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Wiki page for the MES Requiem PC, "Yuuko Miyako, of House Loris, Les Succubi Carriere

-- played by Priscilla T. (US2013110033), yuuko.miyako@gmail
-- PC is attached to the Columbus GA VSS for "Twilight Basin Requiem"

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Character Information
Clan: Daeva •••
Coterie: Black Hats
Conspiracy: LUXCorps •••
Cadence: 3
City: Huntsville, AL ••
Player: Priscilla T.
Storyteller: Kimberly Cooper]

Additional Character Information

House Loris
Icon daeva.pngOur Lineage TiesIcon daeva.png




Name: Yuuko Miyako (優子 美夜子)
Embrace Date: March 1, 1980
Apparent Age: 25
Clan: Daeva
Covenant: Ordo Dracul
Covenant Title: Scribe of the Untamed Hunger (Ordo Dracul Knowledge only)
Clan Ctatus: Valued Daeva
Covenant Status: Recognized Dragon
City Status: Recognized Citizen of Columbus, GA

Noticeable Traits

Yuuko is 5'4, with shoulder-length hair, brown eyes and Striking Looks 4. Often seen in court wearing a red dress and a mini hat in support of the House Loris colors and her coterie. She was occasionally spotted in professional wear and glasses if her schedule is packed in the early evenings. In some special events, she will dress up as a nerd to amuse certain members in the family.

Background Story

Yuuko was born in 1955 as the third child to Shuichi Miyako, oldest son and head of the family line. Her mother was his second mistress and one of three contenders who were pressured to bear a son in order to secure their importance within the household.

There was a great change that happened to Japan after WWII. While the country thrived economically, the advancement clashed with traditional views, bearing a generation of women who were far more ambitious than their older peers. Within this time period, the Miyako family boomed from the influx of medical advances. As a patriarch of the family, Shuichi was burdened with the need to portray success through his business tact and in turn, his legal wife and unmentioned mistresses were burdened with the need to produce a son to carry on the growing empire of biomedical instrumentation.

It came to no one’s surprise that peacefulness within the Miyako estate was hardly one to admire. While the wives of Shuichi fought hard to secure his attention and ultimately the command of all the servants, Yuuko and her three sisters were as cold as to each other as the family heirloom blades that would never see the light in a woman’s hands. Then, in the year of 1975, twenty years later, Shuichi Miyako finally obtained his wish and a fifth child was born, male and of direct blood to Yuuko. The repercussions were immediate. The first wife was removed from the registration list and Yuuko’s mother, Yuuki Miyako, was successful in having her status raised from mistress to legal wife.

In Japanese culture, this represents a significant change in power. Yuuko, compared to her sisters, was able to receive more resources to pursue better education and acquire a potentially powerful mate to strengthen the ties of the family. With a temperament that is as patient and quiet as her mother’s, Yuuko was seen as a desirable candidate as the wife of a political figure. Money was invested in Yuuko by the time she was ready for university. Yuuko was sent to the United States to attend college in Washington DC so that she may make the necessary business connections, attempting to influence lawmakers and their sons alike by allowing the Miyako medical industry to have their products inspected internally and sold to the largest consumers in the world.

The family had planned for Yuuko to strictly focus on her studies in international diplomacy and other humanities and social sciences. Their daughter, however, had other plans. Once away from the prying eyes of her guardians and exposing herself to the company’s assets, Yuuko found more fascination with the science behind the technology that she did in the business aspect. So for years, she studied medical subjects under the guise of an International Diplomacy major and on her final year, she collected enough money in her personal account to make the switch to a full medical degree and a specialization in Anesthesiology.

Baffled by her audacity, Yuuko Miyako was formally disowned by the Miyako clan. With her newfound freedom, Yuuko flourished in the research industry that desperately searched for the next best medicinal factor to its growing health-conscious consumers. It was at this time where Yuuko met Dr. Wesley Reader, a subtle man who was quite knowledgeable about the human genome and held certain sway in the medical industry. Yuuko served as his ghoul where she underwent a year’s worth of social experimentation before her embrace into House Loris on March 1st, 1980.

Yuuko was introduced to the rest of the House Loris Family, including her great-grandsire (Orlando Lido), her grandsire, Hayden Sinclair, Hayden’s twin Adalrico Nikkos, and her aunt, Isadora Devine, who is a childe of Rico. Isadora, (or in this case, Aunt Izzy,) served as strong influence for the newly embraced neonate, prompting Yuuko to pursue new medical advances and enjoy life a little more. So Yuuko’s next specialization was invested in cosmetic surgery, a field that just keeps on growing. Izzy was able to put her skills to good use, for they were complimentary to her journalistic business. After all, Hollywood has its fair share of plastic.

During this time, she also met Thadeus Turing, a man who specialized in the field of computers and a Mehket of the Carthian Movement. Thadeus soon proved to be a valuable and loyal family friend. He was hired by Aunt Izzy and served as her security consultant. In 1981, the four moved to Huntsville, Alabama, a city that was starting to experience a boom from government funding in the defense department.

Yuuko was soon released and free to pursue whatever she wanted. Against the wishes of her Sire, she joined the Ordo Dracul in attempts to move beyond the Kindred condition, and because of her strong sense of curiosity in their methods. As a doctor, researcher and a scientist, the lure of chasing after the Dragon’s tail was almost an instinct. Yuuko took her abilities and skills as a cosmetic surgeon and actively participated in her Aunt’s plans, helping her build connections with celebrities and media mongers across the country. As superficial as silicon goes, it was enough to make an impact to those who really wanted perfection in the eyes of others.

Towards the end of 2013, Yuuko was finally called back to be a more consistent presence as the political climate in Huntsville began to shift dramatically. In the first week of January 2014, shortly after the new Prince publicly eviscerated his last political opposition, her Aunt Isadora Devine advised in open court that the new prince had become too unstable and should take some much needed rest. Surprisingly, he listened, naming her as Prince as he left court. Within the hour, Dr. Wesley Reader was named Royal Harpy to Prince Isadora Devine and Yuuko Miyako was made the Seneschal of Northern Alabama.

Summary Timeline

  • December 16, 1955 - Yuuko Miyako was born in Tokyo, Japan.
  • August 1975 - Yuuko left Japan for Washington, DC and was enrolled in American University
  • 1977 - Yuuko's major swtitched to the medical sciences
  • January 1979 - Yuuko was ghouled by Dr. Wesley Reader
  • March 1, 1980 - Yuuko Miyako was embraced by Dr. Wesley Reader
  • 1980 - Moved to Hunstville, AL to be close to Isadora Devine and Dr. Wesley Reader
  • 1981 - Studied cosmetic surgery and its applications.
  • 1981-2013 - Traveled a lot to conduct cosmetic surgeries for celebrities around the country
  • September 2012 - Met Athenodora Eudoxia Last in Detroit, MI and found her to be quite an amusing character. Yuuko took the both of them to Detroit's Fashion Week with complimentary tickets and backstage passes from her celebrity clients. The pair shared nights that Yuuko would rarely reveal in public.
  • 2014 - Appointed as Seneschal of Northern Alabama by Her Grace, Isadora Devine
  • February 7, 2014 - Attended Joey Dagger's play at The Show
  • March 29, 2014 - Attended the release ceremony of her cousin, Gabrielle Masters and witnessed the successful praxis claim of His Grace E.W. Monroe, Duke of Mississippi.
  • April 5, 2014 - Reunited with her mortally related brother and now kindred, Tanuma Miyako, at the gathering.
  • May 5, 2014 - Stepped down from the position of Seneschal in order to accept the position as the Royal Harpy of Huntsville and Greater Northern Alabama to Her Grace, Isadora Devine
  • June 2014 - Left Huntsville to be with her family in Columbus, GA


  • "I have not enjoyed so much the company of any other researcher in modern times.” -- Nathan Quinn
  • "There is a kindness to Yuuko, almost an air of innocence. It is refreshing, when compared to the suffocating intrigue of our society." -- Corey Blaire
  • "Just go with it. You're beautiful, you're fine, an' ya Daeva. Not only that, but ya House Loris. Ya top shelf private stock." -- Joey Dagger
  • "Yuuko? Omigod, I love her! Kind of stuffy for a Daeva, but once you get her hair down - watch out. Girl's a spitfire" -- Athenodora


  • Yuuko is vying for the attention of her three uncles in order to turn them against one another.
    • Her uncles are the ones manipulating her against one another.
  • Yuuko visited a dance club with Nathan Quinn where the two socialites were seen cuddling in a VIP Corner booth.
  • Married Athenodora in Vegas by an Elvis impersonator. There were obscene levels of alcohol involved on both their parts.

The Siren's Call (Soundrack and Inspirations)

OOC Information

Player: Priscilla T.

MES Number: US20013110033

Domain: Huntsville, AL (AL-009D)