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Heart.gif It's hard not to hate...

People, things, institutions, when they break your spirit and take pleasure in watching you bleed. Hate is the only feeling that makes sense.

But I know what hate does to a man, tears him apart, turns him into something he's not. Something he promised himself he'd never become. That's what I need to tell you, to let you know how hard I'm trying not to cave under the weight of all the awful things I feel in my heart. Sometimes my life feels like a deadly balancing act, what I feel slamming up against what I should do. Impulsive reactions racing to solutions miles ahead of my brain...

When I look, I realize that most of my day is spent cleaning up the damage of the day before. In that life, I have no future. All I have is distraction and remorse. Every day is a new box, boys. You open it, you take a look at what's inside, you’re the one who determines if it's a gift, or a coffin.

Bright Future


I'm a Soldier.
These shoulders hold up so much
They wont budge, they'll never fall or fold up
I'm a Soldier
Even if my collar bones crush and crumble
I won't ever slip or stumble.

Time seems to move slower, the more of it you have... and I've had plenty.

Life has been one constant struggle after the other, with people and problems flitting in and out over the years. There has only remained one single constant. Allah. Without whom, even this pitiful existence we kindred like to refer to as "life" would and could mean absolutely nothing. Those people who entertain the notion of friendship, who seek commonalities in those around them generally find me not to their liking. I suppose I could be offended, or curious as to why I have this particular shortcoming. But I prefer simply to acknowledge it and press forward. No one ever won a war while constantly looking backwards over his shoulder.

Many years I survived in Damascus. I say survived as that's really the only good word for it. I did learn who I was, how to survive, and how to carve a place for myself in the night. Useful skills I suppose, if that's your only goal... survival. Myself, I tend to focus on more positive intentions, to persevere, to grow, and to flourish. To better myself by bettering those around me. To help others find a purpose and fulfillment in their existence. It isn't always easy, but it is always possible if you know how, and believe me, I've had a lot of practice. The Banu Haqim have a number of sayings, many of which you can only hear once, before your life's blood abandons your mortal shell. One however I've kept close to heart. Loosely translated it says. "Free those who lead a meaningless life."

So if you see me, embrace me as a brother, I swear I have your best interests at heart. Deny me however, and may Allah be merciful upon you on your day of judgement... However soon that may be.


Mask L.jpg Mask R.jpg

Dear son your words have reached me
And for that I can carry on
I'll guide you in spirit
Today I'll be home

I like to believe he's the fallen one
I like to believe he's the chosen one
The rebirth of man heals a bleeding heart
The eagle of kings wears my fathers soul

Dead but rising

Volbeat - Dead but Rising

A friendly and helpful air about him, while simultaneously carrying himself in a way that show's he's known more than peace. A love for chimestry as a part of his every day life. A sense of humor that generally focuses on degradation or manipulation. An ability to make friends and influence people. A true loyalty to those who share common beliefs. A quick temper towards those who do not, or will not listen.

Lies, Lies, Lies.

Lazuli Matoxtli Pisanob Lindsey Eileen Vargas
Your Name Your Name Your Name Your Name Your Name
Your Name Your Name Your Name Your Name Your Name

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Manonfire.jpg X Dot.png"When I first saw him the possibility of him burned into my mind like the terrible light of an ever-illuminating sun. And he never disappointed me --- he took to Mayaparisatya like the air he breathed. But those were terrible times and terrible things we did together. He never disappointed me, but I did come to fear that which I had made." Lazuli
X Dot.png"War. Strength. Wholesale slaughter, when required. These are our 'common interests,' he and I."Tamerlane
X Dot.png"I like you."Dieci
X Dot.png"I feel truly torn about him. I understand the desire to thumb your nose at the powers that be, at every one of their long-held ideals that grind those of us like him and I under their boot heels. But I know there are things you cannot just say, cannot just do no matter how you feel. There are moments I feel a sense of kinship with him. There are moments I can't help but wonder if it is actions like his that are what continue to perpetuate the ideas and stereotypes of Independents I wish so much to break free of. I find myself watching him curiously...whether he will help or hinder, only time will tell." Mina Chandler
X Dot.png"Yes, he lives in my city." (Any further questions about X are met with a steely glare.) — Prince Kathryn Watson
X Dot.png"The vanity of immortality is a dangerous thing. In some it produces the desire to built eternal monuments. In others it embodies the challenge of tearing them down." Captain Sawyer
X Dot.png "'E really needs to wear proper trousers." App Baxter
X Dot.png "He's alright. A little like me. It's flattering, really. But I was antagonizing Watson before it was so mainstream."Alexis Godot
X Dot.png "Once upon a time there was a poor traveler that made its way into a fine city. It danced and japed for scraps of bread and the seedier elements of the city were amused and provided it with sustenance. The traveler, thinking itself welcome, presumed to make a wry jest about the city, its leaders and its quality. It was flayed and nailed to a tree to be food for scavengers. The end." - An observation from Phillip Avery Redgrave
X Dot.png "When one starts a conversation with a Ravnos, one always wonders where it will go. It has has proven to be most interesting."Zahra Blanc
X Dot.png "His brazen approach toward the world around him seemed foolish, at first. But, after reflection upon his abilities and experiences, it made sense. All in all, quite fascinating."Matoxtli Pisanob
X Dot.png "Kindred always look for the violence first. Within our fragile psyches the negative weighs so much more heavily than the positive. He is also a Brahmin, a guru, a light for those that seek it."Chandra de Soissones
X Dot.png "I recall a troubled youth causing a ruckus in Paris. It seems like not too long ago and he turned out to be quite useful in the end."Cenotaph
X Dot.png "GOD DAMNIT X!"D
X Dot.png "X. One day my friend, you and I will come to terms with the past. You and I will, I promise come to an understanding. If it means your blood and ashes in the wind, then so be it."Christopher Cooper
X Dot.png "Clever. Very clever."Marisa Boyd
X Dot.png "Fifty bucks? Your ol' lady was worth every penny. CFFC."Johnny Rocket
X Dot.png "X is my favorite kind of person. I come out ahead whether he rises or falls. Though I would prefer the former."Enid Markson
X Dot.png "No. I don't think I understand him at all. No. I don't think I should try. I believe I am content with standing here, while he stands far over there."Viktor Cantemir
X Dot.png "I want him to be an ally, it is clear we have a lot in common, both past and present. Still, he may have alliances that will conflict with what I am trying to do... I hope we can come to an accord and develop a beautiful working relationship."Valeria Vasko
X Dot.png "Not all paths of service are straight and narrow. Some are the winding, twisting path through darkness into the light. The Red Alastor is a unique man upon a singular path and his service to the Tower is unquestionable. I hope to call him my ally, I yearn to call him my friend."Thomas Blackwell
X Dot.png "I don't actually know much about him yet. We haven't really worked together. He seems perfectly reasonable in a social environment. The one thing I definitely like is that the one person I haven't heard throw around X's title as a Red Alastor is X himself. I think that says a lot."Tyler Vaughn
X Dot.png "It has been said that former highwaymen make the best gendarmes."Eileen Vargas
X Dot.png "Your quote here."Character name

The Real Truth


Player: John Finkbiner.
Sect: Camarilla
Clan: Ravnos
Domain: Seattle
VST: VST Seattle


X Dot.pngSoldier -Eminem
X Dot.pngKiller Number 2 -Bunraku — Purpose driven and pointed. A true killer from head to toe. Inspirational.
X Dot.png"Dirthouse -Static X"

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Kamundari Arunchaleshwara

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Chandraputra the Warrior,
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Sessiz Labirendi

Pull it
Squeeze it
Till it's empty
Tempt me
Push me
I need a good reason to give this trigger a good squeeze...