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Camarilla/Anarch PC

Player: Me.
Character: Zachariah White
Clan: Tremere
Sect: Camarilla
Position: None
Status: 5
Domain: San Francisco
VST: San Francisco C/A VST


Information of Note


Name: Zachariah White

Clan: Tremere

Sect: Camarilla

Embraced: 1855

Generation: Tenth


  • Hillbilly Tremere (not to his face though)


  • Confirmed
  • Acknowledged
  • Favored
  • Honorable


  • Apprentice of the 5th mystery
  • Primogen

Current Location: San Francisco, California


Concept/Background: Zachariah was embraced in the Sierra Nevada foothills in 1855. He was originally born in Oklahoma and came west during the gold rush. He staked a fairly profitable plot and worked that for awhile. During his time he met a native american woman that he fell deeply in love with and she taught him much about native american lore and mysticism. She was eventually kllled by a rival tribe of hers for consorting with a white man. This brought a dark depression and violent streak in Zachariah. He eventually had a neighbor that staked a claim nearby who was a former coolie that had escaped the railroads further to the east. They formed a friendship and he taught Zachariah quite a bit about eastern medicine. Eventually Zachariah took a job working as a guide for a mysterious benefactor. They were attacked by garou during their trip and he barely survived. She was impressed with his toughness, and also his understanding of herbalism and she brought him into the Clan and House Tremere taking him back to Vienna.

Notable Traits:

  • Does not understand modern technology, and won't bother to try
  • Hates independants, views them as second class citizens and treats them that way
  • Fiercely loyal to the Camarilla and his lineage, specifically his sire

Wears a straw hat or a cowboy hat. Wears plaid flannel top that he tucks in. Wears a leather messenger back bulky with multiple items. Wears a pocket watch. Wears blue jeans and cowboy boots.


Great Great Gransire:



Brood Mates:

  • None


Grand Childer of Note:

  • Nickolas Bradley

Great Grandchilder of Note:

Great Great Grandchilder of note:

Truth, Rumor, and Innuendo


  • "There you are, my sweet. This lesson is indicative for sorcery, altogether. Repeat this exercise a thousand times... for me?" - Elena Hellenbach
  • "Since my awakening, I have found depressingly few Kindred who still hold to the old ways. Mr. White... holds more tightly than most." - Mors
  • "He has good manners despite his looks." - Clara Azure
  • "Despite his demeanor he has proven to be an apt pupil and a courageous and loyal member of the Camarilla. While at first I might have questioned my childe's decision, I see now that she choose correctly." - Viktor Cantemir
  • "First impressions are one of the hardest things to correct in a persons mind, Zachariah overcame my initiation impressions and continues to impress me daily." - Alister MacArthur
  • "I don't think he understands my sense of humor, but he's certainly always been nice enough about it!" - Soleil Savant
  • "White's got a will like a mountain range. You can't turn him aside, you can't go through him, you don't cross him easily. Hell of a guy. A bit hung-up on the lesser clans, but, eh." - Occam
  • "Its not hyperbole at all...I literally recall purchasing snake oil from the gentleman once upon a time - Reynard Argent
  • "He is just so polite around me. Holding doors and calling me 'Ma'am'. I hope I don't frighten him. Much" - Helena Martell
  • "Cool effectiveness under a polite veneer of southern charm, I am confident he makes his sire proud. He would make almost any grandsire proud. A confusion for me however; I would never imagined the tree could fall far from the apples..." - Arden
  • "Don't let the rough outer shell and his vulgar speech catch you up, this man is a genius and a strong ally." Arthur "Anon" Campori
  • "Well he wears lovely plaid patterns quite frequently. One must wonder if that's all his wardrobe consists of. He seems to act with an unruly amont of politeness." - Charlotte Mikaelson
  • "It is known I find Zachariah to be *steadfast.* I have known him for a great many years and he has never ceased in his resolve for the Camarilla nor our great clan. He has much to offer as an individual and is always verbal about combating our enemies. I am proud to stand at his side." - Violette de Leoncourt
  • He and I share an appreciation for the contents that lie below the surface. Because of this, he is not deceived by appearances nor is he one to be judged at first glance.- Danielle Ropchan
  • ""You might be a redneck Tremere if..."" - The other John Smith
  • "I've spent no small amount of time in the American South. He certainly does remind me of parts that I had thought forgotten." Nicholas Loring
  • "Yeah, he can be a bit of a pill when you talk about clans. But if you ever open up your hat holders and listen you'll find there's a lot of knowledge and experience in that timer." Jack "JD" Duke
  • "That Tremere with the accent? He treated me kindly enough but was rather rude to others because... of their clan I think..? I dislike prejudice, to be homest, whether I am the victim or not." Melody "Mells" Nichols
  • "I found him to be needlessly callous. Of course, it wasn't a surprise. I'd almost forgotten the scorn I deserve for my blood. He was a refreshing reminder. His views are those I find antiquated, and actively harmful to the tower, but I suppose I have my own bias." Lex Reyes
  • "Zachariah will get the job done when I require it. Do you have any idea how few people I actually say are reliable? Let me put it this way; if I cut off a finger for every one, you could still grip when I was finished." - Benedict Verren
  • " Not only do Zachariah and I share a passion for knowledge and antiquity, we say what's on our minds whether you want to hear it or not." - Angelique DuMont
  • "I don't think I'd ever admit it to his face, but I think very highly of him. He stepped in to teach and mentor me when my own sire could not. The lessons were harsh, and often unpleasant, but I am stronger for it. I am grateful for his guiding hand." - Grace Miller


  • "Zachariah White is not Kindred. He's a mortal hunter, and he's learned to mask his aura. He'll be the end of us all."
  • "The whole persona is fake. He's really some high society European elder here to judge and report on everyone in the domain."
  • "Has a desperate and deep seated need for approval stemming from a poor relation ship with his father."
  • "He is deathly allergic to shell fish."
  • "Is actually an Anarch Baron, sent here to slaughter any and all who want to stop the movement."
  • "Became angry with Ollie Ellsworth for speaking disrespectfully to Viktor Cantemir in his presence."
  • "Has the ability to pull blood out of vampires from some distance."
  • "Collects American Civil War era weapons, and doesn't dance."
  • "He orchestrated the downfall of the Setites of San Francisco, and he's after the Giovanni next."
  • "When short on blood, he can use gold as fuel for his magical abilities and keeps an ounce of it on him at all times."
  • "He is willing to sell out his own Pyramid for the joys and fortune found outside of the beloved Pyramid and Tower. His aims are darker than normal"
  • "Zachariah White is a member of the nefarious organization, The True Dusk"



OOC Information

Character Information
Clan: Tremere
Sect: Camarilla
City: San Francisco, Ca
Player: Me
Storyteller: San Francisco C/A VST

Character Inspirations

  • The gold prospector in Blazing Saddles
  • My grandfather
  • Clint Eastwood in Gran Torino

Inspiring Quotes

Character Soundtrack

  • Charlie Daniels - "Simple Man"
  • Johnny Cash- "Folsom Prison Blues"
  • America - "A Horse With No Name"

Player Information


Cam Number: US2010045715
Home Domain: San Francisco
Email: davidson925 AT gmail Dot Com

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