Wire Fraud

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Riley "Wire Fraud" "Superuser" "Wyldly Electric" "Loophole" "MapReduce" McKenzie
Ragabash, Silicon Sentinel, Homid, Elder
Alpha of The Devil's Path
Alpha of Sept of the Watchtower
Eldest Ragabash of the Silicon Sentinels

Information Known to the Nation

MapReduce is mouthy, hard partying kid. She loves hacking computers, stealing money from banks, and getting her friends fake ID's. She is wholeheartedly convinced that becoming a garou is the best thing that has ever happened to her - after all, the number of laws she is expected to obey has gone down to only 13, and some of those she is not even tempted to break. She is not great with authority and projects the invincibility of youth, even after the death of so many friends and mentors. Thrust into positions of leadership, she now rising to the task.

OOC Information

Player: Franny M.

MES Number: US2002034538

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Apocalypse PC

Player: | Franny M.
Character: Riley "Wire Fraud", "MapReduce" McKenzie
Auspice: Ragabash
Tribe: Silicon Sentinels
Position: Alpha of The Sept of the Watchtower, Alpha of Devil's Path
Rank: Elder
Domain: GA-010-D, The Black Dog
VST: Miranda Rosenblum