


Orenna Komnenos, The Black
Viveka von Daun
Lexi von Jager



William Calloway is no one in particular. William Calloway is everyone worth knowing. The enigmatic Elder attributed to the name is every bit as clever as he is mercurial. A true urban predator, Calloway makes it his personal mission to blend in...or stand out...in any situation, as appropriate.

Though he is begrudgingly known as a member of Clan Gangrel, the Elder rarely demonstrates any particularly bestial traits of note. When his Mask is dismissed, however, a pair of crimson feline eyes are more than slightly notable to any individual well-versed in the Lore of the Gangrel Clan or familiar with other Kindred scholars.

Details about the "Gangrel" known, in modern nights, seem to be as ethereal as his true appearance. Some say that he fought alongside the early vestiges of the Ivory Tower during the Anarch Revolt. Some say he was a King who ruled the lands presently called France long before it knew that name. Some even say that he fought in America during the American Revolution...though accounts regarding the "side" he took tend to be varied and conflicting. What is known, distinctly, is that he is an Elder of the Camarilla in every respect.

When his guard is down and he is entertaining more intimate acquaintances, Calloway speaks with a distinctly French accent--though the actual French he speaks, when he speaks it, is incredibly archaic. He can always be said to dress for the occasion; whether it is a punk rock concert or the high politic of Jasper's monthly Court gatherings. The chameleon-esque nature of the urban predator is distinctly prominent in this one.


  • "He may strike a modern figure in his suits and contemporary speech, but Elder Calloway's habits betray his roots. Refined, cultured, and a hedonist, through and through."Orenna Komnenos, The Black
  • "I'm told he's supposed to be the 'worst Gangrel in existence'. It might be true, he surely doesn't come off as an Outlander, but no one can mask the scent that is purely us. Perhaps, one night, someone can coax out the inner wilds he's keeping locked away."Lexi von Jaeger
  • "I know who he is now, just as I know who he was then. Blood matters...the blood of our life and our death. This man is a combination of both, and all the blood in between. To discount any of it is to underestimate who you are dealing with. This is why he is my Seneschal."Viveka Von Daun
  • "...He- he is?? Oh my god. Oh no. Oh noooo! No, you don't understand! I told our clanhead that he was a Malkavian! Why does anyone let me out of the house?!?!"Emma Klein
  • "What? He's a Gangrel?! I thought he was the Thought Police... Something's not right here."Marus
  • "William is refined, cultured, and all that Elder stuff. You can ask them if you want to know more. But, to me? He's unbridled, full of life, and well...wild."Eliza Day
  • "Elder Calloway is someone I've only met once. I don't know if I can speak too much about the guy, but... I like him. He's good people and I respect him."Leonardo "Leon" Finch-Fournier
  • "He is a layered individual, but with every conversation comes a new revelation. I feel I have come closer to the truth of the man, and the nature of his Beast."Maria Aigner


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  • William Calloway is really a member of Clan Toreador.
  • William Calloway is really a member of Clan Ventrue.
  • William Calloway is really a member of the Followers of Set.
  • William Calloway is really a member of Clan Malkavian.
  • William Calloway founded his own Bloodline of the Gangrel.
  • William Calloway descends from a noble line of proto-French aristocracy.
  • William Calloway was, in mortality, a member of the Capet Dynasty of monarchs.

William Calloway

Clan: Gangrel
Sect: Camarilla
Social Class: Elder
Domain: Jasper, GA
The Player: Vic C.
The VST: Brian W.

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