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This is the wiki page of a Vampire the Masquerade game based in Yorkshire. The games should be held every four weeks on a FRIDAY. Do contact the coordinator or ST for confirmation before travel. The next game will be held at Nostell Village Hall (aka The Hut), Swine Lane, Nostell, Wakefield WF4 1QT on the 15TH of July 2016.

National Masquerade Wiki

If you have any questions, or would like to join us then please e-mail yorkshirebynight@gmail.com

Details of known characters of this Domain, can be found here.

Domain Details

Domain Name: Yorkshire by night

Domain Number: GIR013

Venue Name: Cam/ anarch

Lead Venue Storyteller: Andy Richardson

Assistant Storyteller:

Storyteller Contact: yorkshirebynight@gmail.com

Coordinator Contact: yorkshirebynightcoordinator@gmail.com

Styles of Play

Action (Combat and challenges): 3

There are NPCs to fight if you want to. Or you can choose not to.

Character Development (Personal dilemmas and choices): 1

Your character develops emotionally more or less as you choose. You can add drama if you wish to. Or you can just take the actions that might help your character survive.

Darkness (PC death or corruption): 4

The plot is trying to kill your character.

Drama (Ceremony and grand story): 1

This more or less won't be a feature unless you make it one.

Intrigue (Politics and negotiation): 2

In theory there are politics. In practice the opportunities for nuanced political play will be overwhelmed by plots that will kill you.

Manners (Social etiquette and peer pressure): 2

You can do whatever you can get away with.

Mystery (Enigmas and investigation): 3

There are mysteries, but investigating them is difficult and unlikely to yield anything.

Pace (How fast do stories emerge, develop, and resolve?): 4

Miss a couple of games and the plot may kill you without you having any solutions.

General Theme

The county of Yorkshire in 2015 is in a period of instability. The current Prince is the fourth this year, his court is slipping away, there's a curse that's going to kill all the Kindred in the domain, there are remarkably well-armed Hunters backed by improbably large amounts of cash, and of course even in more stable times the county itelf is huge and impossible to control.

Ratings Description:

1 - Never present

2 - Sometimes present

3 - Often present

4 - Usually present

5 - Always present

Description of Venue


The modern history of the Yorkshire domain starts at the outbreak of World War 2, in 1939. At the start of the war the Elders and dignitaries of the Camarilla moved to safety, away from the terror caused by the Luftwaffe. Although some Elders stayed, most lost contact with society, in an attempt to protect themselves. Younger Kindred largely stayed and the area even saw a slight increase in the neonate population, as they endured and grew in power and influence.


The Princes of Yorkshire, making up the separate domains of York, Wakefield, Huddersfield, Sheffield, Leeds and Hull meet to discuss the outbreak of WW2. There is a mixture of feeling amongst the Princes - some see it as an opportunity for control and dominion, whilst others fear the Nazis; their bombs and the opportunity this might give the Camarilla's enemies.


The Prince of York, Edward Burns, declares that the true law of Princes is reflected in the ideology of the Nazis. Shortly after this the Prince disappears, in suspicious circumstances, when a fire, apparently started by a stray bomb, destroyed his haven. After this incident none of the Princes openly show support for the Nazis and several of them (Sheffield and Leeds in particular) come out strongly against the Nazi ideology. Although the Princes were now united (perhaps scared by what happened in York) they start to go silent. Courts stop meeting. Elders are not seen within Camarilla society and become harder to contact.

1941 - 1945

There isn't a single court, of note, held within Yorkshire during this period. No Elders are heard from, with the Princes seemingly abandoned their domains. Gradually the younger vampires became bolder. At first some of them declare themselves Prince, others are self-styled regents, who then become Prince, when they aren't challenged.

Christmas 1945

A court is held, in Leeds, to celebrate the end of the war. Kindred report being harassed by a mad man on the way to court. The mad man tells of a war to come, but is ignored and laughed at by those attending. Rumours suggest that this could have been a Malkavian Elder, by the name of George, who later became a popular reference for an omen of bad things to come.

The gathering at a manor house, on the outskirts of Leeds, becomes known as the "Victory Massacre" or the "Christmas Massacre". Only rumours exist of what happened. Some say that the Sabbat attacked and diablerised everyone, others suggest infernalism and some suggest that Edward Burns, former Prince of York enacted terrible retribution on those who took the Prince positions. Whatever the outcome there are only rumours that anyone survived that night.

1946 - 2013

The domains of Yorkshire were never reformed in their pre-war state. Attempts were made by several Kindred, but they never succeeded. The Princes moved on, the courts dissolved and positions went unfilled. The most enduring of these still lasts tonight - the domain of Yorkshire.

As with most things, the exact date of the latest Prince's arrival is not known. It is likely to have been between 1970 and 1985. Some have claimed to have been acknowledged earlier, but it has never been given a formal date. Prince Arthur Glavin has declared himself Prince of Yorkshire several times, with varying degrees of fanfare. He has held court roughly every 2 years, but they have never been huge events and nothing significant has really happened. He is known to be frustrated by the population's lack of response to his "rule" and that he wants to build something larger than the domains of London or Edinburgh, or any of the other English domains.


Prince Glavin tried to make the court more active.


Glavin took a sabbatical and Seneschal Shaw of Clan Ventrue made a coup. Then he was murdered by Glavin. Then Glavin was killed in an ambush. Elder Carmine claimed praxis by email, but didn't show up to his own coronation, so Elder Dreadful took over. Then Elder Dreadful quit and gave the title to Elder Carmine. So now he's in charge.

Character creation notes

Characters should be aware of who acknowledged (accepted) them into the Camarilla. Acknowledgement should not be assumed and should be discussed with the ST before your character enters the game, especially if you believe your character to have been acknowledged into the Camarilla by Prince Glavin.

You may know more details about any of the characters mentioned in the premise, depending on your character’s background. If you want to have been one of these figures, or to have known/ been acknowledged by/ had a link to one of them please let the ST team know.

Storytelling Mechanics

Character Record

Must have an up to date character sheet on the approvals database. (rules regarding sheets, approvals, logs etc.)


Any special arrangements for attendance must be made before the game. This includes additional weapons, bringing ghouls or uses of Possession.


Proxies are not encouraged. The proxy rules are as per the WTG addendum.


The Yorkshire domain is easy to travel around and you're never that far away from somewhere to stay. Cheap hotels and abandoned buildings can be found through the county.


As in the book.

Downtime and Downtime Reports

As per BNS rules. Downtimes will not be processed if received less than 6 days before the game. (Format, deadlines, response times)

Experience Award Guidelines

As per BNS rules and WTG addendum.