William Rainsford

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Werewolf PC

Player: Jon Hesley
Character: Sylvester Marks
Auspice: Ithaeur
Aspect: Isibiluda
Calling: Forsaken
Territory: Lost Creek Estates
Wisdom: ooooo
Purity: oo
Cunning: oo
Rituals: ooooo
VST: Jules Cox

Character Information

Name: William Rainsford

Moon Sign/Auspice: Crescent Moon/Ithaeur

Tribe: Hunters in Darkness

Calling: Forsaken

Aspect: Isibiluda (Ritualist)

Lodge: Lodge of the Spirit Chains

Pack Name/Position: None at this time

OOC Information

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Player: Jon Kenneth Augustine Hesley

MES Number: US2009094694

Location: DFW, Texas South Central Region (PC Location Westward Haven - The Wolf Within )

Membership Class MC 8

Office(s) Mage VST Fort Worth

Character Story Before First Change


Born to a middle class family, with loving parents. His mother was widowed early in his youth, dad dying in some bar fight or something. They lived in a nice, but small, suburban home. Dad took him hunting and fishing, and taught him everything that he learned in survival school. Mother raised rabbits in the back yard, and the family ate them. Mom taught him how to skin and sew from the pelts, and he would sell them around the neighborhood door to door for some extra cash. He did not really as a kid like playing with others, except a few other kids who liked going on nature hikes. He kept to himself as a bit of an introvert, and kept his few friends close. He was always loyal to them, even when they disappointed him.

High School:

In his high school years, his parents died when their house was burned down. He was staying overnight at a friends. Their insurance was not a lot, but he was able to arrange to get a hands off chaperone from his godparents, and he exhausted the insurance paying down their debts and squandering it the way people do when they are young. Lesson learned. He hated books, but loved to think, write, and play chess and go. An avid gamer, he liked to play role playing games as well. Being a suburb school in the 80's he had access to stables, and worked there. Meeting ranchers, he got work as a laborer and cowboy when needed. He was part of the Roper crowd.

First Change

All that changed on the night of his first change of course.

His first hint that he was different was that during his senior year, he had problems sleeping. He would hear whispering voices he could not understand, in a language he did not speak. They came to him at night, when his subconscious and conscious were at the cusp of passing control. Obviously, he did not sleep much that year.

He stopped being able to work on the ranches, because the animals stopped liking him and began to fear him. Losing his job made him tap what remained of his savings from the inheritance and insurance that had yet to be squandered. Some dogs followed him, some challenged him, and some fled from him – random dogs out of nowhere. It all began to be strange.

He became lost in thought, color became more real, shadows darker and longer. He would lose track of time, walking for some time and going miles when he thought it was just a few minutes. He felt that strangers were watching him, following him. He became frightened. He spoke to the high school counselor, who at first dismissed them, and later wanted him to see a shrink.

School ended, he never seeing a shrink but that first time. The change happened in the summer after graduation.

The moon was a beautiful crescent – like the smiley face crescent that the moon takes sometimes in the summer months in Texas. He was out of work at the time, and he was spending some time in the woods. Losing track of time, it got darker faster than he expected it to. Then he saw something; a weird looking animal. He followed it, tracked it, stalked it. He eventually realized that whatever it was – it was baiting him. He realized this too late, and then everything hit him.

He saw this place where things seemed to shimmer in and out of reality. He was paralyzed with the nonsensical things he saw – their alien appearance and the general unreality of the the whole affair. Fear overtook him.

First, his skin began to itch all over. Then his arms grew and then shrank. He had that primal fear that overtakes you, like when you cannot stop vomiting, or your nose will not stop bleeding, or a panic attack makes it so you cannot even draw breath. That is what he experienced, and it was like these things that he saw knew what was happening and mocked him in his misery. He shifted between each of the shapes, tormented by the horror of his fear and the cruelty of their mockery. He eventually got the courage to flee, and in a panic he lost himself in the woods.

That is when he was found by the people. They taught him what he was and what it meant to be one of the people. They taught him the oath, and informed him of the dangers he would face. Various tribes tried to recruit him, except for the Hunters, and he stayed aloof for some time. Eventually, the Hunters came to him, and he realized that them ignoring him was part of the test to see if he was one of them at heart.

Character Story Before Chronicle

The total loss of his pack, with himself surviving, is what made him leave Fort Worth. They fell at the fangs and claws of The Pure. He survived alone. He could not take the emotional loss, so he ran away, as he did in his first change. He walked the gulf, staying briefly with other wolves, helping where he could, learning where he could.

He would talk to other shamans like himself, and learn from one another. He would speak to those more wise than he the same he would speak to those less renowned – with humility. He recognized how little he knew.

Character Story After Chronicle Start

William has returned from his wanderings to the city of his home,and of his grief. He visited with the alpha pack of the hegemony, and they sent him to watch over the place where his former pack died. Now, he spends his nights cleaning up a much neglected area, all the while dealing with the grief he though he had buried long ago.

Members of the Pack The Get of Fafnir




Stories of Renown

How William earned his first Purity Renown
The Ralunim looked upon him with their blessing when he swore the Oath to the Moon, and added the phrase 'Let No Sacred Place in your Territory Be Violated'

How William earned his second Purity Renown
During the War Against the Pure, William had stalked a wounded Pure. The wounded Pure had lain down, fatigued, tired and wounded, and was sleeping. William had the power of life and death over his prey, but even the Pure are of The People. To be Uratha is to fight among themselves, but there is a difference between slaying a foe in battle and outright murder of a helpless foe. For his act of mercy in memory of The Oath, he was smiled upon by The Ralunim

How William earned his first Wisdom Renown
William awoke to his inner nature when but a sliver of Mother Luna's face was obfuscated in the darkness of shadow. Such truth as revealed in that manifested metaphor, and his recognition of its message, aroused the curiosity of The Ithalunim and earned him renown among them

How William earned his second Wisdom Renown
William spent much time learning from others of all the moon signs and absorbing as much as he could of the knowledge of The People. He did not rush into a tribe, but instead spent some time aloof and patiently waited for The Meninna came to him and offered him a place. Further, he recognized that one cannot learn with a full cup, but rather one must empty the cup before one can fill it with the new truth of what it means to be of The People

How William earned his third Wisdom Renown
William used his knowledge of secret things (i.e. occult) to help learn the ban of an enemy spirit allied with The Pure in the War Against The Pure. Knowledge of this ban allowed them to defeat and bind the spirit, and prevented it from assisting The Pure in the campaign, thus depriving them of a powerful ally and asset

How William earned his fourth Wisdom Renown
William threw himself into the knowledge of wolves, the knowledge of spirits, and the knowledge of the rites of the people. He went out to various spirit courts, during the War Against The Pure, and negotiated with them to teach those who would earn renown the gifts they sought. By cataloging which spirits and courts offered which gifts, and working with them before renown was earned, he reduced the time required to learn new gifts after earning renown, and gave The Forsaken another advantage of time in their War Against The Pure. For such honor shown to spirits, as well as such promethean tactics, he earned the recognition of The Ithalunim again

How William earned his fifth Wisdom Renown
William worked with his mentor during The War Against The Pure and the two of them were able to successfully bind the War Totem of The Pure that were engaged in hostilities against the Forsaken community. By removing their War Totem from the field of battle, and binding it, they were able to take the wind out of the sails of their foe and help turn the tide of the campaign in favor of The Forsaken

How William earned his first Cunning Renown
William helped rescue a spirit that was trapped inside the shadow reflection of the Cattlepen Maze. After such a feat, the Irralunim looked with favor upon him.

How William earned his second Cunning Renown
William earned the blessing of renown from the spirit court of the Irralunim when he tricked a stone jaggling into teaching him the secrets of the Endurance Gift: Vigil with less than the required chiminage

Gifts Known

Level One Gifts Level Two Gifts Level Three Gifts Level Four Gifts Level Five Gifts
Partial Change Plant Growth Forest Communion Between the Weave Vanish
Shadow Speaking Shadow Discord
Two World Eyes Read Spirit

Rituals Known

Level One Rituals Level Two Rituals Level Three Rituals Level Four Rituals Level Five Rituals
The Spirit Brand Hallow Touchstone Rite of Healing Fetish Creation Risen the Wardens Close the Gates
Dedication Blessing of the Spirit Hunt Bind Spirit Forge Lunar Road The Oath and Fetter
Shared Scent Shadow Conveyance Call Jaggling Drawing Down the Shadow
Howl of Ownership Hunter's Howl Wake the Spirit Rending the Gauntlet
Call Beast Banish Spirit Call of the Empty Road
Luna's Acre Call Gaffling Mark of the Black Wolf
Chiminage Rite The Sacred Hunt
Open Moon Gate
Centering the Cairn

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