Yasir Khedda

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Changeling PC

Player: Jeff Kramer
Character: Yasir Khedda
Seeming: Fairest
Kith: Shadowsoul/Brewer
Court: Winter
Freehold: Aguadilla
VST: April Douglas

Character Information

Name: Yasir Khedda

Seeming: Fairest

Kith: Shadowsoul/Brewer

Court: Winter

Title or Position:

Entitlement: Guild of the Sacred Journey

Information Known By Changeling Society



Yasir stands a little over 2 meters tall, with a dusky complexion. This is set off by his piercing blue eyes. He wears stylish but well traveled clothing, with a eye towards usability over flash. He appears to be about 30.


Yasir's eyes grow even brighter, becoming formless orbs of blue. His skin and body fade more towards shadow, making him look nothing more than an exceptional statue made of darkness itself. His hands are shot back with white - as if he was holding something in both of them that exploded.


An aura of biting cold settles over him like a cloak, and a rime of frost is crisp on his hair (Winter 3).

Notable Traits



  • Has done some work with *Kage* - but what would a affable fellow like him need with a hardened killer?
  • The bar is just a front for some sort of nefarious work.
  • Yasir makes the worst margarita on the island.
  • Yasir sometimes knows things before they happen.

Things Said About Yasir

  • "Yasir seems pretty cool, and I've fought alongside him before. Had a good experience with him, would work with him again. I get the feeling he always has a contingency plan. I also get the feeling he'd never tell what those plans are in advance!" - DJ Radix

Things Yasir Has Said

OOC Information

Player: Jeff Kramer

MES Number: US2008042210

Location: Seattle (Character in PR)