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Character Information


Name: yoUR FRieNd
Clan: Malkavian


  • Confirmed Ancilla of the Camarilla
  • Accepted in Austin, Texas – Prince Robyn Remington

Notable Traits:

  • An Obvious Predator
  • His face is always covered in bandages... that is to say, if there even is a face under there.
  • His clothes are infested with cockroaches which can occasionally be seen skittering from one hole, pocket, or wrinkle to another. He's mostly indifferent to these little stowaways, but might occasionally snatch one up and swallow it.
  • He continually projects an aura of “wrongness”, like a silent song or a faint peculiar smell that gives him an Eerie Presence.
  • Apparently suffering some compulsion that prevents him from introducing himself as anything other then “Your Friend”. Nor can he say the word “Malkavian” It's not clear that he actually knows his name, even if he could say it.
  • Has a poor grip on the concepts of an 'inside voice' or 'personal space'.
  • Regards the traditions and institutions of the Camarilla with a fanatical reverence.
  • Possess incredible physical strength, speed, and durability, owing to a mastery of disciplines of the blood unusual in most Malkavians.


  • Unknown


Spent an unknown number of years or decades crushed and stuffed inside a 3ft by 3ft red wooden box. The box's original owner, and how a vampire came to be torpered within it, are not known.

In early August 2016 the box came into the custody of Astrid Malikov who released and reanimated the contents. Astrid reintroduced him to kindred society at a "Heaven/Hell Toreador Gala" in Austin Texas, where upon JeannieIerardi nicknamed him “Joe”.

Late September 2016: Is accepted into the Domain of Austin and demonstrates his loyalty by gifting a Life Boon to the throne.

Known Associations

  • Astrid Malikov -Friend and benefactor, seeking to somehow repair some aspect of his broken nature.
  • Stoneking -Begrudging mentor, seeking to insure this vampire remains an asset to the Tower rather then an potentially unstable monster.


  • He's not really a Malkavian. They just broke him and reshaped him. He's really a captured Brujah antitribu.
  • The "bad thing" he did? He's an infernalist that they managed to reform. Or so they claim.
  • They don't cover his face because it's been removed. They cover it because he's someone we'd recognize. Maybe someone who's gone missing recently. And when you think about the number of Princes in Austin that have fallen...


  • (In French) "I am delighted to make his acquaintence...just never let him do that again and he and I will be perfectly fine I'm sure of it."-Guillaume de'Marianne
  • "I don't know where Astrid found him or the particulars of his background, but my friend is a breath of fresh air among my clan mates." - Alta Devereux
  • "He told me he doesn't understand fun, so I sent him off to Jeannie. Really it was a myself." - Jayne Joyce
  • "Despite all of his faults I can't help but like this friend of mine. Just don't let him fool you, he is more that he seems." Lucas Ebonwood
  • "They were passing my friend around like an exhibit in a freak show, I couldn't allow that. He is strange, overzealous, loud, but extremely loyal and dedicated. When I find his captors we'll have a nice long chat... if they have a reasonable excuse I may even leave them with hope of escape when I let him into the room." -Astrid Malikov
  • "At first I thought he was of Clan Nosferatu, with the whole face covering thing and creep voice. But once I got to work with him...I still agree he's creepy, and believe me, I've seen some things in my lifetime. Doesn't mean he isn't good to have around or isn't...your friend...makes me wonder what he'd be if he wasn't your friend." - Zack Snyder
  • "Oh he's very nice. Such such a handsome face. And very willing to help. He is, indeed, my friend." - Mabel Ruby
  • "He has earned my ire with his words, but his dedication can redeem him. I will see the strength of his mettle." - Stoneking
  • "He is a brave and honorable man; may the coming nights see the fruition of his goals." - Grace Foster
  • "The boy has passion. We'll be fine so long as Mio Amico keeps that passion turned away from me." - Angelo
  • "He's a rabid fuckin' dog and someone's gonna have to put him down eventually. I just hope it ain't me." - Vincenzo Putanesca
  • "Many say the are my friend, many say they will help me. I believe My Friend." - Nova
  • "This one is an interesting one. He's loud, long winded, and very unique. Let's watch him." -Alton Cromwell
  • "Ladies...look...there are many Malkavians that serve many purposes , however our friend here....he wishes to serve the ultimate purpose and strengthen the tower...let us see how long and we'll he dangles from his marionette strings before he either chokes himself or strangles the puppet master. Definitely Italy my favorite piece on the Knight is my most valued and unpredictable piece." Abelard
  • "Everyone deserves a face and a name. I won't rest until Joe gets both." - Jeannie
  • "Never before have I seen someone with such a strong affront towards anyone or anything even slightly against the Tower. It makes me wonder if this is not simply a facade. Either way, Friend is... Interesting. I'd like to see more of him, and what he can do." Aramas
  • "I shall endeavor to ask the fellow, more about his past and if he wishes to learn more. All.but a sample of his blood would be needed, and as much as he angers others shouldn't be to hard to aquire." - Salvadore Strozza
  • "I wonder if your Friend's admirable propensity to toss himself in harm's way to defend the Tower will end him tonight. If not, he may yet prove very useful as a cudgel in defense of our sect another evening." - Nathaniel Lannick
  • "I pity him, for what has been done to him. He isn't my friend, but I hope he might find peace and serenity one day." - Harper Gray
  • "So I honestly thought I had missed a member of our clan, given his features and...unsettling voice. But he seems to be a loyal member of the Tower and of his clan, and that is good enough. We all have our gifts, and come in very different packages to hide the monster within. I wonder how close his sits to the surface." - Bernard Green

OOC Information

Character Information
Clan: Malkavian
Sect: Camarilla
City: Austin, TX
Player: []
Storyteller: Nick Kice

Player: David Clifford

MES Number: US2013050152