Zahira al'Hazry

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Title: ???
Covenant: Ordo Dracul
Accord Codename: Longarm
Pseudonyms: Spectre, The Ghost Widow, Sessizlik, among others. (Known to those only from her reality)
Status: Active
Cell Status: 3

Born during the early 1500s to a fairly well off noble family in Turkey, she caught the eye of the Sultan and was chosen to be a court dancer due to her gracefulness and beauty. She enjoyed her time at the Sultan's court, but would attract the attention of an Assamite who'd broken ties with the Mountain, and was embraced after her 24th birthday. She began to travel with her sire, and learned of the Sword of Caine, more commonly known as the Sabbat, of which he was a member.

Zahira met Amalia Iliescu for the first time when they crossed paths in the Cote d'Azur during the early 1600s, both of them going after the same target, which happened to be the Nosferatu Primogen of the area. Amalia got there first, a few minutes before Zahira breached the Primogen's warrens. The two women slowly developed a relationship from professional rivalry, but it only remained professional.

She spent the next few centuries taking jobs for the Sabbat, but declined any offers to join the Black Hand, preferring to work as a freelancer. When Josiah Prince made his appearance after the destruction of Bangladesh and the fall of Zapathasura, she dismissed him as a non-entity, not knowing the terror that he would sow in the upcoming days. She became convinced he was a danger after Prince converted the entire Pander movement, as well as Cardinal Eleiser de Polenco to his side through unknown means.

From then, it only went downhill for the Sabbat, not to mention the rest of the world. Zahira fought in Toronto and half a dozen other locales, helping the Sabbat via mass-embracing the locals, escaping narrowly each time. During an engagement in Milan, she heard about the ritual being prepared and decided to cut her losses and leave this doomed reality. She participated in the ritual, and was sucked to this reality after it succeeded.


  • "Hell of a shot. I swear, if she wasn't a leech, I'd do everything I could to recruit her as a hunter. Next goal is to convince her to join FULCRUM." - Lance
  • "I love how she writhes and struggles, I like her a lot, and I can't wait to see her fight; I will have day." - Arullius
  • "She's interesting, if a little frigid; she seems to like Moncada's Daughter, though. Maybe I should get them in a room together..." - Nikolai
  • "Big little "sister"... first glimmer of light shown that displayed I wasn't completely alone in the world... and ofcourse she's a sniper... go figure" - Aiden Black
  • "She's good. Not as good as me, but good. We made a hell of a mess in Guangzhou." - Hank Sims
  • "I barely saw her in China. But we did put her on stealth stuff so... I guess she did well!" - Badger


  • I heard she was responsible for the devastation of a few city blocks in Ankara in a fit of anger and sorrow after her arrival in this reality.
  • Her relationship with Amalia Iliescu was more personal and intimate than she'd have you believe.
  • She mass-embraced her known descendants as part of the Sabbat's tactics on dealing with the Word back in her reality.


Operation: Heart of Darkness Operation: Lightbulb Operation: Paragon - Guangzhou


Zahira al'Hazry

Creature Type: Vampire
Clan: Mekhet
Bloodline: Assamite
Location: Puerto Rico
Player: Mahesh M.
VST: Alicia C.

Player: Mahesh Mohan
MES Number: US2014110015
Location: NYC

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