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Name: Zack Snyder
Clan: Brujah
Social Status: Ancilla (Machiavellian Prodigy)
Age: 100+
Domain: San Antonio

  • Accepted - As a member of the Camarilla
    • Acknowledged within the Domain of San Antonio, TX by Prince Franc Lepure

  • Abiding Status
    • Confirmed - As an Ancilla of the Camarilla
    • Noble - As Primogen of Clan Brujah in San Antonio, TX

  • Previous Fleeting Status
    • Acclaimed - by word of Seneschal Clermont "Monty" Ignatius Jefferson Atwater, of San Antonio, TX
    • Favored - by word of Elder Inanna of Waterloo, TX - [Replaced by Defender]
    • Defender - by word of Former Prince Anabelle d'Aumont, Elder of Sioux Falls, SD [Prince stepped down]
    • Loyal - by word of Primogen Rebecca Stane of Austin, TX - [Replaced by Enforcer]
    • Enforcer - by word of Prince Tamberland, Elder of Austin, TX - [For November 15, 2014]
    • Defender - by word of Sheriff Jacob Winters, of Austin, TX - [For December 13, 2014]
    • Favored - by word of Elder Valerie Hughes of Indianapolis, IN [Replaced by Defender]
    • Defender - by word of Scourge Tony D, of San Antonio, TX - [For January 3, 2015]

Notable Traits:

  • Wears red and black silk wraps on his hands and arms.
  • Often wears flat cap, vest, and glasses, though each come off when he's about to fight.

Title or Position: Whip of Clan Brujah in San Antonio, TX
Great Grandsire - Elija
Grandsire - Richard of Avery (Deceased PC)
Sire - Sheila Flanigan (Deceased NPC)
Childe - Marshall Hunt
Childe - Isaac Forrester

Timeline (For Ties Purposes: OOC unless specifically expressed)

  • 1896 : Embraced in Boston, MA (approved by VST Mark L.,
  • 1896 - 1897 : Boston, MA (approved by VST Mark L.,
  • 1898 : NYC, NY (approved by DST Matthew Junge,
  • 1898 - 1907 : Cleveland, OH (approved by DST Casey Hearn,
  • 1907 - 1921 : DeSoto, MO (approved by DST Peter Schmidt,
  • 1921 - 1940 : Bloomington, IN (approved by VST Jim Moore,
  • 1940 - 1953 : Omaha, NE (approved by VST Rusty Bukoski,
  • 1953 - 2013 : Denver, CO (approved by DST Andrew Trujillo, )
  • 2013 - 2014 : Waterloo/Austin, TX
    • - Participated in the Widow's War
    • - Traveled overseas for numerous Brujah clan business
    • - Answered call of Bloodhunt in Sioux Falls, SD
  • 2014 - Participated in Battle of Chicago, Consolidation of the North (O'Hare Airport - North Chicago - Evanston)
  • 2015 - Moved to San Antonio after Praxis change in February, became Primogen of Clan Brujah.

Information Known by Kindred Society

Zack has always been a hard worker, and worked originally as a dock hand before and after his embrace. He has been involved in various Unions, primarily those where physical strength was needed. He has been involved in various movements, including Civil Rights and Women's Rights.

Zack is not one to keep quiet about things he has concerns about, and when his words don't work, his fists seems to do the trick. But he picks his battles carefully, verbally and physically, as it has served him well so far. He has shown an impressive amount of self control over the years, a rock for those of the blood who boil too close to the edge.

Zack is well built, showcasing a past of hard work and dedication to his body. He comes off as a bit of a brute at times, as the clan often shows, but in court he has enough decorum to keep his head on his shoulders, and sometimes helps others with that same decorum.

Zack is descended from Prince Roane, who is the current Clanhead of Brujah.

Zack had often been seen with the company of a Toreador, Chloe Pavlis, for the past century, until recently when she was assaulted and met Final Death by the Lasombra Isabella Cortez. Zack assisted in a significant purge of Lasombra in the city of Waterloo. Though in his strike team, when one was left, to be destroyed by The Broken, Zack stepped in and made sure one was kept as a prisoner to be interrogated.

Zack went to Chicago in the summer of 2014 to assist the Camarilla with the retaking of the city. While an Archon recognized his works, he lost two members of his coterie, one of whom also Brujah. With all of the recent losses, Zack has been acting different, seemingly more reserved than usual.

Zack participated in the Bloodhunt of Aarinade d'Aumont in Sioux Falls, SD, called by Prince Anabelle d'Aumont, but specifically at the request of Blaine Winchester who he had worked with before on various hunts. Mission was successful, Zack taking out two members of a Sabbat group in particular.



of the Tower

  • "He kills with respect." - Blaine Winchester
  • "But is he useful?" - Nenette
  • "He is never idle. This is a good thing." - Miss Maggie
  • "He has my attention. I may prepare him for something great." - Gus Carter
  • "Polite. Cordial. Straightfoward. And of the Blood of Elija. Bears watching." - The Broken
  • "His company; pleasing. His fist; destructive. Zack Snyder; capable." - Tony D
  • "In short: subtle passions. I look forward to seeing his work." - Antoine Price
  • "Another politician. At least it seems like this one is still in touch with his roots." - Remy Gagnon
  • "He is the nice one, right? I like him, he says he will get me a squirt gun! Like a nice one!" - Nova
  • "He's a good boy, that one. Very resourceful. So commanding. I'm just looking, not touching. Calm down." - Mabel Ruby
  • "I recall Zack being very willing to help the Clan, at the Conclave in Waterloo. He seems a very decent sort." - Eileen Vargas
  • "I see in him a warrior of mind, body and heart; an admirable representation of his clan. I hope to have a chance to meet him properly." - Evelynn Asher
  • "The beast is the devil and does not care ... and for Brujah it is hard to keep it in check. That sometimes is the only thing you could do." - Malcolm Rook
  • "He is one of the calmest of his clan, I have ever met and quite gracious. My instincts tell me, however, he would be frightening in a brawl." - Candice Caine
  • "Our paths did not cross at the last Gathering, but I am sure that will change given time. I might have something more important to say about him, after I've actually spoken to him." - Dagmuar
  • "Ah, the voice of the Brujah! What a marvelous and fantastic creature, that one; And I'll be glad to tell you all about him, just as soon as I crack the little walls he's built around himself." - Dr. Gabriel Tennyson
  • "Mr. able warrior, a diligent investigator, and, perhaps begrudgingly, an apt leader. He does not desire his position, though unfortunately that is precisely why he is needed to fulfil it. Solomon
  • "Zack possesses a rare spiritual resiliency. While it's true that he is bound to his beast like the rest of his clan, he has proven himself capable of rising above it. We all must come face to face with our own darkness, but it is important that we also remember the light of the human soul; I have no fear of Zack ever truly losing that." - Magdalene Lys
  • "The City to Remember will always look to Clan Brujah for their wisdom and power; now, more than ever, as we are beset by our enemies." - Dr. Gabriel Tennyson
  • "He is Brujah, fierce fire in belly. Assume have speed and strength to carry self, will observe to see if know what thumbs for." - Stoneking
  • "Most will speak of the Brujah and their intelligence, their philosophy, their idealism, or their strength of fist. When it comes to Señor Snyder, however, I will speak of his hospitality and graciousness shown to my brother, Arias, when he visited. This courtesy will not soon be forgotten." - Lady Costanza Rodriguez
  • "It is nice to see a true warrior with a heart of a warrior." - Lazaro Aargon
  • "Je suis tombée amoureuse la première fois il m'a embrassée" - Philippa Brery
  • "A man who let me help him to make the lives of the poor better. The fact that he gave me a sweet leather jacket and a bike? Icing on the cake." - Ethan Sullivan
  • "The model of the modern young Brujah. I fear he does not know how appreciated, respected, and trusted he truly is." - Clermont "Monty" Ignatius Jefferson Atwater
  • "I can't help but smile whenever I see Zack, a gentleman Brujah should be discordant but it really suits him..." - Astrid Malikov
  • (French) "He and Remy work well together, which means I'm sure he and I would get along just fine. He was kind enough to be courteous when we met, which for their clan normally means there's something underneath...I hope to be there when it comes out on those he dislikes." - Guillaume de'Marianne
  • "I've read so much about this man on the internet. No, not the horrible director who massacres movies, the REAL Zack Snyder. I have to say: for someone who is so prevalent in solving crisis after crisis across the country, he is not as large as I imagined, but still quite the dashing young man. I feel he should know this about himself." - Edward Vincent Icabod Livingston IV
  • "Zack has proven his self over and over, I am proud to work with him." - Lazaro Aargon
  • "He certainly has wonderful taste when it comes to women, as Philippa's lips are quite delicious. Pity he's trapping her in the glass cage of monogamy." - Jayne Joyce
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of the Independents

  • "There's more to this boy than he lets on. Regardless, he helped me against an old enemy. I'll not soon forget that." - Angelo
  • "Seems every time I have met Zack, we have been in a fight. I like that about him. " - Valerius Giovanni
  • "He seemed nice enough, But he's a I'm sure he's got some fun underneath that niceness...can't wait 'till I can see more of it." - Auggie Giovanni
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of The Movement

  • "He shines so brightly and he's so very close to seeing things as they are rather than how they're arranged to look. I like him." - the Gambler
  • "A Cammie of standing who isn't a complete dick. That's... new." - Jackson Flynn
  • "He's not afraid to get in your face and tell you what's what, that's for sure." - Johnny Shine
  • "I think there is a gentleness to him that softens the hard edges." - Harper Gray
  • "We didn't turn around because of you. We just need to go around the other way." - Harper Gray
  • "Zack? ...Zack is a formidable fighter, and a good person. My favorite Brujah. One of the first and few Kindred I ever called "friend." I cherish the time I get to spend with him." - Kris Williams
  • "Someone from the Cam who didn't treat me like garbage! It was so neat. Though he did make fun of my concern for my shoes. Ugh, kind of rude--They were brand new, and we were in the freakin' sewers! I didn't plan to go in there when I got dressed! But, no, he's quite nice. I look forward to speaking with him again." - Eve
  • "I shall be happy to mind myself again sitting across the table from Mr. Snyder - wonderful insight, though I fear he holds back from really delving into the discourse. I wonder why?" - Anne Sterling
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of the Fallen

  • "Oh fortune, to smile upon me and grace me with his presence even as I wake for the night. I could not walk these steps in treacherous land without him. He is my other half." - Chloe Pavlis <deceased>
  • "Yes, it is true. We have the tailor and seamstress on speed dial." - Chloe Pavlis <deceased>
  • "It never hurts to know a Brujah who can stand alone as the entire Brute Squad." - Kendrick 'Seamus' O'Shea <deceased>
  • "His storm is quiet and in the distance. I should learn how to do that." - Frankie Morrigan <deceased>
  • "I've heard he can hold his own in a fight, but I don't really care about that. What I do care about is the fact that he is a more than able student of influence and politics. In that regard he seems a throwback to the Brujah scholars of old, and for that he's earned my respect as well as my watchful eye." - Master Harpy Johnston Ramsey (JR) Forbes <deceased>
  • "Best way to break the ice, with something profound and disturbing. It's like no time has passed." - Aidan Sebastian <deceased>
  • "He seems eager to work, even when the work is bloody. I appreciate that..." - Tamberland <deceased>
  • "Fierce, Loyal, Observant, and utterly dedicated. If he was ever to stand up and lead, I think he would be an amazing voice for the Tower." - Michael <deceased>
  • "Zack is the kind of man you want at your back. He's got a good head on his shoulders, and he doesn't mind knocking someone else's off if he has to." - Rebecca Stane <deceased>
  • "Normally, I don't like the word blessing it's repulsive and fake. However, sadly, I haven't any other word to describe the wonderful presence that has been Mr. Snyder." - Valerie Hughes <deceased>
  • "I'll be honest - when I first met Zack, I saw him merely as the bodyguard to a Toreador - I didn't get a chance to see him for the individual he is. Outside of another's shadow, Zack has proven competent in his own abilities, and is a good conversationalist to top it off. I'm curious to see where Zack's journey in our society will take him. Far, I suspect." - Swagger <deceased>
  • "He bends and coaxes where some others would stand firm and insist." - Darjius Anakletos <deceased>
  • "In the weeks before her untimely demise, Rebecca Stane spoke well of him. Only time will tell if he is able to rise to her lofty praise." - Prince Serafin <deceased>
  • "An ally of a now fallen ally. I am sure he has a side to him I've yet to see. And I wait for that day with earnest." - Dexter Mara <deceased>
  • "They say Mr. Snyder is a warrior. It's refreshing that his first weapon isn't a closed fist, but an open mind." - Edward Porter <deceased>
  • "Mr. Snyder is very level headed for one of his clan. He is tempered passion. A hallmark of his clan's days of old. He is a helpful ally, one that serves our city with as much dedication as I." - Ivan Rook <deceased>


  • "He can't be Brujah, they just aren't that calm."
  • "I hear this guy is blood bound to a Toreador but there is trouble in paradise."
  • "All them Brujah are really Anarch-sympathizers, this guy the most!"
  • "Zack is in league with the Sons of Discord to take out the Daughters of Cacophony."
  • "Overheard, he is more of the scholar type than warrior."
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OOC Information

Character Information
Clan: Brujah
Sect: Camarilla
City: San Antonio, TX
Player: Matthew Sinclair
Storyteller: Paula Wilkinson


Matthew Sinclair us2012040020 (IC email that is forwarded to general account)


San Antonio, TX