Xavier Guard

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Sheriff of Raleigh, NC

Guildmaster of the Guild of the Bladed Dance


Acknowledged within the Camarilla

Confirmed by merit within the Camarilla

Priviledged As Sheriff

Enforcer As Sheriff

Courageous by Prince Elijah Hunter

Favored by Elder William Calloway

Honorable by Prince Elijah Hunter

Favored by Prince Lucien

Loyal by Raphael de Corazon

Xavier Guard

Character Information
Clan: Toreador
Sect: Camarilla
City: Raleigh, NC
Player: Rob Nunley
Storyteller: Andrew T. Hermann
Xavier Guard

Notable Traits

  • He appears human and usually is seen wearing some manner of fine suit for Kindred business.
  • He always wears on his belt a hand-crafted Chinese longsword, and seems unhappy to part with it.
  • He is usually very polite and careful with his words.

Known to Kindred Society

  • Xavier appeared in Kindred society only approximately fifteen years ago.
  • Xavier is a very accomplished martial artist, and owns a private school somewhere in the Triangle Area.
  • He has offered his services as a teacher to any Kindred who wish to learn the martial arts or have their ghouls learn.

Known to Local Kindred

Known to Clan Toreador

  • Xavier is the founder of the Guild of the Bladed Dance.
  • Xavier is serving under Myrmidon Wagner as one of his Thorns, covering the Southeast region.
  • Xavier's lineage comes out of Africa.
  • He is a vocal proponent for martial arts form to be considered high art alongside dance and other performance schools.




Words on the Street


  • He defeated an Elder in one-on-one combat during a demonstration without suffering even a scratch.
  • He killed his sire on the night of his Embrace, but he's escaped punishment because she was not a member of the Camarilla.
  • His sire was a member of the Sabbat.
  • One of his first mentors was an Anarch, he gets very uncomfortable when asked about it.
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  • "Xavier is a man of taste, civility, and art. Soft spoken, but don't underestimate him for it. I believe he is someone with a great sense of loyalty, and I am happy to be on the right side of it." - Virginia Smith
  • "Though he is a man of few words and sharp blade, I cannot tell you what a perfect Rose he is and can be. Delightful and respectful in conversation as well as a wise soul. One is lucky to meet him." - Deborah Phenoix
  • "Refined, skilled, talented, and lethal. He would have made an outstanding Ventrue just as he has proven to be a true friend." - Maximillion Ulrich Von Bek
  • "A darling gentleman. We met once, by chance, and in the bustle of parted ways I lost his name. Recently, we crossed paths once more--and I will not be so clumsy as to lose him, again." - Orenna Komnenos
  • "He was stone to my wind and each time I turned, there he stood again, serene to let me orbit him. It was a form of dance, I know, and his smile said he knew it as well." - Jillian Renard
  • "Whenever I am confronted with one who's abilities allow him to treat forge as an artist's canvas (instead of the simple craft of beating on molten metal with a hammer), I am sorely reminded of how mean my own skill truly is." - Henry Fuller
  • "His calm, steadfast dedication to his clan impressed Herr Wagner, and proved worthy of all trust placed in him." - Vera Kaufman
  • "It's refreshing to see someone else rising up the ranks of the clan as well. He understands the tightrope act that it is to be in the spotlight." - Spencer
  • "One of my greatest failures as a student. It truly it is a shame,he needs only to stop trying to live up to what he believes to be what is expected of him and start living for himself, then he would finally start to gain wisdom." - Dorian Brousard
  • "Your quote here." - You

“Be extremely subtle, even to the point of formlessness. Be extremely mysterious, even to the point of soundlessness. Thereby you can be the director of the opponent's fate.”

– Sun Tzu