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WTG Clanheads

The Clans instituted the office of the Clanhead in an attempt to keep others out of their internal business and provide a universal face to the Camarilla that everyone can understand. Each large geographic area that contains a significant number of Kindred are encouraged to appoint a Clanhead. This Kindred serves as the visible and public leader of a clan in that geographic area. Clanheads are selected every May and report directly to the collective Elders of the Clan in their area and to a representative of the Camarilla as a whole.

The selection of a Clanhead varies between the Clans, but the backing of the Elders is a minimum requirement. The Brujah may hold a rant and debate over who has the proper vision for their Clan while the Ventrue may simply elect a Chairman of the Board by other Board members. The power that the Clanhead wields is usually a directly related to how much support they have from the Elders who place them into office.

The positions of Steward & Myrmidon do not exist in WTG.

Below is a list of clanheads for the UK, Spain, & France. Questions should be addressed to the WTG NST


Former archon Elder Angelino Hammer was elected clanhead in February, 2012. An Idealist focused on uniting the disparate groups within clan Brujah, he has managed to act as a leader to both the Camarilla and Anarchs, holding both to equally high expectations, and letting both see his anger when he feels they have failed. Despite his position, he makes little secret that his priorities are to clan over sect, and it's commonly thought this is why he was elected. He can be contacted at WTG NST.


The Gangrel have traditionally chosen not to have a clanhead, feeling there is no need for the position.


The Malkavian Clanhead position has been vacant since 2005 when the Malkavians voted to leave the position vacant for reasons known only to the individual Malkavians who voted.


Elder Ardante Saint-Martin was elected clanhead in March, 2015 on a manifesto of unity and kinship, the exact details are murky to anyone outside of Clan Nosferatu. He has encouraged the to close ranks against outsiders in recent times, leveraging their role as information brokers harder than before. Ardante's stance is controversial within the Tower, he's widely believed to be staunchly Clan-First but does not confirm nor deny, merely proclaiming Long May She Stand, when asked. He can be contacted at Elder Ardante


Jack Komnenos was elected to clanhead in February, 2015. His exact age is unknown since he only came onto the public kindred scene in March, 2014, but he is young. He’s travelled extensively across the globe making himself known as an enthusiastic individual keen to lend a hand, or an opinion, on most any topic whilst wearing ever more eccentric clothing. He began campaigning for the clanwide unity, and the clanhead position, in December, 2014. At the same time, he started using the surname of an elder from the Americas.


Former clanhead Elder Justin Forsythe was chosen as clanhead in September, 2014. The selection came as a bit of a surprise because he had traditionally focused more on internal clan matters than on Camarilla politics. He stepped down suddenly in March, 2015, explaining that he was no longer in touch with the clan. He can be contacted at WTG NST


Elder Katerina Bowesley, currently residing in Wales, was chosen as Ventrue clanhead in August, 2013. Lady Bowesley is a Camarilla loyalist and staunch supporter of the Traditions who prefers to work in the background. Astute political observers would note that she tries to avoid overt involvement in political conflict while working quietly to resolve them and maintain the reputation of her clan and those involved. She can be contacted at WTG NST.

How to Become Clanhead

A clanhead's term is for one year, although clanheads may hold the position for multiple terms. The clanhead selection process varies by clan with some clans holding an open election and others appointing clanheads by their superiors. Regardless of the selection process, clanheads need to have known support from clan members throughout WTG territory.

If you are interested in your PC becoming clanhead, first speak to the ST chain to discuss the expectations and requirements. Per the addendum, a clanhead is an "above local position" and is Top approval and only available to PCs which have been actively played in WTG for a minimum of 6 months. The other primary requirement is support from clan members. This support may be expressed as open IC voting for clans that hold elections, or as either IC or OOC statements of support in cases where a clanhead is selected by NPC superiors. Once support has been determined, the NST office will post an inquiry to the players requesting any final feedback, and to the STs to assure there are no objections. STs will only overturn a decision made by the PCs in extreme cases.