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В крови мы едины


Status in Kindred Society

  • Acknowledged by Elder Prince Kopaki
  • Confirmed as Elder
  • Established as Elder
  • Privileged as Elder
  • Noble as Primogen
  • Favored by Elder Feodor Krasny
  • Loyal by Mike Dante, Toreador Clanhead of Canada
  • Loyal by Clè DeMontes, Toreador Clanhead of America
  • Loyal by Dravon Von Jaeger, Elder Prince of New Orleans, Gangrel Myrmidon
  • Courteous by Ott, Harpy of Savannah

Details Known to Kindred Society

  • Yelena spends a fair bit of time crafting unique pieces of jewelry for Elders of the Tower.
  • While in the Sabbat, Yelena was once Archbishop of St.Petersburg, then later Warlord of Russia.

Rumors Heard by Kindred Society

  • She once "cleansed" Russia of all Camarilla presence.
  • She holds her entire lineage below her self under the blood oath.
  • She holds Church Hunters and templars at her beck and call directly from the Vatican.
  • She was a Nun in her mortal life.
  • She was Ductus of the "Bloody Heart" pack, responsible for destroying scores of elders across Europe.
  • She seems to always have a back door into the upper echelons of power anywhere she goes.
  • She appeared to be on the front lines in several Sabbat victories in Europe during the 1700s - 1800s.
  • She was embraced sometime during the Dark Ages.
  • She spent a majority of her time in the Sabbat aiding Camarilla members.
  • She and now deceased Forbes were more involved than they let on.
  • She has never diablerized and was a known diablerist hunter.
  • Somewhere on the East coast an Architect of the Anarch movement is wearing one of her creations...and the engravings on that work contain hidden knowledge known only to the two of them.
  • It hasn't been confirmed, but some say she helped with the freeing of many a gargoyle from their master's clutch.

Quotes from Kindred Society

(Feel Free to Add)

  • "In Russia we would have simply beheaded you, however, the prince feels you may be salvaged. I shall give you to my childe and he shall determine if your existance warrants saving. Pray you learn well." -Yelena Davydov on an unauthorized embrace
  • "It is not the beauty of this rose you should fear, but the brambles which she commands." -Feodor Krasny
  • "Mother said I'm not released!" "...Damn right you aren't and if you call me mother again you won't be coming out of the car trunk." -Yelena to Beauregard
  • "Yelena? No I wouldn't call her a force to be reckoned with... that doesn't leave you with that scent of fear that lingers in her wake." -Zelda De Rosa
  • "Most of us suffer through the endless night, braced against the edge of the Beast, struggling to not be ground into dust and ash. Against Yelena's relentless edge, it is the Beast who suffers." -Master Harpy Forbes, Domain of Austin
  • "Yelena is my salvation. I'd kill for her just to see her smile. She would walk through Gehenna for her family." -Hestia
  • "Usually I just called her the Iron Bitch of the East, but sometimes when I called her Sister, it was more than just a title." -Serafin
  • "It's a personal pastime of mine to make her ask questions where the answer will make her blush or get flustered. That said, come for her, and I'll be vacuuming up what's left of you." -Scarlett Thorne
  • "I still can't fathom the depths of this woman's knowlege of things. I find myself loving her, respecting her, and being terribly fearful of her all at the same time. She can be sweet one moment, and ice cold, enough to chill your very bones the next if you do something that displeases her... She was forged in fire as much as I was, and perhaps more.. it seems." -Amelia Thorne
  • "There is nothing I would not do for my beloved Grandmother, my love and respect for her transcends mortal understanding and my fear of her keeps me honest and pure." -Dr. Alex Pond
  • "The tone of her communication was strong ... imposing. I knew she was someone of power and importance. But she also has honor in her words and treats them with respect, even when they are so much lower in importance. But, I don't think I want to know what happens when she finds you have no importance." -DC
  • "Elder Davydov is motherly indeed. She seems to have taken a likeness to Taka. He still isn't sure if it is a good thing or a bad thing but Taka won't look a gift horse in the mouth." -Taka
  • "There are some things you must believe about this Elder. Flawlessly courteous, a gifted artisan...and probably the most lethal member of the clergy since any five of the Borgias." -Malcolm Donovan
  • "She carries herself as one of the Devout. That can be a terrifying experience if you shall cross her. Consider that before you make your step." -Stoneking
  • "I should have known that the young nuns that helped out school were vampires. They didn't want people to have fun either." Danny McManus
  • "Sometimes, all it takes is a brief conversation to start building something better, compassion like politeness cost so little, but can move mountains and change much. I hope that change can come." -Tony D
  • "She is poised. Like a monument. The respect and admiration for her is clear and unwavering. I did not have direct words with her, but her authority within our shared situation was an asset to all." -Danielle Ropchan

Known Allies

  • House Thorne

Known Enemies

  • If they know your intentions, then you have already done something wrong.

Blood is Thicker Than Water (OOC Information for Lineage Ties)

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